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Don’t Touch It

Today on M&L we've got a 70's and 80's quiz for Lynda, what's your favorite jelly bean, was he wrong for walking out, what chore do you hate the most, and there's something ladies use everyday that's dirtier than a toilet bowl. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more!


Walk Talk

Happy Easter! Today the title says it all, we got the latest on Bon Jovi's singing, two one hit wonders never heard from again in a Cool Stories, and be sure to tip your plumber. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more on M&L!



Don't worry, we're here, Mark just needs a sec...Today on M&L are you obsessed with the way your house smells, we have a fix for frizzy hair, learn to cook or shut up, and has Will Smith been cancelled. Some Grammys talk, On This Day, Cool Stories, Comments with Skeeter and more!



Today on M&L we dive straight into Will Smith and The Oscars, why you shouldn't slouch, what weird smells do you love, and your sign tells you if you are hot to trot. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and much more!


Talking To Everyone

Today on M&L it's Oscar Awards time and we share some of our favorites to win, let's find out if you're boring, how did that get in there, and moving back to normal life before Covid. On This Day, Comments with your girl, Cool Stories and more!


Wet Or Dry

Walker vs. field mouse... who will survive... Today on M&L do you like memorabilia, Paul Stanley's top 11 singers of all time, the fattest cities in the US, and Netflix is onto us. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter, Cool Stories and more!


Ranting Geezer

Today on M&L Mark seems to need a better lock on his designated pooping bathroom, and on that note, do you poop in a public restroom or hold it, what's in your junk drawer, how early is too early for yard work, and has there been sex in space? On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more!



M&L returns with whatever Mark had laying around and we go all the way back to Christmas since that's where we left you! Grandbaby updates, how Mark kept trying to kill himself and the house, Walker has some stuff to say, and Lynda is glad she missed the NC snow. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter, an Announcement and more!


Tis The Season

Today on M&L Mark acknowledges his problem of proclaiming people dead, the holiday season is here and we've got the most popular places to hide presents, how much the 12 days of Christmas would cost you in 2021, which astrological sign is most likely to cheat, and a spontaneous call with Amy. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more!


Mark’s Magic

Back with your regularly scheduled program, today on M&L we're full from our 10 sides of Thanksgiving, Mark's Santa shopping, smelling your own farts is good for you, sick of changing your clocks, a new trend in naming your kids, and the history of Black Friday. On This Day, Comments the way it should be with your girl and more!


The Matthew & Bradley Show

Today on M&L we have two special guests, the new dads of the family and we get down and dirty with diaper talk, lack of sleep, Matt's favorite color, Cam is back, and Thanksgiving plans. Comments with Mark (Lynda he needs you,) On This Day and more!


The Donny Show

Today on M&L the title says it all. Sit back and enjoy The Donny Show!


Just Sitting Here

Welcome to the Lynda and Mark podcast! As Mark just sits here, Lynda has a wonderful show for you today. We share the birth of our granddaughter, updates on baby Milo and Walker, let's discuss how handsome Damon Wayans is, Comments with yours truly and much more!


Unzip & Blow

Today on M&L Mark has some rants per usual, Walker is testing his boundaries, we've got the scariest movie of all time, another bad boy women are freaking out over, have you ever quit a job in an unusual way, and the Top 5 driving songs. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter, and more! Enjoy and we'll be back again soon ✌🏻



Today on M&L we've got the wood men, doing something with wood, still working on the house. Walker chimes in on some covers of Missing You during a CSIM, a good reason to get more sleep, men have better sex when it's with who, the deadliest jobs in America, and do you live in a happy state (NJ is a very happy state so zip it Mark.) On This Day, a Tyler Perry quiz, Comments with your girl and more!


Body Language

A lot going on in the Thompson house, trying to prevent the gym from turning into Jumanji and Walker may need to get a new groomer. Today on M&L what sounds trigger happy memories for you, what's the #1 birthday in America, the 3-4 rule for deciding if your chosen mate is right, and how much would you pay for a hunk of Elvis' hair. We need a new game (maybe make Lynda spell stuff,) On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and much more!


Devil Stuff

Mark thinks he has a challenge for Lynda but she kills it, all too quickly. Today on M&L is it the Eagles or PPL, who is your woman sleeping with, does your dog gross you out, is mumbling sexy and apparently the Thompson kids are closet porn addicts. On This Day, Comments with Skeeter and more!


RG Being The DJ

We entertain you today as official grandparents! Mark is a little rusty on how to do his podcast, Lynda tries to save us from Baby Shark, would this cause you to drop your boyfriend, how to test the freshness of your eggs, why did she do it, and the world's most famous groupie. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more on M&L!


What Am I? A Woman?

Today on M&L we actually get to everything Mark has planned! We've got the Top 10 greatest rock stars, would you marry a robot, what are you hiding from your family, and the Top 5 songs Mark hated to play on the air. A tale of Where You Going With This, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and much more!


Getting It In The Chicken

Today on M&L you asked for it and we give you the hit song by Matt and Katie Thompson, we've got some popular conspiracies, and of course, the latest on sex dolls. Lynda probably knows what to get Mark for Christmas by now. On This Day, What Year Is It, Comments with Skeeter and more!