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...a podcast straight from the twatmosphere. Join comedian Kirsty Hudson and author Rebecca Elliott as they spout honest, funny nonsense about everything from potatoes to funerals. Real women having real discussions about real life (in an often really ridiculous way).

...a podcast straight from the twatmosphere. Join comedian Kirsty Hudson and author Rebecca Elliott as they spout honest, funny nonsense about everything from potatoes to funerals. Real women having real discussions about real life (in an often really ridiculous way).


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...a podcast straight from the twatmosphere. Join comedian Kirsty Hudson and author Rebecca Elliott as they spout honest, funny nonsense about everything from potatoes to funerals. Real women having real discussions about real life (in an often really ridiculous way).






Thruples, Twizzling Knobs and Mark

Good to be back from gardening leave, touching on all the hard-hitting subjects, from 4ft phalluces to twizzling knobs and bringing back all the old favourites from Rebecca's crevice with cows on flumes to flying fish cakes and deers in thruples. Enjoy.


Supercentenarians, Pubs & Croissants

Coming back, guns fully, (or at least semi) cocked with Poland being terrified by the most mysterious of creatures, the croissant. Also featuring a smattering of the Gates splitting up, dishwashers playing hide and seek, tired thieves in the night and strangers waking you up to tell you they're hungry. Enjoy. x


Smear Tests, Agadoo & Sloths

This week we are delving in to deep dark galaxies, but it’s not all about Rebecca’s smear test, no we are visiting the Milky Way, stopping by the Diet of Worms, all set to a beautiful soundtrack of sloths screaming for their carnal pleasure whilst Kirsty sings Agadoo. Come and join us, and we can all be dangling horny bags of digesting leaves, together.


Flamboyance, Fridge Love and FYI

This week we’re weather beaten, yet still manage to stay full of drivel, from relations with Italian delivery men on the pool table to Bury St Edmund’s beloved Ouida and her purple pen of passion. From chalky atmospheres to talky twatmospheres to a cacophony of disastrous cake messages. Come join us in the bewildering world of Don’t laugh But, where failing is fabulous and mediocre a must. x


Birds, Bees and Waxy Mr T.s

From the birds and the bees to the centipedes… We’re coming at you this week with another (and we use the word loosely) *fun* packed episode. We bring you Wisdom the 70 year old who’s just given birth again and whose mooing skills on the dance floor put the rest of us to shame. Cats that can type, a fight to the death in Argos ooh and of course it’s DLB book review week where we give our thoughts (because we don’t do that enough) on this month’s literary offering ‘The Making of Us’ by Lisa...


Roger Moore, Goats & Meteorites

It's that time again... your weekend dose of DLB, brightening your day, giving you the odd chuckle but mostly delivering the bliss and pleasure of being so grateful that you are not us. This week we outdo ourselves. Seriously...what other podcast is discussing the fearful nature of goats eyes, with a touch of superman’s sore knees? It’s pure and utter nonsense at its very best. We even spoil you with a smattering of Sir Roger Moore. Enjoy. x


Selfish Storks, Ketchup and Day Drinking

Ooh yes we are back in the podcasting saddle again. Trotting your way with this week’s bewildering beauty of an episode, for your listening pleasure. We really hit the hard stuff this week, from a lovely hole full of bird love (or is it bird betrayal?) to who knew that Pete the Plumber would be such a great fake dad?


Glen Medeiros, Plinths & Laminating

Our words are once again winging their way in to your ear area. In this week’s exciting instalment we bewilder ourselves by delving into the ‘Bavaria Area’, ruminating on the benefits of ‘The DLB Hair Diet’ (patent pending) and Kirsty solves Rebecca’s pooping plinth problems.


Pirates, Mandela and Velour Loungewear

We are back...back again... ohh yes! We are back by unpopular demand, creeping into your lobule area. We are mixing it up, shaking it about and returning to your old favourites like Rebecca’s deep crevice, where we rummage and find things that we really did not need to know about whilst also offering exciting newness like ‘Today but earlier’ and something that is really going to tickle your fancy... ‘Don’t laugh Book’. We are shivering in more ways than one over this and can’t wait.... all...


Christmas Again

And the clanging chimes of doom... is not what’s happening’s only the annual DLB Christmas party! We certainly know it’s Christmas and we‘ve squeezed all our festive knowledge into a teeny tiny stocking for you to hang over your ears... Merry Christmas everyone, we hope it’s whatever you want it to be. See you in 2021. X


Life Hacks

For our podcasty offering this week we bring you life hacks. Short on money and have a small child? Just don’t tell them it’s their birthday. Worried about your relationship not lasting? You made the error of not going out with with Kurt Russell. The only life hack that will help Kirsty and Rebecca is to become other people. Enjoy. X



Join us! This week we are cautiously tiptoeing around the world of Cults. As always we are dealing with issues that are way out of our depth but in our defensive we are out of depth in the sea of life at the best of times. If only we had some charismatic leader with all the answers to guide us. Instead we have Rebecca whose mouth lets her down again in more ways than one, and Kirsty whose toileting skills leave something to be desired. Come enjoy the cult of DLB. x



Live your best life with Don’t Laugh But... it’s where the magic happens (the kind of magic where your dodgy uncle finds 20p behind your ear). Getting all quotable this week...asking questions we have no chance of answering like ‘do quotes change your life’? Rebecca’s walking her own path and creating her own quotes. They will inspire you deeply perhaps never listen to Rebecca Elliott again. Kirsty is a an every day living breathing quote, always sharing the deep and meaningfuls and...



This week we bring you our specialist subject... stupidity and boy do we put the stupe in idity... We savour out stupid moments from being able to turn a phrase but having no clue where Denmark is (does anyone?) to questioning whether wind turbines run on electricity. Kirsty does not so much push the envelope this week as lick it. Rebecca ponders on escalators to the moon. If you listen to this your IQ will go up just by the sheer comparison to these two and their meteoric rise to...



The glitter balls are spinning through a glitterati of cha cha chatting around that juxtaposition that is feeling like the goddess you are whilst simultaneously falling backwards onto the dance floor and showing your knickers to your grandma. How has dance helped us move forward in our life stories ... from Kirsty wanting to break dance to Rebecca being all coy and pretending that she hates dancing until she’s asked and then you can’t drag her off... it comes to no surprise that Kirsty and...



Morality - is it still relevant? Is there any other point to it but to confuse Rebecca and Kirsty ... we knew we were out of depth but dove in anyway. The conversation is the verbal equivalent of the PG version of ET where guns were replaced by walkie talkies - unnecessary and leaves you feeling 'what the hell is going on?' The saving grace as always is our beautiful butters with some funny yet dark stories where morality left them equally as baffled. It’s our moral duty to make you feel...


Coffee Shops

Come chill in the coffee shop with Don’t Laugh But, except we are not actually in a coffee shop and we're not even sure if we even like coffee or just all the fixings that make it play on palate and give us the kick that only caffeine can. Flirting with all the big topics like is there a right way to order coffee? Is there such things as a fresh toilet in a coffee shop? Is the reason there are so many coffee shops all down to Bobby Starbucks? Turns out we owe a debt of gratitude for that...



Blame! I’m going to live forever ...and it’s all your fault... right? That is an 80s reference from the show called FAME That Kirsty lives her life by...apart from the leotards. Yes this week we are blithering on about Blame. Come on kids, everyone is doing it....from politicians to Rebecca Elliott cutting up somebody’s clothing because she has a personal problem with cardigans. Blame permeates our lives eroding our societies and relationships. At least we think it might ... if you don’t......

Our Social Dilemma

We’re back baby! This week we are inspired by the Netflix special ‘The Social Dilemma’. We are slithering back into social media exploring our relationship with our own socials. We are so ridiculously excited to be back, so excited it made Kirsty moo like an elephant. Not much has changed, still making at best mediocre points with half-baked ideas and thrilling breaking stories like should Rebecca Elliott wear chinos? Only if they're men’s says Fb . We will be ambling around awkward corner,...


Unprecedented and Uncut

Yes, the rumours are true, we can now be found LIVE on YouTube - Come sit with us a while. xx