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Fun with Eric & Rachelle




TTT 537: From Out Of Nowhere

That’s it! We’re done another Eurovision. The kids join us for part of the episode before getting bored and wandering off somewhere. We go over the 2022 contest – our likes, dislikes, predictions for next year’s content and even play the winning song from the American Song Contest. Spoiler Alert: It’s trash. Leave a Voicemail: 310-584-7827 […]


TTT 536: Quitters Always Win

We’re ready to quit! Kids soccer, social media, life. It’s really all just a pile of trash. Does this make us better than the next rube? Absolutely. Because when the going gets tough, peace out. It’s a very Eurovision-heavy episode where we catch up on a bunch of songs we’ve missed so far. Joining us […]


TTT 535: Free To Choose

In the episode, we test out a new piece of studio equipment and are dazzled (also confused) by what it exactly does other than make sound effects and record our voices and clips. Lots of song contest talk – Eurovision and the awful American one. It’s that time of year. Eric may have screamed something at […]


TTT 534: Tip Tap Tip To Go!

Food! Who likes it? Everybody! Do we need it to live? Probably! In this episode recorded in Studio K (the kitchen table), we talk a variety of food-related topics; what we like; what we hate; and why do Brussels Sprouts still exist? Also, we look at Eurovision songs from Spain and Italy. No comment. ‪Leave […]


TTT 533: Art For Art’s Sake

It’s another year! Or is it! We don’t know. Time ceases to have meaning in a lockdown. In the art related episode we discuss Rachelle’s new art toys; make not to subtle plugs for Rachelle’s available for sale on her website. We also recall some of the weird things we encountered in art school. We […]


TTT 532: Spooky Ooky

It’s Halloween – almost. In this episode, Eric & Rachelle talk spooky music, dial spooky number. Also, was Rachelle actually a goth? We’ll find out. The Tip Tap Tip Playlist on Spotify Call Us! ‪310-584-7827‬


TTT 531: Hot Dog!

It’s summer – or at least near the end of it. Eric & Rachelle discuss: home renovations (all houses should be pastel); what they’ve been watching (foreign reality drama and kids movies); go over some local Missed Connections (goths are still hot) ; and see what’s new in fall fashions (food!). The Tip Tap Tip […]


TTT 530: Pants Optional

It’s hot. It’s really hot. Tip Tap Tip have retreated to the cool, cool basement and will stay there until winter – at which point they will complain how cold it is. In this episode we talk dumb fitness trends; look at the hottest trends in makeup for 2021; and find out what we’re going to […]


TTT 529: Just Like That

And another Eurovision is in the bag. It was a fun contest and full of surprises. We’re joined by our kids until they get bored and leave. We then go through our highlights and favourite moments. Was it ridiculous? Sure! That’s why we like it. Enjoy the silly ride. The Tip Tap Tip Playlist on […]


TTT 528: No Hard Feelings

Every once and a while we like to drop the news stories and just wing it. Eric and Rachelle have got their first vaccination. Yay! We also talk about why Eric’s other podcast is on hiatus (spoiler: Fortnite) and catch up on Eurovision songs. Still going crazy. Still locked down. Still fun. The Tip Tap […]


TTT 527: Surprise!

This episode is full of surprises — literally. Also, we run down what we like (poetry), what we’ve been up to (staying in) and get into Eurovision. Fun! The Tip Tap Tip Playlist on Spotify


TTT 526: Slow To Learn

Yes. The audio quality is garbage. We know! Eric didn’t want to spend any more time in his office/podcast studio since he’s working from home so we recorded it from the kitchen table using Eric’s phone. You’ll be okay. In this show, we catch up on how Eric almost destroyed their movie club though his […]


TTT 525: Take it to the Limit

Eric & Rachelle are pretty excited for our new AI lovers. Listen as we take a quiz to find out just what they’re like. Also, find out what Eric has been doing to his body. Lastly., we listen to the latest bath of Eurovision songs and we’re really, really excited about this year’s podcast. So […]


TTT 524: Push of a Button

Eric & Rachelle get office casual and talk about how the pandemic working from home best practices; weird relationship advice; a comedic movie (not really) and how Eric will damage his body for a laugh. The Tip Tap Tip Playlist on Spotify Yota – The Vibe Blue Hawaii – I Felt Love (Suzanne Kraft Remix)


TTT 523: Anatomically Incorrect

It’s a new full of flying cars, robot helpers, and jetpacks. The earth has now entered into a utopia. Everything is fantastic. There’s no pandemic. There’s no loss of self and crippling anxiety and sudden crying spells. We can see our friends again and go out and have beers together. Oh wait. In this episode, […]


TTT 522: Building Blocks

We’re channeling our inner Martha Stewart this episode and we decide to get a bit crafty. In addition, we talk about what we’ve up to – which is not a lot with a global pandemic and everything. Kids toy trends are weird as they are every year. What else is new? No really. Anything new? […]


TTT 521: According To Plan

Well, it’s happened. Eric & Rachelle got a pet. So now Tip Tap Tip is going to an all-cat format. We hope you like cat stories, cat memes, cat songs, and cat content, because that’s what we’re doing from this point forward. Also, we got Eurovision news and Eric is upset that the metal monolith […]


TTT 520: Eric & Rachelle Go Boating

We don’t actually go boating in this episode. We might though if we weren’t forced to stay in because of COVID and winter storms. So with that in mind, we lean in a lot on TV and movies is this episode. Also, we see what David Lynch is up to and watch some trailers for […]


TTT 519: Pizza Party

It’s Winter! Let’s get snuggly. In this episode Eric & Rachelle get excited about typical homeowner stuff like appliances; brainstorm custom license plates; and welcome their new furry houseguest. The Tip Tap Tip Playlist on Spotify Bronson – Know Me (feat. Gallant (Cassian Remix) WhoMadeWho – Hamstring (feat. Michael Mayer)


TTT 518: Podcast Vérité

Eric & Rachelle spend some time discussing their latest obsessions. It could be Fortnite or hair videos. Also, we check in on John Cage’s comedic masterpiece and strengthen the case for us getting chickens. The Tip Tap Tip Playlist on Spotify Mat Zo – Problems Toukan Toukan – Mangrove