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Thought-provoking ignorance






Inside The Entanglement and the Truth Behind the 93 Crime Bill

Sorry for the late post.... This episode we talk about Will Smith Jada Pinket Smith and August Alsina Entanglement. CB breaks down the truth about the 93 crime bill that woke black folks all of a sudden hate


How Covid-19 has been effecting us personally plus some jokes at the end

Sly Big Dawg Ced and International D talk Covid-19 RIP to Joe Dirts Uncle plus some jokes


If you love black d**k then you have to love black culture? Kat-Spiracy on the Kat Report?

International D poses a question for interracial couples Kat has a conspiracy on Fire Works Should couples get married during COVID-19? #TellThaTruth and more


Black Lives Matter, Latin Kings vs Black People, RIP George Floyd, True False or Ehhh

We open the show mid conversation about the latest beef between Latin Kings and Black people in Chicago. We discuss the latest with all the protesting and looting over the death of George Floyd. Are there any good cops? How do bi-racial families talk about the recent death of George Floyd? George Floyd similar to the death of Christ conspiracy? We end with a new game of True False or Ehhh


Versuz Battles and more



Ahmed Aubrey conversation and more



Happy Birthday Sly! Last Dance and Bad Feet

Crew gets together for Sly birthday #LastDance and Bad Feet!


Mini Cave Reunion

Mini Cave ReunionGot together to catch up and have some fun maybe we'll do it again maybe not. Enjoy this cave reunion with a couple of your favorite fun segments as well


Inside The Cave Confessions, How we are staying busy while quarantined, Getting married but keeping the same name as my kids

On this episode we incoherently start a new segment called Cave Confessions. Kat talks about her new love for Porn Hub and Sly tells her how to get free Premium. Before that Kat helps a woman who is getting married but wants to keep her same last name as her children Plus Sly, International D, Cuzn Lamar, and Roland discuss all the latest with the coronavirus pandemic. All this and more on this weeks episode of Inside The Cave


A new era of Inside The Cave Podcast, Corona Virus here so are We Back? Well some of us

We don't know if this is permanent or is it because of the Corona-Virus but some of us are back with a new episode of Inside The Cave Podcast. Sly International D Joe Dirt Ro aka Cleeze and Trey are hear to talk about everything in the RAW!! Plus two new Kats Corners


The Last Call, The Finale, The End, The Last Good Bye, Thank You!

Its been a helluva run thank you for all the support and listening all these years. Nothing but love and gratitude to all.


Remembering Kobe

Sorry for the delay but we simply forgot to upload this episode where we remember the life of Kobe Bryant and more


Unwritten Rules that everyone knows, Why Oprah doesn't have children, Antonio Brown arrested , what would you do if you wake up the opposite sex?

True✅ False❌ or Ehh🤔 Unwritten Rules that everyone knows this weeks trending News & Headlines Old School Mix @cleezereport (Why Oprah doesn’t have children) Kats Corner we help a woman who writes in about her ex moving in to the same building as the current guy she’s seeing. We also help another woman who thinks she has a secret admirer. Sports Update #antoniobrown Country Rap Tune Mix Around The Cave #TellThaTruth -what would you do if you wake up tomorrow the opposite sex? Dirt Sheets todays podcast of course was before the death of Kobe Bryant we will speak on Kobe next episode


Future vs Rick Ross, Things we want to leave in the 2010s and not bring in 2020, and more

This week on Inside The Cave LIVE on @icentralradio we debate who smashed the most hoes between #future & #rickross this is going to be a tough battle! Also True ✅ False ❌ or Ehhh 🤔 This weeks trending topics! Things we want to leave in the 2010s and not bring in the #2020 Old School Mix and Country RapTune Mix. Listen today Live at 12pm central! LINK IN BIO


Best of 2019

True False or Ehhh (Box vs Vagina) WHO AINT GOT NO B***HES!! Nick Cannon vs Lil Wayne J-Hush interview Relationship Advice by CB with our new couple Kat and Sly True False or Ehhh with J-Hush Would you let your son get his haircut by a Female Barbers (with a Strap On)? DL Hughley interview Can women really handle the truth about men? (No man is truly single) She Is The T interview


Last Show of 2019 and Last Show of the Decade

We reflect back on 2019 and 2010's as whole on this final episode of the year. I don't know who needs to hear this but..... We also talk about the latest with JR Smith and his Wife. Trump being impeached but still remains in office. One last Kats Corner for the year and The Cave helps Velle give the final wrap up for the year.


Nick Cannon vs Eminem, Lizzo twerks ASS'd out, Thats none of my business, and more

On this episode we discuss the beef between Eminem and Nick Cannon. Lizzo twerking in a thong at the Lakers game. Situations where thats none of your business 2 Kats Corners #TellThaTruth and more


Julia Roberts to play Harriet Tubman, Tyomi Morgan interview, Things you say to your side chick so she won't show up on Thanksgiving, What you say to your woman when she wants to talk about other men cheating, and more

Things you say to your side chick so she won't show up on Thanksgiving True False or Ehhh Listeners Feedback What you say to your woman when she wants to talk about other men cheating Omarion shares his Baby Mother with Lil Fiz of B2K, Julia Roberts to play Harriet Tubman, Paypal cuts ties with sex workers Throwback Tyomi Morgan interview (Classic Cave Crush) A womans ex wants to come back in her kids life and introduce them to his other children Joe Dirt and Ro shows up to give their opinions on Colin Kaepernik and more Ro talks with Trump supporters Who stays with each other longer Ugly couples or attractive couples #TellThaTruth


Working at Amazon, Stephen A gets paid, Colin Kaepernik gets tryout, Russel Westbrook out of control, Sly and Velle returns, and more

On this week episode both Velle and Sly return to Inside The Cave. Topics include things that happen at Black families repast, working at Amazon, "You Know The Liquor hit ya when", Colin gets a tryout for NFL, Stephen A gets paid, Trumps closer to impeachment? and more.


T.I. takes his daughter to OBGYN, Whitney Houstons lesbian lover, RIP to Sly father, Ced and CB pajama party and more

On this episode once again we start off with real emotions as one of our brothers and cohosts loss his father. Ladies Tell Tha Truth with Sly loss his father and we ask if he's ever made you laugh, smile, angry, or just entertained please send some words of encouragement to our brother Sly. Kat gives CB and Ced a sex education class when talking about T.I. taking his daughter to OBGYN. Whitney Houston had a lesbian affair? A woman writes into Kat asking is it normal for her straight boyfriend to flirt with gay men? Big Dawg has a one word answer for her. CB and Ced go down memory lane when talking about a crazy house party they threw when they were younger.