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The puzzling podcast where a gaggle of geographically diverse chums come together, have a drink - and work together to solve a home made escape room of the ears.

The puzzling podcast where a gaggle of geographically diverse chums come together, have a drink - and work together to solve a home made escape room of the ears.


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The puzzling podcast where a gaggle of geographically diverse chums come together, have a drink - and work together to solve a home made escape room of the ears.




Vegetarian salmon and vapourised flag wavers (feat. Escape the Roomers)

aka Escape the Tea Shop at the Edge of the Universe This week, Mike is joined by Brandon and Cici from Escape The Roomers to serve afternoon tea to a trio of pissed off Monoliths from 2001: A Space Odyssey. BE AMAZED as Brandon and Cici sweep the room with expert flair. NOD WITH BRITISH PRIDE as Mike discusses the age-old war between Devon and Cornwall scones. SHAKE YOUR HEAD DISAPPROVINGLY as Jamie forgets how cakes work and desperately tries to backpedal mid-puzzle. Don't forget to...


Monkey Business

There's a point in a friendship when you think you really know someone, that they can no longer surprise you, that the bounds of their creativity are established and you've got them figured out. Then you invite them on to a podcast and without warning they come out with the weirdest attempt at a solution since the Saxons tried using cow dung for disinfecting wounds. Belt up. Alan has a surprise for you.


Like pulling teeth from a drawer...JAPUNO!

Join budding Greek market seller Mike and Japuno champion Jamie in this weeks puzzle to escape a mysterious underground study. While a picture may paint a thousand words and four pictures faint a fair few more - why stare at an inanimate object when you can listen to The Infinite Escape Room!?


How to upset Spartan librarians

Join Ben and Jon as they find themselves trapped in Mike's Library of Alexandria...with a barbarian horde on the horizon! Listener discretion is advised, as this episode features some truly, truly awful accents, and truly truly truly poorly 'researched' history. If you want to play along at home, you might find the following obscene papyrus useful: 'Minus the Minotaur SEXENFELCHIDES HELD THE MINOTAUR. ARSE KISSING ENVELOPED THEIR HORNS A LONG INTENSE AGE. THE MINOTAUR SUCKED HOOF AND...


An unexpected drinking game, ostrich smuggling and sticky sleeves

aka Escape the TIER Backrooms This week, Ben and Aled are guided by a rather sinister Clippy to get meta and reboot the universe. If you're keen to understand some of the in-jokes and want even more banter, consider joining our Patreon for full, unedited episodes, episode scripts and more! And as always, please reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter and now on Discord (exclusive to our fabulous Patreons!)



If you're sat at a computer, take a look at your hands. There they are, resting upon the keyboard, poised, waiting for their chance to give your next whim life. They know what they're doing, those hands. Don't they? Close your eyes, try and type something. How well do you actually know your keyboard? One thing is certain. You know it much better than these clowns.


Gary’s Electric Spackle

After the Infinite Escape Room was powered off, join Jamie and Tony as they walk in circles in the dark. Cries of "Marco" "Polo" ring out into the room. Listen to them warm up a crowd Hark as they fumble with spinning rust And take note for the elusive Fray Bentos Pie. It's all kicking off in this week's episode of: The Infinite Escape Room!


Supermarket sweats and dinners for snakes

It's been really, really hot in the UK recently. This episode happened. It's a good one. Join the Ben and the Jamie. They escape Mike's hot little location. At one point a man sweats out his guts. Here's what it looks like: Send 99p flakes.


Portal shenanigans and Hidden Bed Cheese (featuring David Spira and Peih-Gee Law)

aka escape the Upside Down trailer This episode is brought to you by our wonderful Patreons Jade Shaw, Tonje Beate Halvorsen and Maggie B. Thank you! This episode Jamie is joined by puzzlers extraordinaire David Spira and Peih-Gee Law from Room Escape Artist / Reality Escape Pod / Reality Escape Convention. Join David and Peih-Gee as they puzzle their way through a trailer park trailer that's definitely looking a bit ... Stranger. Don't at me, Duffer Brothers. Cue a time-travelling apple, a...


Nothing is what it Seams.

This week Aled, Bailey and Alan spend half an hour breaking Jon's soul as he tries to guide them through a charming rural wonderland. Aled takes a liking to a passing sheep, Alan rediscovers his love of Munters and Bailey tries to make Jon feel better after the most misguided attempt at comedy since "The Oscars Slap." Drink up, Strap in, It's Tuesday. Maybe.


Phone phreaking, pocket meat, and non-consentual poking

Jon and Chris stumble through a meteorological description of a heath detailing the brightness, cloud cover, and precipitation levels only to be confronted by a body in a clearing! Enjoy the calm panic of two people rifling through each other pockets - only on this weeks episode of The Infinite Escape Room! Several tracks in this episode were created and given to us by the wonderful Tim Beek ( Distant Dungeon and Mystery Unsolved.


Cornflakes. Shaken, not stirred.

Join the Mike, Laura and Anna as they escape Dom's Spy infested greasy spoon cafe. Did someone say 'Chef's Breakfast'? A random word generator certainly did. If you'd like to play along at home, here's the note that the spy slipped us... Also this episode was absolutely not sponsored by Darlings of Chelsea . Unless they'd like to sling us some free sofabeds, in which case it absolutely was. You can use the discount code GEESEALLTHEWAYDOWN at the checkout to get one of their authentic...


All’s fair in love, war and tea

aka Escape the Boston Tea Party This episode is brought to you by our wonderful Patreons Dave Shaw and Karen Cate. Thank you! Much like Nicolas Cage, we're on a mission to uncover some forgotten American treasures. But unlike Nicolas Cage, we're doing it with a little more tact and a lot less insanity. Join Mike, Laura and Ben as they infiltrate the Boston Tea Party Museum to find the last remaining tea chest from the Boston Tea Party. Find out now in this Independence Day special episode!...


The Spice Girl, The Slughorn and the Swan

An alternative title for this episode is 'escape Danny's fever dream'. This is not a drill. This episode was genuinely inspired by Danny's covid fuelled fever dream. There was a bit where he saw angels and departed relatives, but we cut that out because he might have come a little too close to crossing the river, and we don't want to alarm anyone. So yes! Join us as we find ourselves warped beyond imagining and try to bring our fever wracked minds back in to the real. Also this was...


Escape the Alien Interrogation

This week Mike looses Laura while Jamie is apparated from the sky and find themselves having to interrogate an alien life form! Answers, and certainly yet more questions await you! This week's episode had more than 30 minutes of material removed! If you'd like to hear the unedited version consider signing up to the Arch-Duke of Charitable Excellence tier on our Patreon:


Escape the Viking Funeral Boat

The episode in which Mike and Laura find themselves in the midst of a splashy splashy burney death zone, and Mike gets to fulfil a lifelong ambition. Here are the details of the Viking compass and coasters, if you fancy playing along yourself. Skål! PS I've taken some liberties with Norse mythology for the sake of the puzzle. If you want a primer on some Norse myths, and like your tunes on the heavier side, I recommend listening to the track Emblas Saga by Brotherhood of Metal. It's...


The Quest - Part 4: Cool halflings don’t look at explosions

It's the final part of our Quest special! If you haven't listened to the rest then hold your horses, nip back to part 1 and we'll see you in a while. Join our roving band of breakfasting adventures as they find the final puzzle piece of Enaria's secrets, and offend a local religion with their dice rolls and use of magical incendiaries. If you'd like to solve the big puzzle along with us, then check out this map of the city. Alternatively, if your day to day life already involves too much...


The Quest - Part 3: Don’t make me run, I’m full of chocolate

It's part 3 of our 4 part Quest special! Join our band of merry adventurers as they conduct a little light tomb desecration, Dieter invocation and snoozy brunching! If you haven't listened to part 1 and part 2 yet then quick, go back - give them a listen! Ben is Forquare Quendien - A halfling wizard. He doesn't say much, which on reflection is an interesting choice of character trait for a podcast. Bailey is Bailinator Jones - A half orc fighter. She's glam, she's disco, and she's itching...


The Quest - Part 2: Moose in a china shop

This is part 2 of our 4 part adventure, using the Quest RPG system, where the gang find themselves causing chaos in, and below a magical department store while searching for a mysterious token... Ben is Forquare Quendien - A halfling wizard. Last time, he exploded a blob. He can use magic strike, kindle, blink and other abilities. he's armed with a staff, a dagger a longsword and a Fray Bentos tinned tent. He's doesn't say much, but his magical violence does the speaking for him. Bailey is...


The Quest - Part 1: Crack it like a crème brulee

This is part 1 of a 4 part special! Oh boy oh boy oh boy - we have wanted to run another one of these ever since we did our first D&D miniseries. This time, we're using the Quest RPG system, and we've got to say we absolutely love it. Tony guides Me, Ben, Bailey and Jamie through a fantastic adventure, filled with quirky powers, great puzzles, daft gadgets and dodgily accented characters. We recorded this in one big 6 hour session - with Tony putting in some nice chapter points for us to...