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Who are the “Uglees”? Jamie and Stephanie are #SistersWhoPodcast! They use the Uglee Truth podcast to share their unfiltered and funny opinions about family, sex, men and more. The stories from their childhood and every day life are not average - their sisterly love and loyalty to each other isn't either. As for the two E’s in “Uglee”… it’s a term of endearment only sisters would understand.


Sacramento, CA


Who are the “Uglees”? Jamie and Stephanie are #SistersWhoPodcast! They use the Uglee Truth podcast to share their unfiltered and funny opinions about family, sex, men and more. The stories from their childhood and every day life are not average - their sisterly love and loyalty to each other isn't either. As for the two E’s in “Uglee”… it’s a term of endearment only sisters would understand.




Uglee Truth 631: Double Takes, Writer's Strike and an Aggressive Spider

It's a Dub-sub episode with Jamie's producer/husband sitting in to discuss Taylor Swift's sloppy seconds and how the Hollywood strike is impacting the celeb world. Plus, an Uglee & Awkward moment that sucks, literally. Thanks for listening!


Uglee Truth 630: Safe Men, Lost Boys and Naked Zooms

On #630... Jamie and Stephanie discuss the famous men they'd feel safe in a room alone with. Plus, vampire movie memories, hilarious video conference fails and we reveal our next reality TV show mini-series bonus episodes. Thanks for listening and don't forget to tell your friends about our show!


Uglee Truth Extra: Alone Spoilers #6

Jamie and Stephanie finally get together to discuss the final episode of Alone - Season 10 on the History Channel. Hear their take on both the winner and the season as a whole. Plus, they reveal the next series they'll watch and share spoiler filled mini-episodes about!


Uglee Truth 629: Margaritaville, Dog Walks and Coffee Chaos

The Ugs were not Parrotheads but that doesn't mean they don't have some margarita-filled Jimmy Buffett memories. Also on this episode... walking the dogs, celebrity news and Jamie's Uglee and Awkward Moment of the Week makes a splash.


Uglee Truth 628: Game Shows, Work Travel and the Flash

Jamie and her husband-slash-producer are hosts for this episode to share their memories of Bob Barker and favorite TV game shows. It's also fitting that Dub is behind the mic to face his major work travel faux pas head on. Plus we're talking new sci-fi and hero movies we saw. Thanks for listening as always - don't forget to share the show!


Uglee Truth 627: The Barbie Episode

The title of this episode says it all... listen to Jamie and Stephanie discuss all things Barbie... from the blockbuster movie to their childhood memories.


Uglee Truth Extra: Alone Spoilers #5

We're heading toward the finale of season 10 of ALONE on the History Channel and the Ugs have their faves and their opinions on how this season has unfolded. Catch up on their "spoilers" now before the final episode!


Uglee Truth 626: Lahiana, Back To School and the Party Host

The Ugs are sad about the tragedy in Maui as the Lahaina fire hit close to home for a friend of the family. On a lighter note... it's time to send the kids back to their respective institutions of learning and Jamie has an awkward moment at the grad party she threw for her daughter.


Uglee Truth Extra: Best of - Episode #566

The Ugs took the week off so they'll have tons of fun stories to share on next week's episode. In the meantime, here's a BEST OF from July 2022, #566: What song was playing during your “first time”? The Ugs remember. Plus, Jamie and Stephanie have their takes on the Oscar slap and Jamie cries in the shower and you’ll never guess why. Thanks HUgs, enjoy the flashback!


Uglee Truth 625: Coworkers, Child Performers and Smelly Women

Stephanie is adjusting to her new coworkers and Jamie's got celeb news to discuss. Plus, a hilarious trip down memory lane about kids' plays, recitals and performances and - in a dramatic subject change - the judgy gynocologist the Ugs had when they were younger.


Uglee Truth Extra: Alone Spoilers #4

After a lengthy storm, the remaining survivalists on Alone have really begun to struggle. Unlike Jamie and Stephanie who are having a great time watching and recapping each episode for you on these Spoiler Alert mini-shows. Here's their take on episode 7 of Alone on the History Channel.


Uglee Truth 624: Feministy, Flicka and Florida

On this episode, Jamie is feeling "feministy" and Stephanie is here for it. Listen in as the Ugs drop knowledge the only way they know how... UGLEE! Enjoy the show and don't forget to share our podcast with your friends and family... especially you sisters!


Uglee Truth Extra: Alone Spoilers #3

Jamie and Stephanie are big fans of Alone on the History Channel so they're dedicating some mini-episodes to talk about it. Spoiler alert... if you haven't watched episodes 5 and 6 of Season 10 yet, queue this one up for after.


Uglee Truth 623: Fashion Advice, Burning Lips and Passing Pets

The Ugs are at it again. This week we talk about not letting the men in your life give you feedback on clothing and the aftermath of our Hot Ones episode - which included pain and puking! Plus, Jamie sadly loses another senior pet and, completely unrelated, Top Chef has a new host. Thanks for listening - please don't forget to subscribe, follow, leave a review,,, just do all the things!


Uglee Truth 622: When Podcasts Meet

Episode 622... When Podcasts Meet! Well, portions of podcasts anyway. Jamie from the Uglee Truth and Tyler from Middle Class Film Class (who also happen to be mother and son) join forces for this episode to spin about movies, tv shows and the time he escaped as a child.


Uglee Truth Extra: Alone Spoilers #2

This time around Jamie and Stephanie give their take on how the survivalists are doing after episodes 3 and 4 of History Channel's Alone Season 10! Oh, and Producer Dub finally found an eagle scream sound effect, so enjoy!


Uglee Truth: Hot Ones 2023

It's been a year since the Ugs first tried to tackle a Hot Ones challenge. They vowed to try again so, this time around they go all in by using official #HotOnes sauces (from season 20). Producer Dub plays the role of host/interviewer and things get pretty damn hot by the end. #SistersWhoPodcast


Uglee Truth 621: Gen Xers, Orcas and Black Eyes

Jamie and Stephanie are proud to be part of the forgotton generation and they've got the memories to prove it. Plus, they're rooting for the sea life that seems to be out for revenge lately and Jamie has one of her most Uglee & Awkward Moments in years. Thanks for the listen - please subscribe/favorite the Uglee Truth on your favorite podcast platform and never miss an episode!


Uglee Truth Extra: Alone Spoilers #1

We had so much fun doing Uglee Truth Extras for the recent season of Top Chef that we decided to keep the party going with another of our reality TV obsessions... Alone. We invite you to join us for our take on season 10 but be sure to watch before you listen 'cause we don't do that no spoilers crap! This episode covers the first 2 shows so, if you haven't already, watch them first then come back and listen! And let us know who your favorite survival contestants are.


Uglee Truth 620: Austin City Limits, Tripp Meet-Up and a Facial

On this episode, Jamie checks a couple items off her bucket list including a visit to an iconic music venue and an in-person meet up with one of the original Honorary Ugs. Plus, we've got celeb relationship updates and an epic awkward moment at the spa. Thanks for listening HUgs!