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@jalbrecht2000 and @AgentJodiWynn discuss all things parenting; good, bad and smelly.

@jalbrecht2000 and @AgentJodiWynn discuss all things parenting; good, bad and smelly.


St. Helens, OR


@jalbrecht2000 and @AgentJodiWynn discuss all things parenting; good, bad and smelly.




episode 169 – soggy communion crackers – bad parenting podcast

​dog sittinggot a boatenergystate fairstep monsterquality 1 on 1 timelogic concertbiological vs. not biologicalsocietal standards can suck itsoggy waffle - wtf? Continue reading


episode 168 – dogs be humping – bad parenting podcast

​wisdom teeth suckedibles ruleby the bookdogs be humpingpuppies!!!mouth to snoutnature is crazywhy weren’t you​r parents altered?pittie palace to the rescue!dose of realitychore chartsvalue of hard worklearn to communicatepink eyekids quirks Continue reading


episode 167 episode 167 – gayliens – bad parenting podcast

​you made it weirdpuked here, here & hereeat my ass fucktardabducted in plain sightreligion set her upgayliensneverlandcelebration of stupidityhomemade douchevagcanovoicemails Continue reading


episode 166 – are you serving anything on your menu?!? – bad parenting podcast

​????OBOBsusan, sandratoddler sass1st tetanus casethe n wordcompetition parents way too seriousit's ok to loseare you serving anything on your menu?!?my mom lets me eat too much candymomo challengetide pod challengeezra can be a dickdon't be afraid to get counseling for your kids or familyyou'll never be as smart as me Continue reading


episode 165 – window to the wall – bad parenting podcast

​special kittywindow to the wallwhat's up douchebag?kids are way too smartschool behavioral issuesnobody will take you away from medivorce, children and the complications that come with itthank you to our listeners, we love you all! Continue reading


episode 164 – throw shade like a m***af***a

​lady kicked off flightwho in their right minds thinks a flight would be kid free?p.c. or whatever you want to label it – sucksdisney, remakes, whiners & the genieshow me what you gotezra & sportsthrow shade like a motherfuckerclimb you like a treeVoicemails Continue reading


episode 163 – this is why we need to start bullying again – Bad Parenting Podcast

anti-vaxxers, measles & polio - oh my!service vs. rightherd immunitystart bullying againsilence is consent?!?numbers don't liecull the herdeating habitscut toxic people out of your life contact us!Bad Parenting Podcast2034 Columbia Blvd. #231Saint Helens, Oregon 97051 www.badparentingpodcast.comgrounded@badparentingpodcast.comvoicemail: 971.203.4922 Continue reading


episode 162 – i’ve got the clap! – bad parenting podcast

​holiday crazinessnot a great wrapistkids televisioni've got the claptrent laundry debacledeviously smartchildren & privacyezra groundingdon't fuck with dadcold showers suckcounseling isn't badrelationships are hard Continue reading


episode 161 – ON WHAT?!?!? – bad parenting podcast

​you know you know you knowezra stonedstoner leaf blowingmmmm...baconON WHAT?!?!?happily take the falllack of accountabilitybetter trades in schoolsmental warfaremaybe casey anthony had it right???hilter's implementation was offyou people Continue reading


episode 160 – triumphant return??? – bad parenting podcast

we're backhello reannno kids vs. 3 kidsonline dating sucks, especially in your 30'swe just clickedmental healthcleaning house Continue reading


Episode 159 – cameras everywhere – Bad Parenting Podcast

ezra crushing on girls ear flicking animals bring dad calm weed accessibility now days students very brazen about being in trouble ezra's view on society cameras everywhere contact the show:grounded@badparentingpodcast.comtwitter - @badparentpcastinstagram - @badparentingpodcastvoicemail - 503-609-0375we are available on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn - please comment, rate, review and subscribewe are a member of the podcast … Continue reading


Episode 158 – going through changes now – Bad Parenting Podcast

sorry for the long break summer of bummer ezra switched schools justin discusses his anxiety issues ezra describes the anxiety issues from his perspective "I'm not yelling, I'm raising my voice!"ezra & his brother get in a fight bi-lingual back to anxiety talk excited for upcoming vendor conference show song … Continue reading


supplemental – no new episode – Bad Parenting Podcast

baby birds stopped us from being able to record Continue reading


Episode 157 – are you in the MMA? – Bad Parenting Podcast

father's dayend of school shenanigans all the listener voicemailsback-pedalingvolunteering for kids functionsare you in the MMA?little purple girlspotlighttempe has a crushpuff paint contact the show:grounded@badparentingpodcast.comtwitter - @badparentpcastinstagram - @badparentingpodcastvoicemail - 503-609-0375we are a member of the podcast collective network. check out the network and all of its great shows...


Episode 156 – trent ends the show – Bad Parenting Podcast

garage sale jodi's sun burn birthday card aisle arcade party school is almost over PTA re-structure listener voicemail changing how we speak to kids sleeping patterns trent ends the show contact the show:grounded@badparentingpodcast.comtwitter - @badparentpcastinstagram - @badparentingpodcastvoicemail - 503-609-0375we are a member of the podcast collective network. check out the network … Continue reading


Episode 155 – terrain run – Bad Parenting Podcast

jodi is gimpy due to terrain run dan's voicemail kids and cars wonder woman was AWESOME camping was fun snow white, um, reboot? culture appropriation try to be less offended while also being less offensive contact the show:grounded@badparentingpodcast.comtwitter - @badparentpcastinstagram - @badparentingpodcastvoicemail - 503-609-0375#badparentingpodcast#parenting#parenthood#podcastcollective we are available on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn … Continue reading


Episode 154 – finnich spinners – Bad Parenting Podcast

jodi is sick listener voicemails thank you futzer and lady futzer glamping finnich spinners stop protecting the idiots jodi hates the u-scan buy merch! thank you slc peeps! contact the show:grounded@badparentingpodcast.comtwitter - @badparentpcastinstagram - @badparentingpodcastvoicemail - 503-609-0375#badparentingpodcast#parenting#parenthood#podcastcollective#fidgetspinners we are available on iTunes, Stitcher and TuneIn - please comment, rate, review and subscribe Continue reading


Episode 153 – binder of things – Bad Parenting Podcast

dj & evan visit pta president talent show field trip chaperone awkward kid interactions poser store nickelback / nickel board listener voicemails binder of things trent is a smartass contact the show:grounded@badparentingpodcast.comtwitter - @badparentpcastinstagram - @badparentingpodcastvoicemail - 503-609-0375we are a member of the podcast collective network. check out the network and … Continue reading


Episode 152 – 3 didgeridoo acts – Bad Parenting Podcast

lost food due to fridge failure great wolf lodge listener voicemail fart stories homework free zone school threats this week saturday market trip missing out on experiences due to bad attitude why can't my dogs be this awesome?!? 3 didgeridoo acts i want cheerios contact the show:grounded@badparentingpodcast.comtwitter - @badparentpcastinstagram - @badparentingpodcastvoicemail … Continue reading


Episode 151 – kids are gross – Bad Parenting Podcast

busy weekbrake jobsugar rushlaundry nightmarelpt - kids need chiropractic care toodrama kidskids idea of "dressing up"listener voicemailkids are gross"angelic" twinspeople are too sensitive, yet not sensitive enoughwe should not have to be afraid to hang out one on one with the opposite sex contact the show:grounded@badparentingpodcast.comtwitter - @badparentpcastinstagram - @badparentingpodcastvoicemail - … Continue reading