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Ep 267 - PJ Skidoos

Another episode from Studio B and there is a betrayal of epic proportions related to the group's most recent parlay bet. And it’s so bad that a penance HAS to be paid. On top of that, the boys ponder the morality of eating McDonald’s fries and the status of JJ’s Coach Sleuth's youth basketball league. Elsewhere, the guys recap an unexpectedly eventful Thanksgiving week, complete with shots and stage dancing. Mercifully, the boys close the show with dissecting an extraordinary weekend in pro wrestling. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 266 - Thanksgiving Yeet

It's a Thanksgiving miracle as the boys gather a few days early to bring you a little joy for your holiday travels. It wouldn't be a Thanksgiving episode without some delicious treats so the boys try Popeyes’ new ghost pepper wing variants, and the results are surprising. The segment sweeping the nation, "Who Ruined It”, returns for a special holiday themed edition as the guys assess a rather dubious Week 11 before turning their collective attention to the holiday slate of games. The meat of the episode is spent discussing the Loki season 2 finale and its place in the MCU. Finally, JJ and the Iceman humor AJ as he critiques Netflix’s surprising Scott Pilgrim Anime series. Listen to this episode because it’s giving yeet. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 265 - Kitchen God

Another week, another episode in Studio B (and maybe for the foreseeable future). AJ gives a brief update on Studio A, and there’s a glimmer of hope for an eventual return. Beyond that, it’s an MCU-heavy episode, with analysis of 'The Marvels’ and its lackluster debut, and news of a possible pivot away from Jonathan Majors’ doomed portrayal of Kang. The boys also discuss the latest trailers for Madame Web and Inside Out 2. Finally, the guys recap an epically bad Week 10 edition of ‘Who Ruined It’ before looking to Week 11 for a rebound. This episode pairs nicely with a fine winter spirit if that’s your thing. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 264 - Lobo's Logs

The Iceman is back, and the show is still emanating out of Studio B. AJ comes bearing gifts, and Ice provides updates on renovations to the BatCave and his youth soccer team's perfect season. It's another installment of "Who Ruined It", and this week's culprit probably won't surprise you. The boys also discuss the impending merger of two amusement park giants, and the Iceman can't help but salivate at the possibilities. Finally, its back to the MCU, as the guys ponder what's gone wrong with the franchise on the eve of The Marvels' premiere. It's a girthy one so buckle up, buttercups. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 263 - Studio B

#NoIce this week but there’s plenty of AJ and JJ to fill the void. This show hits the road to a brand new location. But the excitement is muted when JJ hits AJ with an accusation of cultural appropriation. Cooler heads would prevail but between living life on the road and having the studio ripped to shreds, it’s a rough time for the Moderator. Speaking of tough times, the boys review their most recent attempt at a football parlay, and the results are middling at best. They get back on the horse, while also chatting about ESPN’s venture into the gambling space. There’s also a bit of car talk but the guys close the show with a tribute to the late Matthew Perry aka MISS Chanandler Bong. Suffice it to say, they couldn’t BE any more sincere. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 262 - Anna May

Beats is back in the fold for another week, and he reveals that he is something of a Halloween enthusiast. With the holiday approaching, the boys look back on celebrations and costumes from days gone by. Some were hits, some were misses, and others were near disasters. And speaking of poor decisions, the guys spend time discussing a variety of shaky endeavors, specifically: the upcoming Scott Pilgrim animated series, the remains of Fox’s X-Men franchise, and the doomed Goldman Sachs-Apple credit card. Bet you didn’t have all Hallow’s Eve and financial news on your BS Bingo Card. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 261 - From Jack to Black

JJ takes leave this week but our friend, Dr. Beats, is back in studio to fill the void (and then some). Unfortunately for him, he’s sucked into the eye of a Taylor Tornado, as the Iceman reviews the Eras concert movie film extravaganza. Of course, when a Swiftie gets going, it’s difficult to stop them so the guys are forced to make a HARD pivot to something a bit more adult. Afterward, the boys take a moment to ponder if Twitter’s latest blunder will its last. Plus, week 7 football picks! Only way to beat that is to cover it in Jollibee gravy. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 260 - Snip Snap Snip Snap

We scarcely know how to describe this week’s show. There’s about an hour dedicated to elective, male surgery for one of our hosts. There’s a decent chunk of time devoted to even more dipping sauce talk. Hell, there’s even a little pontificating about last week’s NFL picks that went completely awry. But that’s why you play the game, and we still have 12 weeks to rite the ship. Dip a whole wing in some mambo sauce and wait for the parlay gods to answer your prayers. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 259 - FREE GOAT

AJ is back from vacation, and the boys greet him the only way they know how: by bringing fried chicken. AJ returns the favor by sharing stories from his trip to the Greek isles, complete with beautiful sights, cheap eats, and some not-so-tasty local liqueurs. The boys also discuss the news of a surprise arrest in the 2Pac murder case while toasting the recovery of another 90’s hip hop great. (Pro tip: After a certain age, be wary if your idols suddenly start trending on Twitter.) The guys close the show by placing their weekly NFL parlay bet and wading into the muddy waters of pro wrestling in 2023. Check the dirt sheets, and grab some lemon pepper wings, it’s a thick and full episode for ya. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 258 – Seemingly Titanium

We celebrate the 6th anniversary of the Badslant Podcast with another episode without AJ. The Iceman and the New Moderator are powered by new Tech and give you their honest reviews of the latest iPhone 15 Pro and Apple Watch Ultra 2. On this week's "Who Ruined It?", the fellas discuss AJ's obsession with a certain NFL team and give their picks for the show's Week 4 group bet. They dive deep into the story that is gripping the nation, TAY + TRAV (Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce rumored relationship). The topics gets saucy with talks of Heinz "Seemingly Ranch" and McDs 2 new sauces, with one having local ties to the DC area. Grab a chicken tender, dip it in ketchup and ranch, and have a listen. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 257 - Kirk It Up

AJ returns and brings tales from the road, complete with super sized gas stations, flight delays, and bodily fluids. It’s not a total loss though, as he comes bearing gifts for Ice and JJ. Beyond that, the guys giddily recount Week 2 of the NFL season and how a sketchy coaching call saved their group parlay bet. The boys also lament the sad and sudden cancellation of Winning Time and its broader implications for the entertainment industry. Finally, they speculate wildly on a long awaited musical reunion. It’s a fun one so update your iOS and have a listen. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 256 – Drunkle

The New Moderator and the Iceman recap the week 1 tailgating that led to a few casualties and an addition to the Iceman's liquor do not touch list. A quick recap of the crew's NFL picks and what the hell is going on with MGM. Finally, it wouldn't be a BS show if there wasn't a recap of the Apple event and whether any of the fellas will upgrade their phone this year. Grab a good cup of coffee and enjoy! --- Support this podcast:


Ep 255 - The Fat Ones

It’s almost week 1 of the NFL season, and the boys are all in (sort of). The Iceman confronts a parking snafu (courtesy of your WASHINGTON COMMANDERS) that threatens to derail the whole tailgate experience before it begins. Elsewhere, the boys formally crown a 2022-23 BS Parlay King before wiping the gambling slate clean for the new season. After much debate, the guys begrudgingly lay down a group bet before shifting gears to discuss the sorry (and gross) state of air travel. And if you thought the pro wrestling talk was over, AJ’s back this week with the latest news on CM Punk. Nix the beer, grab a cold glass of lemonade, and tell us when we’re telling lies. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 254 - Pimento

The Iceman returns from his first golf trip and he’s got stories. But first, food! The fellas try the newest chicken sandwich from Chick Fil A and pair it with… a non-alcoholic tequila. Sadly, the whole experience leaves much to be desired. The boys then pay tribute to the late Windham Rotunda aka Bray Wyatt, who passed away unexpectedly earlier in the week at age 36. They also pour one out for Bob Barker, who passed at the ripe old age of 99, while waxing poetic about the golden age of game shows. Finally, the guys talk a little football as they ramp up for their first tailgate in years. Grab a proper cinnamon flavored liqueur and hang on the ride. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 253 - Kicking and Screaming

I'll Do Anything… for Simple Plan. At least that’s what the Iceman said going into his latest (and likely last) concert experience of summer ‘23. The guys put a bow on the season, recapping the last few days before the start of the new school year. They also discuss the Commonwealth of Virginia's latest plan to fix its broken Bourbon lottery system. Elsewhere, AJ ponders which of his many streaming services he can safely cut. And finally, the boys bid farewell to Captain Ice, and say hello to his seasonally appropriate alter ego: Coach Ice. Grab a clipboard, take a knee, and have a listen. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 252 - Ice The BLINK

The Iceman recaps his previously unannounced trip to see the biggest K-Pop group in the world. As we’re quick to learn, the tickets were hard to come by, even for a diehard BLINK. Elsewhere, the boys discuss their latest Jinro-soaked social gathering. The guys also take a moment to lament the bombshell news surrounding one of the best feel-good sports movies from the last 20 years, The Blind Side. Finally, the boys discuss Chick Fil A's latest limited chicken sandwich, and one of the show's principals is already out. Grab a premium hard seltzer and have a listen. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 251 - Thicc Boyz

AJF is in the house, and the boys recap his huge birthday celebration (complete with special, surprise guests)! The boys dissect a seemingly mundane Commanders story that somehow became front page news. The Iceman whips out some overseas snacks and spoiler alert: the crew was relatively impressed. Grab a ruffled chip and have a listen. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 250 - Uncle Moose

AJ is back from his weeks long excursion and somehow returns a full year older! Join us in wishing @ajontheweb a happy 40th! The Old Mod recounts his blur of a weekend with Uncle Phil in Chicago, complete with a review of Netflix’s American Gladiators doc. The boys also chat some more about Washington’s football team, specifically, two of the team’s players who seem to be moving in opposite directions. Lastly, the Iceman provides a glimpse into his time away and demonstrates why he should never be trusted at a Casino. Grab a crappy collab beer, put on your best RMF (resting malört face), and enjoy if you can. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 249 – Barbie and Commanders

Another week and another AJ less episode. The New Moderator and the Iceman hold down the fort and recap their respective summer trips and what their strategies are for dealing with the summer getaway traffic. They dive really deep into the sale of the Washington franchise that was 9 months in the making and explain why the are "All in for Week 1". Lastly, they touch on the phenomenon known as "Barbenheimer". Put on something pink and have a listen. --- Support this podcast:


Ep 248 – Thin Ice

It was a nice tight show until it wasn’t. The boys kicked things off with a tasting of what may be the BEST DAMN PREMIUM ALCOHOLIC #SELTZER period (Chef’s Kiss). Once the pleasantries were exchanged, the heat kicked in. The discussions got weird… #Threads vs #Twitter, Hubs vs Clubs, McGregor vs Pauls, Prime vs ZOA, Fantasy vs Best Friend’s Wedding, #DC vs #Marvel, and more. Hey.. we told you it got weird! Hold on tight, grab a #Press and enjoy the ride! --- Support this podcast: