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Fiberton Acres' Podcast looks at the funny side of horticulture and animal husbandry. We look at the history of the field, and mix in our crazy experiences in raising our fiber animals, farming and more!


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Fiberton Acres' Podcast looks at the funny side of horticulture and animal husbandry. We look at the history of the field, and mix in our crazy experiences in raising our fiber animals, farming and more!






Episode 28 - Everything Comes back to chickens(AKA - Chicken Part 2)

As we continue to talk chickens, we realize that everything comes back to chickens, including our 10 minute foray into a cult in southern Cali led by a 90's heart throb. You know...just the norm. So come have a little listen about the genetics of the modern day chickens and how they gained popularity through history.


Episode 27 - Modern Dinosaurs Part 1 (AKA Chickens in History)

In this episode we begin a series on what many call the gateway drug to farming/homesteading...the chicken! These modern dinos have quite the history, and in this first part we discuss where they come from and their religious significance through time.


Episode 26 - I've got some applesauce for that headache. (AKA Pt 2 of Preserving)

Our second installment of the continuing drama that is food preservation and out eternal fight against microbes. RIP Louis Pasteur - 1822 to 1895. But seriously, we jump in to canning this episode. Fun fact (spoilers) Napoleon funded it.


Episode 25 - 2017...A Year in the Rear View - with special guest!

2017 was a crazy year for Fiberton...we moved 5 sheep, 4 rabbits, 2 cats, a dog and 2 humans across the country to re-establish farm life in our old home of San Miguel, California. We had some happy times, and some some sad, too. We share these in this episode along with our special guest from Rio Salinas Ranch, Miranda! Then we talk about some goals for the new year, and encourage all our listeners to do the same!


Episode 24 - Crispy or Brittle? (AKA - Part 1 of Preserving Foods)

This week we begin our mostly coherent ramblings on food preservation! We start off old school with some of the earliest methods, while Ashley discovers that one of her food preserving books from the 1970's is published by an oil company. (That's a thing I guess?!) Check out this first part of our food preservation series and help us answer the age old question... crispy or brittle?


Episode 23 Hallllllloooowwwneeeeen

A super spoopy episode about the history of halloween and it's connection to agriculture. And just for this episode, we included ghost stories from your hosts and special guest, Miranda!


Where Have all the Shepherds gone?

Hmmm hmmm Where Have All the Shepherds Goooone? This episode we dive into not only what is new here at Fiberton Acres, but also talk about the decline of raising sheep in the US. Was it WWII? Is it predators? Is it the loss of the family farm? Was it that goats got better branding? (Are we getting a bit defensive?) Probably the answer is yes to all these things and more! Tune in the learn more and don't forget to share!


Episode 21 - Knitting - AKA Hitting Sticks Together (With a Special Guest!)

This week we welcome a new special guest to our podcast! Join the three of us while we tell you about updates (including explosions!) on the farm, as well knitting through the ages....interjected with our patented brand of tangents.


Episode 20 - Compost - AKA Fiberton Acres Talks Poo

This week we talk some serious poo...because we talk about compost! Learn more about how easy it is to compost as well as the history and how it all works, including fun facts about poo. Don't miss it!


Episode 19 - Fires....Or Protect Your Burritos, People

This week we delve into how fire is both a friend and foe of horticulture, animal husbandry, and homesteading after have been closer than comfortable to recent fire in Cali. We talk about how it is a tool, and how wildfires can be prevented. And we learn why you need to protect your burritos, people.


Episode 18 - Foxtails (This Episode is Gonna Stick with You...)

This episode is sure gonna "stick" with you! This week we explore one of our more recent nuisances, the foxtail. This prolific weed actually has some good sides, and plenty of bad sides. And some associated terminology that we probably should have looked up.


Episode 17 - Traveling Menagerie Part 3.891 (AKA the final part)

In this episode we wrap up our travels back to Cali with all our animals, through floods, car issues, people approaching us about something called Planet X, and much, much more. Oh, and listen for our new tshirt design. It's a winner.


FA Epi 16 - Traveling Menagerie Part 2.317

Setting off on another cross country adventure with the Fiberton crew!


Minisode! Attempt #45 success #1

Minisode! Attempt #45 success #1 by Fiberton Acres


Episode 15 - BIG News for Fiberton Acres!

In our first of several Mini Episodes (AKA Minisodes) we will be sharing our big news of our move. The Traveling Menagerie is about to share it's comeback! Learn even more by becoming a Patreon Supporter at or follow us at


Episode 14 - Spring and Babies

Baby Lambs are new on the farm this week! We talk all about spring, babies, and even Greek mythology!


FA Epi 13 - Cast Iron

After multiple failures we have a success! Computer crashes, memory issues, and some other things I don't remember made us a bit late on this wonderful episode all about cast iron!


Episode 12 - A LITTLE Episode...about Shetland Animals

This week we dive into not just one animal, but all of the little animals from the Shetland Islands. We learn more about these sturdy little animals and why we want to collect them all!


Episode 11 - What's Your Sign? AKA The Farmer's Almanac

This week we wanted to talk a little about how farmer's might get ready for the planting season, which morphed into a show about the Farmer's Almanac. Check out some of the history and our ramblings about the Jackyl song, The Lumberjack.


¿Como se Llama? Episode 10

This week Ric takes the reins and talks llamas, while Ashley gets distracted by llama cheese.