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Hosted by Jeffy J as he discusses life, current events, pop culture, and whatever comes to his mind (sans politics).


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Hosted by Jeffy J as he discusses life, current events, pop culture, and whatever comes to his mind (sans politics).




A Frank Discussion About Wieners

Jeffy J goes toe to toe with "Doctor-Professor" Joey Lebo, in his miraculous return to the John's, as they debate one of the world's most controversial subjects. Listen to their arguments as Shans continues her nail painting journey. You'll hear all about the history, definitions, research, The Cube Rule, and special guests that will assist in the debate. It's an explosive and untamed episode that you just can't miss.


Weird History

Brother Squermy makes his triumphant return to the John's to join Jeffy J and Shans in a discussion of the crazy, crazy history of the world we live in. Listen as they break it down in Booger Town about such weirdness as redhead vampires, buttloads, Hobos/Tramps/Bums, WW2 Fun, Bill and Ted, Booth saving Lincoln, too many Balloons, coincidences, the living dead, movie history, and so so much more. Bonus: Find out what color Nail Jobbies Shans McGanns Nailies are up too. It's a Jazzin'...


Medal Detector

Jeffy J and Shans go for the Podcasting Gold!!! Check out their discussion of all things Olympics including the history, the flag, the torch, the countries, the events, and pop culture that has all come from this massive event. Listen, learn, and love as you get inspired to cheer on your favorite country and athletes in the games. USA, USA, USA!!!


Happy Campin'

Jeffy J takes it on the road to Old Orchard Park in Oscoda, MI where he is joined by his camping pals as they discuss the week that was and the craziness that ensued. Listen as they discuss bikin', boatin', hikin', swimmin', fishin', cookin', Blackstonin', campfirin', RC drivin', Gaga Ball Championshipin', Icin', Creamin', and the time when the Camp was attacked by Dino's and Cock's. It's all clean, all fun, all family, and stab-free. Enjoy the Jazz!!!


I Plead the 4th

Jeffy J goes it alone as he riffs on the fantastic and explosive day that is The Fourth of July. Join him as he breaks down the history and trivia of the day, patriotic symbols, fun picnic ideas, movie moments, and hot dog eating. It's every thing you wanted from a Star Spangled Podcast. Enjoy and GBA!!!


Turning up the Heat

Jeffy J and Shans talk about Summer and what makes it so special. Listen in to hear about: Creepy neighbors, Costco Children, Vampire Mojito's, Water Fight Escalation, Trusting Carnies, and Frozen Treat Loans. So put on your shades, it's time to cozy up with the John's for some summer fun!!!


I Got The Runs

Jeffy J and Shans explore the history of their running and discuss crazy history and stories about what motivates them to keep up the pace.



Jeffy J is joined by Shans and a little bit of daughter Ally to discuss graduations and all of the trimmings. Enjoy a little history of the event, why do we throw hats, where did the graduation song come from, and crazy M&M joke that is sure to make you howl with delight.


Trippin' It Up: Part 2

Jeffy J and Shans continue the discussion of vacations. including Cookie Monster, airports, Majesty Vacations, Vacation Rules, more cruise hijinks, fake mustaches, and smelly San Francisco. There's a little something for everyone in this one!!! Majesty!


I Bet You Didn't Know

Jeffy J, Shans, and introducing Squarmes McGarmes himself, Jeffy J's bro Jeremy, riff and roll about a slew of "bet you didn't know" trivia facts including Most Shoplifted Food, What's the loudest word ever shouted, German Chocolate Cake, wrestling HOF president, wordplay, celebrity trivia, and Jeffy J info you may not have been told.


The Weiner Is...

Jeffy J goes it alone to discuss the Academy Awards Past/Present, but not so much the futch. Listen as your ear juices will lap up the fannytast breakdown of this year's awards show, some fun facts about the show's history, and all ending with a Tribute to Clint Howard (as all Poddy McGoddy's should).


Trippin' It Up: Part 1

Jeffy J and Shany Pants relive some of their favorite vacay moments in Part 1 of vacation talk. Let them share their joy of camping and cruising adventures.



Episode 11 brings back Jarballs for a conversation on America's Favorite pastime, Basing the Ball! Join Jeffy J, Shans, and Jarballs as they delve into the wonderful world of balls and bats including discussion of Minor League Team Name Euphemisms, Baseball Fun Facts, Baseball Movies, and Baseball History Lessons.


The Weight is Over

Jeffy J and Shans discuss their weight loss journeys and give tips/suggestions to help others on their own. They discuss motivations, accountability, workouts, recipes, hungry clocks, and those that inspire them in this special episode of the Johns.


Spring Loaded

Jeffy J goes Solo for a Springtime welcome episode of the Johns. In this action-packed piece of pure vocal bliss, Jeffy J kicks off your spring discussing the Sphynx, Mexican Sun Gods, birds gettin' it on, Sister Jean, Cinderella's, The Madness, and The Snyder Cut (and soooo much more). Oh yeah... It's all here in one sweet, sweet, mcgeet listening package. So put on your listening hats and join the Jazz!!!


The Jeffrechaun

The Jeffrechaun takes over the show in time for St. Patrick's Day!!!



Jeffy J and Shans are joined by his little bro Jarballs and a special guest to celebrate the Culture of Soup in all of its glorious splendor. Listen as they riff on Soup History, Soup in Pop Culture, Soup in Sports, Soup in Music, Soup Humor, Cold Soup, Olive Garden Soup, and "Souper" inventions of 2020, including Potato Chip Tampons.


Your Arch Enemy: Plantar Fasciitis

Jeffy J triumphantly returns to solo times (with a little help from Shans) to break down some current events and then leaps into "Physical Therapy Mode" to discuss the condition and treatment of Plantar Fasciitis and all of the fixin' that go with it.


A Good Ole Cup O'Joey

Jeffy J is joined by Joey Jo Jo for episode 5 where they discuss happiness in its many forms including Mardi Gras, Shakespear, the secrets behind opening car doors for women, funny movies, Mr. Rogers, and getting filled with the D.


For the Love of "Goz"

Jeffy J and Shans join forces to discuss VD, Penny Dreadfuls, Freebies, stabbing in-laws, and the crazy story of their love, and (by popular demand) more Shanisms in this extended episode 4 special.