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Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.

Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.


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Talk is Talk is a podcast where nothing is out of bounds, the guys discuss current events and give their opinion on them. You will feel like your sitting in the living room with your friends.









This week Talk is Talk in the studio with the good brother D Lane to see what’s been shaking his way. We start off by discussing the Young Thug R.I.C.O case and give our opinion on will Thug beat it or not. We also go a little more in depth with the massacre in Buffalo and give our advice on how the system should handle him. This is a real dope episode we touch on a lot of different topics in this one so sit back and enjoy.


The Black Christian

This week Talk is Talk coming right back at you with the up close and uncomfortable truth as we politic with the Good Brother Clint. Clint has a little sermon for the Black Christian to listen to and at least give them something to think about, he almost drives home the point about having an allegiance to your race. This episode is a instant classic as Clint sets off bomb thru out the show so make sure you buckle up and proceed with caution.


Spot Duty

This week Talk Is Talk back after taking a small hiatus and the gang was in rare condition as they are joined by @iamsimplylee. We start things off by paying homage to the late Kevin Samuels and also try and see who will carry the torch since he’s gone. @iamsimplylee stood tall as the guys put her in the pressure cooker on several occasions during the show. So if you been missing the crew well they are back and in full force.


Lookin for a sugar daddy that don’t want no sugar

This week Talk is Talk back with a studio full as we sit down with @dirty_diana_oh and @britt.posey. Dirty Diana kicks things off by letting everyone know she practicing celibacy at the highest level and that blows the top off the whole show to the point we got a bounty on them panties. We also talk about the statements Manio made about role playing in the bedroom as he likes to play a run away slave with white women. Overall the ladies came thru and shut the show down this one you don’t...


Yesterday’s Fee is not today’s Fee

This week Talk is Talk back in the studio with Fee Fee and she came to spit a lil game for the young ladies out there in the dating pool. Fee Fee takes us on a wild journey about how her and her brother in law had a whole wrestle mania style fight in the garage. Fee also let the fellow know yesterdays price is not today’s price so you gotta pay a Fee.


It’s a G.I. Jane joke

This week Talk Is Talk in the studio with family as we sit down with one of our playa potnaz from way back Maurice. We kick things off talking about the slap heard round the world between Will Smith and Chris Rock, we give our opionion on if we think it was fake or not. We also get into a lot of of other topics and let our fans know why we had to take a week off last week but we back and ready to go.


If you go to that funeral we done

This week Talk is Talk holds the show down with no guest and go over plenty topics and current events. With all the shake ups in the NFL we give our opinion on some of the big trades that went down. We also speak on the Lil Baby and Jada fallout and spin that off into a lot of crazy scenarios. We also extend our hand out to try and bring two community leaders together to call a cease fire and get back to focusing on the real problem. We shout out a few black owned business that you should...


Scared money don’t make no money

This week Talk is Talk sits down with @ihateblondiie to pick her brain for a bit. @ihateblondiie is a hustler by any means necessary and she gives up a lot of game this evening, she lets us know all about her business endeavors and leaving the strip club behind. @ihateblondiie let you know what life is like in the locker room in the club and it’s not all glamor and glitz for them beautiful ladies. @ihateblondiie took everything she has learn and now tries to help the younger ladies that are...


Cocktails and Country Roads

This week Talk is Talk on the move as we find the crew recording live from 1869 Boutique Liquor and Wine. We meet up with Bernard Cook from @cocktailsandcountryroads while we are there to find out about his latest adventure. Bernard Cook explain what made him start @cocktailsandcountryroads and some of the interesting things he has encountered on the dirt roads once you get off the interstate. We also find out what happened to the Legendary Freaknik and where it migrated to. We also got to...


Roster Dating

This week Talk is Talk back in the studio to go over a few current events and while we at it we grab a lil help from Alisha and Sharee. We get into a little bit of the Kanye saga and try to make sense of it and go over a wild current event where a teacher did the unthinkable. We go around the room and get some interesting options on roster dating and how far to go with it.


In the Way

This week Talk is Talk sat down with @iamkingblake from the Guns&Butter podcast. King Blake takes us in his world and let us know how the city of Atlanta tricked him out his spot. He also drops some knowledge for the black community to let us know why we need to listen to the OG that "use" to have it. We covered a variety of other topics so sit back and enjoy this episode that's loaded with content. IG: Talkistalkpodcast Cashapp: $talkistalkpodcast


A Punk called a White boy Cracker

This week Talk is Talk in the studio with the Good Brother Clint to see what’s been going on his journey to push the black race forward. Clint talk enlighten us on Marcus Garvey movement and how it was organizations put in place to combat Marcus Garvey. These are some well known organizations that Clint put on front street so make sure you strap on your seatbelt and hold on tight.


You wanted that Navigator

This week Talk is Talk sit down with the good brother James to find out what’s on his mind. Jame fits right in with the crew as he is not at a lost for words on any subject. James also brings up a very good point about the church and the black community. We dive in to a lot of interesting topics so make sure you tune in.



This week Talk is Talk hangs out and run thru a few current events and give out their unpopular opinions on them. We discuss the tragedy that recently struck Regina King family. We also get a jump into a little talk about NFT’s and try get an understanding about it. We pretty much had a conversation about everything under the sun this go round, so make sure you are subscribed to the podcast and tell a friend to tell a friend.


Random Thoughts

This week Talk Is Talk chills out with @only1_carter to pick his brain and find out what he has going on. We get into a wide range of topics dealing from everything from the COVID conspiracy to going over board with tricking. We had a real cool conversation that flowed to perfection. So sit back and enjoy and make sure you hit us with any topics or if you want to come and hang out.


Goldie Goldie Goldie

This week Talk is Talk discuss a few topics with out any guest this go round. We try and make sense of the resurgence of the COVID that came back around. We also talk about Antonio Brown outburst and a few behind the scenes of the NFL. We also talk about Max Julien aka Goldy from The Mack may he R.I.P.


Us and not them

This week Talk is Talk kicks the new year off with the good brother Mack to check in and see what’s been going on his way. Mack explain why he has chose to quit the black race and the nigga race. Mack also shares with us how we need to look out for us. Mack let’s it be known how the black man is too loud.


Don’t play wit me play wit yo b*tch

This week Talk Is Talk in the studio with a full house as we sit down with @pretty_ron @callher_redd @Ashleymichelle864 to solve a few cases. We get the ladies thoughts on the Meg the Stallion Tory Lanes fall out and who really killed Dolph. The ladies want to get an understanding on why men cap so much. Nard want to know why women fall for men in jail. Cee asks a question that gets a surprising answer.


Those who told and those who wish they told

This week Talk is Talk in the studio with Boozer to kick back and see what he’s been up to. We start things off by talking bout Rick Ross new album, then we discuss how we feel about what’s going on in the rap game and the state it’s in now. Boozer gives us his top 5 rappers and who’s coming out of this top 5. He also lets us know how life in the the feds and how so many guys get railroad by the system.



This week Talk is Talk holds the studio down by they self and discuss a few things as well share a few stories by the campfire. We get into what happens when your sturdy side chick goes rouge and picks up the phone to reach out and touch someone. We also tackle a few more topics under the sun so sit back and enjoy.