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Pod Dirty to Me is a podcast about, fucking, sucking, spanking, sex toys, relationships, and more. If you can fuck it, we talk about it.

Pod Dirty to Me is a podcast about, fucking, sucking, spanking, sex toys, relationships, and more. If you can fuck it, we talk about it.


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Pod Dirty to Me is a podcast about, fucking, sucking, spanking, sex toys, relationships, and more. If you can fuck it, we talk about it.




Sgt. Teeny Weeny

Jason and Seanybear get broken in by new cohost Stephanie! We talk about situationships, dating a trans person, masturbation, small dicks, sex of all kinds, erotic massage, and our new host tells us of virginity lost...


Clitorises Are Our Friends!

On this Episode, Jason, Sean, and the Celebrity El Guapo finish their discussion on dating transexual people, vagina hair preference, and discuss an article Guapo found saying that small dicks are gonna come back in style. Sex with small dicks is way better...Seanybear hears! Cum, join us!


I Should Let You Suck My Dick

On this quickie episode, Seanybear and Jason discuss whether transgender women should be able to compete against other women in sports. This of course leads to whether or not we would date or have sex with someone who is transgender. And, of course, a dirty word of the day. Cum, join us....we welcome ALL!!!!


Cock Woo Your Vagina

On this episode, the gang talks about the torture men endure at the hands, or tight ass's of women while trying to work out at the gym. First we have another rapid fire questonaire about things people say during sex. We also discuss our thoughts on the realness of ATM porn,the roughness of Woodman Casting, and the funnyness of Hall Pass. Cum, join us...


Tequila Makes Sex Easy!

On ye old new episode, the gang talks about if regular folk every look around at other people and wonder, "Did I settle? Could I have got somebody hotter?" We also talk about prostate probing, if Sarah the Grey made out with another chicka, if cum shots in porn are real, and if Sarah the Grey got oral sex from a lady, can Seanybear get oral sex from a man... Plus, the joys of Tequila! Cum, join us...


I Remember Road Head!

On this episode, the gang gets together and has themselves a merry little sex toy review round up! We also discuss how great Chrysler's road assist is, how Sarah the Grey's boobie X-rays are going, and how much Seanybear prefers "pickle nipples" to "pepperoni nipples." Plus find out WTF a Green M&M is in our sex word of the day! Cum, join us...we missed cumming in your ears...


A Volcano of Semen!

On this episode, Jason, SeanyBear and the Legendary El Guapo discuss a couple of sex stories they read about. Both involve getting caught fucking, this being PDTM after all. We also discuss the current state of dress for the ladies today, younger and older, short shorts, bra shirts, make up and shit like that. And now, we all have shaved balls... Cum, join us!


Sex Toys Are Fun Til the Doctor Has to Yank Em Outta Your Ass!

On this episode, the gang discusses where or not it's lazy to use sex toys on yourself or others to achieve a lovely cum cum sex face. We also spend time discussing the many things Sarah the Grey has seen inserted into ass's, vaginas, and urethras...YIKES. But we couldn't turn away. Plus a fun word of the day from SeanyBear! Cummmm, join us...


If It Has a Vagina I'd Fuck It

On this episode, in honor of our new partnership with Manscaped.com, the gang gets together to discuss the ol' pubes. Full bush, landing strip, shaved balls, or a completely hairy animal like the Legendary El Guapo, we all have our preferences. We also celebrate have a dirty word of the day, talk TikTokNSFW, invent the vagina combover and mark a special fuck date for two of our hosts! Cum, join us...


Dick and Pussy Cloning...

On this episode, Jason and the Legendary El Guapo discuss what sex will be like in the future! We also discuss how cavemen even knew how to fuck, if we'd like to live forever, if there's a perfect body, and if Elon Musk is going to invent telepathic sex! Cum join us...


She Squeezes Your Balls!

On this episode, the gang gets together to discuss the time Sarah the Grey sent some sexy photos to a guy she knew when she was drunk. And married. To Seanybear. Plus, we discuss if we like having our balls tugged/squeezed, have TWO words of the day, and a funny listener joke to boot! Cum, join us...


She Tried to Fist My Butt

On this episode, Sarah the Grey, Seanybear, Jason, and the Legendary El Guapo discuss the erotic art of wearing lingerie. Do we find it sexy, does it stay on long enough for it to be worth wearing, what kind do we like? Plus, we talk about how taco bell can ruin an evening of sex, how Sarah is alway trying to poke Seanybear in the butt, and sharing sex picks! Cum, join us...


Cum Inside, It Feels Good

On this episode we discuss whether or not we married fold would give our digits to someone of the opposite sex if we hit it off, or thought they were into us. We also open our box of sex stuff sent to us from Promescent, have a hilarious word of the day, and learn if it feels good for a lady when we cum inside her whilst fucking! I wonder what the answer is, given the episode title. Cum inside, join us...


The Promescent Land!

On this episode, we talk to Jeff Abraham, CEO of Promescent about the many products they carry to help with sexual enhancement, arousal, and most of all sexual pleasure. Sprays, lubes, toys and more! You name it, they have them for ya. And Jeff shares more funny as shit stories stories about fucking than we can count! In what will be the first of many appearances, Jeff had us all laughing the entire time. We love this guy! Cum, join us...


It's a Dangerous Game Eating Ass

On this episode, Jason and El Guapo discuss taboo sex things such as analingus, pegging, public sex, and more. Guapo learns what a rusty trombone is, and Jason learns what poota means. We all learn something. Sharing is caring...or some shit like that.


Hot Moms VS Young Chicks

On this episode, Jason and El Guapo discuss the many hot moms we see these days, aka Milfs. Plus, Guapo gives us a Semenax update, we talk about how much we love how ladies dress in summer, if we like tattoos on ladies, and where, and porn stars from our yesteryears that we love. Plus, we're pretty sure Guapo wants to start taking testosterone so he can be like Joe Rogan. Cum, join us...


Ron Jeremy

On this episode, Jason and the legendary El Guapo discuss the Ron Jeremy scandal. We also discuss Jason getting a boner every time he rides a bus, the nurse who was fired for having an OnlyFans page, why we could never be gigalos, and why quick sex is better than fucking for hours and hours! Cum, join us...


Sex Toys R Us!

On this episode, Sarah the Grey, SeanyBear, and Jason talk about all kinds of sex topics, which include, but are not limited to: Why SeanyBear is afraid to let Sarah the Grey tie him up, if we've ever masturbated in front of our partners, OnlyFans, cheating, and how fun it would be to make a creative porn vid, and out it up on Pornhub, or YouPorn. Mainly we talk about all the sex toys we(mainly Sarah) want to try! Cum, join us...


My Vagina Hurts!

On this episode, Sarah the Grey, SeanyBear and Jason discuss the NSFW sex side of TikTok, Reddit, the Ohlympics, and online shit in general. Plus, SeanyBear digs himself a hole talking about post pregnancy weight, and we discuss if he's a bad husband, when it's cool to fart in front of someone you fuck, and how SeanyBear took it up the butt from a home security salesman for like two hours. Metaphorically, not physically as he likes to point out. Cum, join us...


The Long Nipples Scare Me

On this 100th episode, Jason finds out what really happened last Friday night when Sarah the Grey and SeanyBear were supposed to have sex after Sarah's night of drinking! She said he'd be passed the fuck out, and he said she'd pass out before he could stick it in her butt... Plus, Jason is finding out how hard it is to have sex being a new parent, how hot Dutch ladies are, and what SeanyBear thinks about to avoid cumming to quick... Cum, join us!