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"I Want to Know" was created to cultivate and satisfy your curiosity about all things unique, fun, or fascinating. An audible "falling down the rabbit hole" of information. Each episode has a different guest expert and topic to keep you engaged and informed. Hosted by podcast veteran Greg Jones, this show is your inquisitive departure into audio wisdom.

"I Want to Know" was created to cultivate and satisfy your curiosity about all things unique, fun, or fascinating. An audible "falling down the rabbit hole" of information. Each episode has a different guest expert and topic to keep you engaged and informed. Hosted by podcast veteran Greg Jones, this show is your inquisitive departure into audio wisdom.


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"I Want to Know" was created to cultivate and satisfy your curiosity about all things unique, fun, or fascinating. An audible "falling down the rabbit hole" of information. Each episode has a different guest expert and topic to keep you engaged and informed. Hosted by podcast veteran Greg Jones, this show is your inquisitive departure into audio wisdom.




IWTK Mike Veny: Transforming Mental Health Stigma

Mike Veny joins the I Want To Know podcast in an effort to help break the negative stigma behind mental health. Mike is not just another motivational speaker or Mr. Know-It-All; he struggles with mental health every day of his life. As a child he was in and out of psychiatric hospitals, expelled from multiple schools, was on numerous medications and even attempted suicide multiple times. Now he is a mental health speaker that has given a TEDx talk and uses his inside knowledge to help others...


IWTK Lianna Carrera: Comedian, Actor & Not a Singer

Lianna Carrera is a hilarious stand up comedian, actor, writer and all around good person. She grew up as the gay kid of a Southern Baptist Minister and her mother and brothers are Deaf. On the podcast we talk about a wide variety of things; growing up gay with a baptist minister and how he took that news of her coming out, having deaf family members, problems with other kids while growing up, where she got her start in performing, being a lesbian on the comedy scene and so much more. She is...


IWTK Filip Valica: The Product Startup

Mechanical engineer turned product startup specialist Filip Valica joins the show to discuss an array of topics ranging from immigrating to the United States as a child to what he's doing now with The Product Startup and everything in between. Host Greg Jones is also joined on the show by Shannon Gomes, owner of Too Good 2 Eat Cakes, who is looking to take her own product to market. Greg and Filip start off talking about his immigrating to the United States with his mother at the age of...


IWTK J.D. Mitschke: Modern-Day Liberalism

J.D. Mitschke has an extensive educational background in the psychological sciences and is the author of "Modern-Day Liberalism: Exploring the Psychological Foundations of the Disorder." I'll start off with the disclaimer that J.D. is politically conservative (if you haven't picked that up from his book title) and has some political opinions that you may not agree or believe in-and that is perfectly okay. J.D. offers some opinions that may be considered controversial or even offensive to...


IWTK Robert Graves: Military Transition Guide Back Into Civilian Life

Former U.S. Marine Robert Graves joins the podcast to talk about what it’s like transitioning back to civilian life and his post-military life as a life coach and certified hypnotherapist as well as author of “How to Grow a Beard: A Military Transition Guide Back Into Civilian Life.” He has dedicated his civilian time to learning and pursuing ways to help those in need, with special attention to adolescents, veterans, and those suffering from Auto-Immune Diseases. We cover his military life,...


IWTK Debbie Viguie: Author, Demonologist and Exorcist

Author Debbie Viguie joins I Want To Know to talk about a variety of topics. First, Debbie is the author of many New York Times best selling novels, most of which dark fantasies, mysteries, and supernatural thrillers including the Wicked series co-authored with Nancy Holder. We talk about the writing process and her "Anyone Can Be A Writer" series. Debbie is also a demonologist and battles the forces of darkness in the real world. We talk about her past exorcisms, what a demonologist is, the...


IWTK Shenandoah Chefalo: Garbage Bag Suitcase

In this episode of I Want To Know we welcome in author and survivor of the foster care system Shenandoah Chefalo. In her new book Garbage Bag Suitcase, she talks about her life growing up with extremely abusive parents, finding her way into the foster care system, how she made it out and became successful and so much more. On the show we discuss reliving the trauma by writing this book, her problems with therapy, suicide and other aspects of her life. We also get in to the foster care...


IWTK Kathryn Guylay: Inspiring and Educating Wellness

Kathryn Guylay joins the show to talk about the work she does to inspire and educate both children and adults to be healthier people. As a certified nutritional counselor, Kathryn has worked with thousands of parents and teachers over the past 10 years to inspire better eating habits for kids and adults. On the show she talks about; how/why food companies get away with adding so much sugar, the food pyramid and my plate, advice to parents with overweight kids, the gluten free craze, why...


IWTK Rosalinda Randall: Don't Burp in the Boardroom

Etiquette expert Rosalinda Randall joins IWTK for a very funny podcast on proper etiquette, she is also the author of Don’t Burp In The Boardroom: Your Guide To Handling Uncommonly Common Workplace Dilemmas. On the show we cover many etiquette topics, including; the six main etiquette traits, the importance of humility, her inspiration for the book, some of the biggest etiquette problems in work place, the F word losing it's impact, shaking hands, first date rules, cell phone etiquette, why...


IWTK Kayt Sukel: The Art of Risk

Author Kayt Sukel joins the podcast to talk about risk taking, the brain and human nature. During the podcast Kayt talks about her background and qualifications, having an orgasm in a functional MRI machine, why left and right brain comparisons are inaccurate, how learning styles relate to creativity, big words like transcranial magnetic stimulation, how brain stimulation effects gambling, risk taking genes, what stress is and how humans process it and so much more! An extremely interesting...


IWTK Allan Misner: Understanding Ketogenics

Allan Misner joins the podcast to talk Ketogenics, nutrition, fitness and more. Allan is an NASM Certified ‪Personal‬ ‪Trainer‬ who specializes in Fitness‬ Nutrition‬ and Corrective Exercise‬. He is the head trainer at Forever Fitness and host of the 40+ Fitness Podcast. After living the athlete's life in his twenties, Allan started to slip in his thirties and by 37 had gone from fit to obese. Long story short, the next ten years he rode the weight loss roller coaster. Up and down, up and...


IWTK Dr. Joanny Liu: Sports Medicine Physician and Brain Expert

Sports Medicine physician, author, speaker and brain expert Dr. Joanny Liu joins the show to discuss concussions, sports medicine and so much more. Dr. Liu is an international leader in Chinese Sports Medicine & Chinese Sports Psychology and the author of "Heal Your Concussion: How to Quickly and Effectively Get Back in the Game." She has appeared in the USA and Canada on FOX, NBC, CTV, & Global TV & at venues including Brain Injury Canada. Some of the topics we covered include: concussion...


IWTK Elliot Katz: Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants

International best-selling author Elliot Katz joins the podcast to talk about his book "Being the Strong Man a Woman Wants: Timeless Wisdom on Being a Man." After the end of a relationship, Elliott Katz sought to learn about being a man in a relationship, but books on marriage and relationships said very little to him. So he wrote this book and is joining IWTK to talk about what he learned through-out the process. Elliot talks about: The 3 things a man needs to be in a successful...


IWTK Felice Cohen: What Papa Told Me - Surviving the Holocaust

Felice Cohen returns to I Want To Know to discuss her grandfather and what he went through while trying to survive the Holocaust. She was able to sit down with her grandfather and over the years write about his experience in this tear-jerker of a story in order to help preserve history. "What Papa Told Me" is the story of Murray, a young Jewish boy from Poland whose courage and sheer will to live helped him survive eight different labor and concentration camps in the Holocaust, start a new...


IWTK Dr. Duana Welch Round 2: More Love Science

Welcome back to the show Dr. Duana C. Welch, the self proclaimed relationship science nerd with a psychology doctorate to back it up. I asked Duana to come back because I had so many more questions for her, including questions from the listeners. We covered many topics, including; how guys differentiate themselves from other males, if and how being mean to woman works, how to break up with a partner, if it's ok to check out other people, what we can learn from Aziz Ansari, deal breakers in...


IWTK Ed Opperman: Private Investigator

Private Investigator Ed Opperman of the Opperman Report podcast joins the show to talk about his life as a PI. Ed has been involved in some very high profile cases including: Tiger Woods infidelity scandal, the Charlie Sheen/Trump hotel domestic abuse investigation, George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, Sarah and Todd Palin, the secret service Colombia scandal and more. Ed also talks about why Ashley Madison hates him, how the media spins the news stories to benefit them, why the government...


IWTK: Felice Cohen - Living Large in Small Spaces

Felice Cohen is an author, professional organizer and Holocaust educator as well as star of a viral video (link to the video on the website). She joins the show to talk about her new book "90 Lessons for Living Large in 90 Square Feet...or more" which is based on her viral video and gives lessons on downsizing, organizing and telling how she "lived large" in a 90-square-foot Manhattan studio for 5 years. We talk about her getting evicted, dealing with claustrophobia, having friends over, WHY...


IWTK Jessica Robinson: Undead Obsessed

Jessica Robinson aka Pembroke Sinclair joins the show to talk about zombies, horror films and mostly her book "Undead Obsessed: Finding Meaning in Zombies." Jessica is an indie author that writes both non-fiction and fiction (under Pembroke Sinclair) crossing many genres from sci-fi and fantasy to horror and zombies. She joins the show to cover the science and research that went into writing Undead Obsessed; in preparation she went to a state veterinarian laboratory, a water treatment plant,...


IWTK David Ward: Former Border Patrol Agent

David P. Ward is a director with the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers, has over 33 years experience with the U.S. Border Patrol and Department of Homeland Security and founded he US Border Patrol’s Search, Trauma and Rescue Team just to name a few of his accolades. David joins the show to discuss border safety and illegal immigration; some of our topics include the daily life of a border patrol agent and the violence, how items and people come across the border, why...


IWTK Dr. Duana Welch: Love Science

Welcome to the show Dr. Duana Welch, self proclaimed relationship science nerd with a psychology doctorate to back it up. Duana joins the show not to just give love advice with the what's and hows, but brings the science to answer the why's. She's so effective and fun to listen to because she leaves opinion out of her advice and relies solely on research and science. Dr. Welch joins the show to talk about many topics including: why married people are so happy, what increases the odds of...