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An episode-by-episode conversation about the 90s, New York City, and the classic NBC sit-com "Mad About You." Hosted by a couple of real Reis-guys (Russ Feder & Jonathan Marballi).


Los Angeles, California


An episode-by-episode conversation about the 90s, New York City, and the classic NBC sit-com "Mad About You." Hosted by a couple of real Reis-guys (Russ Feder & Jonathan Marballi).






MAMAY Minisode - Goodbye (for now)

Mad About You said goodbye; Mad About You says hello. Mad About Mad About You said hello; Mad About Mad About You says goodbye. Russ and Jon are back once more to deliver some news. Thanks for everything, Reis-guys and Reis-gals. It’s been a real pleasure. We love you!


MAMAY Minisode - Murray the Dog In A B-Movie!?

Bye-bye, Buchmans! See you in a few weeks! It’s time for a MAMAY mini-sode! Russ and Jon watched the 2005 comedy-horror flick SANTA’S SLAY, which is listed as Maui the dog’s (“Murray” to you and me) only other on-screen credit according to IMDb! Was the movie good? Was it fun? Was Maui in the movie enough? If you think this language is deliberately vague, well, you just gotta listen! Tis the season!


MAMAY Episode 69 - "Up in Smoke"

Russ and Jon are here once more to talk you through the third season finale, “Up In Smoke” (S3, E24-25) The newsstand where Paul and Jamie met has burned down! Does that mean that their relationship never really existed? Does it mean that this PODCAST never existed?! Well, don’t just stand there having an existential crisis; listen and find out! Other topics include crying in baseball on tv, the true story of the Crazy Store, and the art of gift giving. Let’s send this season out with a...


MAMAY Episode 68 - "My Boyfriend's Back!"

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No! It’s an episode of a podcast based on an episode of tv that has a comic book in it! This week’s ep is all about s3e22 of Mad About You, titled “My Boyfriend’s Back!” Hated sketchball Eric Stoltz is back to turn Jamie into a comic book villain and Russ and Jon have opinions about it! They also cover the Last Seltzer Man in New York, their third favorite movies, and the proper way to run a diner. Listen up, subscribe, rate, review, then listen again! It’s a foolp


MAMAY Episode 67 - "Cake Fear"

Blow out those candles, Reis-guys and Reis-gals, because Russ and Jon are here to wish Paul five Happy Birthdays! The Buchmans flash back through each of the least lucky days of Paul’s life, and they all have cake in common! It’s “Cake Fear”, it’s Season Three, Episode 21, and it’s almost too much fun. Your intrepid hosts also talk about the Gladiators of the Network Stars, Paul Reiser’s deeply personal connection to Neil Simon, and Russ’ run-in with theater royalty. You know you’d better


MAMAY Episode 66 - "Money Changes Everything"

Bing bong knock knock ring ring, it’s time for your regularly scheduled podcast! Russ and Jon talk a whole lot about Cyndi Lauper’s greatest achievement: the role of “Maryann” in S3E20 of Mad About You (“Money Changes Everything”). She’s back to tempt Ira; will Paul stand in her way? Other important matters discussed include the finer details of darts, the truly bizarre Fox All-Star Challenge, and the alcohol content of The Grapes of Wrath. So listen up! It’s better than a Boston Cream Cake!


MAMAY Episode 65 - "Two Tickets to Paradise"

Splink! Splink! It’s time for a week in paradise with Jon and Russ! This week, they’re talking about “Two Tickets To Paradise” (S3 E19), and, boy, do they have some opinions about it. Good opinions? Bad opinions? BOTH?? Find out now! Other matters discussed include the infamous introduction of Oprah and Uma, a mafia fish fire, and the crucial nomination of a new M&M color. So sit down and announce it: it’s time listen up! Enjoy!


MAMAY Episode 64 - "Purseona"

Who doesn’t love a switcheroo? Well, Jon and Russ, for starters! But they do love Mad About You! Your intrepid hosts are here to talk all about Season Three, Episode 18 (“Purseona”). The goofballs have lots to share about Newt Gingrich’s thoughts on space, post-Super Bowl flops, and the finer works of Shakespeare. You’d better hurry up and listen to it already!


MAMAY Episode 63 - "Mad Without You"

You’ve heard of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but have you heard of Podcasters In Cars Recording Podcasts?! Jon’s on the road and Russ is safe at home this week, as your hosts cover “Mad Without You” (S3E17). Jamie leaves Paul alone for the weekend and he's as helpless as you’d imagine. Other topics include Jerry Seinfeld’s New York love affair, the greatest (and only?) TV show based on the 1995 baseball strike, and the David Blaine of Pumpkins. Don’t give your bed away; instead, listen...


MAMAY Episode 62 - "The Alan Brady Show"

Hide the ottomans, Reis-guys and Reis-gals, because Russ and Jon want to trip all over ‘em! In this week’s Mad About Mad About You, it’s time to tune into “The Alan Brady Show” (Season Three, Episode 16), where Paul and Jamie share the screen with a fictional tv legend. Russ and Jon, meanwhile, discuss Broadway’s biggest flop, the greatest sketch show in history, and whether there’s anyone funnier than Carl Reiner. Spoiler: there isn’t. Tune in anyway!


MAMAY Episode 61 - "Just My Dog"

Who’s a good Reis-guy? Who’s a good Reis-gal?! You! Yes, YOU are! And Murray’s a good dog, which is great news, because he’s the focus of “Just My Dog” (Season 3, Episode 15). Murray’s a famous actor now! And Russ and Jon have a lot to say about it! Also discussed are the career choices of Michigan J. Frog, the Financial Guru of the Parks Department, and a personal history of Bomb Magazine. Plus, big-time news from a co-host! Listen up! And keep the extraneous barking to a minimum!


MAMAY Episode 60 - "Mad About You, Part 2"

If you listened to last week’s episode and were dying to know whether or not Paul and Jamie tied the knot, YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS THIS ONE! It’s time for wedding jackhammers as Russ and Jon tackle the Buchman’s nuptials in “Mad About You, Part II” (S3, E13). They also dive deeply into the dating scene of the 1950s, the saddest bachelor party in television history, and the largeness of Lyle Lovett’s band. An important episode for our heroes! Listen up and listen good!


MAMAY Episode 59 - "Mad About You, Part 1"

Time to take a trip with Jon and Russ in the Wayback Machine! This week, the guys talk all about the titular episode, “Mad About You, Part 1” (S3E12). Paul and Jamie are gearing up for their wedding, and Russ and Jon can’t get enough of it. They also talk about each and every iteration of “Saved By The Bell”, the nation’s premier bridge-crosser, and lessons taught and learned by Dustin Hoffman. So sharpen up Occam’s Razor, because the most likely outcome of reading this summary is listening...


MAMAY Episode 58 - "How to Fall in Love"

Juice up your Ford Bronco and get ready for a slow speed chase to this week’s Mad About Mad About You! Russ and Jon flirt their way through the very fun Mad About You episode “How to Fall in Love” (Season 3, Episode 11)! Does Paul have the moves to rope Jamie into a relationship, even though they’re already in a relationship? Let’s find out together! The guys also talk about the missing fourth Boy II Man, OJ Simpson dinner theater, and their favorite Robert Altman soundtracks. Listen, please!


MAMAY Episode 57 - "Our Fifteen Minutes"

It’s time to find out what happens when two Buchmans stop being polite and start getting REAL! Russ and Jon are back once more to talk all about “Our Fifteen Minutes” (S3, Ep11). Paul and Jamie try to show their unvarnished truth for 15 whole minutes. Meanwhile, your MAMAY hosts are down one appendix, which is as true as it gets! Other topics discussed are the tv wives of Gene Wilder, Steven Spielberg’s sandwich shop, and Sushi Terminators. A real silly one! Enjoy!


MAMAY Episode 56 - "The City"

New York, New York, a helluva town. The Bronx is up and the Battery's down. Paul and Jamie ride around in a hole in the ground, while Russ and Jon return with a discussion of Season Three Episode Ten of Mad About You, titled "The City." They also discuss tiny hot-dogs, if Elvis is boring, stealing cabs, and Sammy Hagar. Enjoy!


MAMAY Episode 55 - "Once More with Feeling"

Was it as good for you as it was for us? If it was, get ready to fight about it for 80 minutes! Russ and Jon are back, talking about Mad About You’s ninth episode of Season Three, titled “Once More, With Feeling”. Paul and Jamie are having a rough time in the bedroom, and your intrepid hosts have a rough time watching them have a rough time! But it’s a lot of fun! They also talk a whole lot about the net worth of Bud Abbott, basement mummies, and the magic trick of Schrodinger’s cat. It’s...


MAMAY Episode 54 - "Giblets for Murray"

Stockpile your turkeys, it’s time for a Very Buchman Thanksgiving! Russ and Jon are back talking about the truly classic episode “Giblets for Murray” (S3E8). Paul and Jamie struggle their way through their first Thanksgiving in this CLASSIC FRENCH FARCE!!!!!!! Russ and Jon also cover the Wannabes of the Mafia, the Gone With The Wind sequel the world was desperate for, and the birthplace of standard measurement. Here’s hoping you slide into this episode like cranberry jelly sliding out of a...


MAMAY Episode 53 - "The Ride Home"

Time for the tale of Jamie and Paul and the Uncomfortable Cab Ride! Russ and Jon are here to talk all about Season Three, Episode Seven of Mad About You, titled “The Ride Home”. Will our beloved couple’s love last? Will our co-hosts stick together?! Yes and yes! But listen anyway! Also, they tackle the many love triangles of Angela Chase, a very devoted mailbox artist, and the Splinkie story. Enjoy, Reis-guys and Reis-gals!


MAMAY Episode 52 - "Pandora's Box"

Grab a flashlight and a copy of the Constitution: there’s a blackout on Mad About You AND on Mad About Mad About You! Listen to Jon get mad and Russ laugh at Jon getting mad as they discuss s3e6 (“Pandora’s Box”). Paul and Jamie are getting cable the hard way. Is it funny? You decide! They also discuss NBC’s Blackout Thursday, the man who makes Daylight Savings Time happen, and the Greatest Cities in the U.S. besides New York (spoiler: they’re all New York). So stock up on candles: the...