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The All Things Risk podcast explores the themes of risk, uncertainty, randomness and resilience as applied to sports, the arts, current affairs and just about any other domain. We feature long-form conversations with interesting, authentic guests who speak honestly and openly, and have loads of fascinating stories, tips and tools.

The All Things Risk podcast explores the themes of risk, uncertainty, randomness and resilience as applied to sports, the arts, current affairs and just about any other domain. We feature long-form conversations with interesting, authentic guests who speak honestly and openly, and have loads of fascinating stories, tips and tools.


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The All Things Risk podcast explores the themes of risk, uncertainty, randomness and resilience as applied to sports, the arts, current affairs and just about any other domain. We feature long-form conversations with interesting, authentic guests who speak honestly and openly, and have loads of fascinating stories, tips and tools.






Ep. 182: Cheryl Einhorn - How to Become a Better Decision-Maker and Problem-Solver

I am delighted to share today’s conversation with you because not only is it fascinating, but it also deals with one of our favourite topics – decision-making. My guest is Cheryl Einhorn, founder of Decisive, a decision sciences company that trains people and teams in complex problem-solving and decision-making skills using a method that she created. The method, called AREA, is something Cheryl developed during her two decades as an investigative journalist for the likes of the New York...


Ep. 181: Suzy Levy - Mind the Inclusion Gap

Today’s conversation is another look at inclusion – and more specifically, the gap between what is being said and what is being done. If we think about the amount of time we are hearing about diversity and the proliferation of programmes in this space, we might thing that there is a lot of progress being made. The reality however, is very different – on the whole, diversity efforts are moving at a glacial pace. That is not only a problem, it also presents plenty of risk. Homophobia, racism,...


Ep. 180: Oscar Scafidi - Kayaking the Mangoky

One of the things we love on this show (and as human beings for that matter – I think), is adventure. I think that’s because adventures are one of the best ways we have to embrace uncertainty. They involve not being quite sure of the outcomes of something we may be trying to do, or what we will encounter along the way. Adventure also necessarily involves risk – and that is a good thing. And of course, a good adventure, in whatever form it takes, is fun. So, it’s a pleasure to welcome back...


Ep. 179: Cynthia Owyoung - How to Build an Organisation Where All are Welcome

Today, we talk about diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging. I welcome to the show Cynthia Owyoung. Cynthia is the vice president of inclusion, equity and belonging at Robinhood. She is also the founder of Breaking Glass Forums where she develops strategies to accelerate an increase in more diverse and inclusive organisations. She has worked on these types of initiatives for over twenty years. She has also recently authored All Are Welcome – How to Build a Real Workplace Culture of...


Ep. 178: Benj Gallander - Contrarian Investing, Curiosity, and Going Against the Herd

Today’s episode has a bit of everything. My guest is Benj Gallander. Benj is one of Canada’s most successful contrarian investors. Benj started investing in the 1970s and in 1995 with his friend Ben Stadelmann, he co-founded Contra The Herd, an investment newsletter that has achieved an astonishing annualised return of 19.6%. Benj is the author of three best-selling books, including The Contrarian Investors’ 13 and The Uncommon Investor III – How to Earn Superior Returns in the Stock...


Ep. 177: John List - On How and Why Things Scale, the Power of "Quitting" and More

Today, we look at how and why some ideas take off and others don’t – in other words, how and why things scale. I am delighted to bring to you my conversation with John List. John has been described as a ‘master economist’ and a ‘revolutionary experimenter’. He is certainly a pioneer in combining economic theory with field experiments. John is currently the Chief Economist at Walmart and has held the same role at Lyft and Uber. He is also the Kenneth C. Griffin Distinguished Service Professor...


Ep. 176: Susan Eisenhower - On Decision-Making, Russia-Ukraine and How Ike Led

I’ve been wanting to have an episode in which we take a ‘big picture’ look at Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. However, there is so much analysis out there about the conflict that I wasn’t sure if I could bring on the right guest who could be highly credible and offer a unique perspective, preferably steeped in a wider historical context. This is why I am so delighted to bring to you my conversation with Susan Eisenhower. Susan is the granddaughter of General and President Dwight Eisenhower....


Ep. 175: Robert Earl Stewart - The Running-Shaped Hole

What happens when your ability to make decisions gets clouded – and driven – by addiction? Why does ‘letting go’ make sense in these circumstances? What does it feel like when doing the right thing for your health seems somehow risky and frightening? And what in the world does running have to do with all of this? Making his second appearance on the podcast is my good friend Robert Earl Stewart. Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Robert (or Bob as I’ve always known him) is a writer, poet,...


Ep. 174: Paula Reid - On Adventure Psychology

Recent events – at the time of writing, Russia’s unlawful invasion of Ukraine – reinforce that uncertainty is an inherent human condition. Our guest on this episode offers an approach to this reality that is useful. Paula Reid is an adventurer, and more precisely, an adventure psychologist. She has completed a number of epic things like skiing to the South Pole, sailing around the world, and paddling the Mekong river. While we have had many adventurers on the show, I invited Paula to appear...


Ep. 173: Minal Bopaiah - On Equity, Designing Organisations Where All Can Thrive

Today, we look at organisations and the people within them. I want you to meet our guest, Minal Bopaiah. Minal is the founder of Brevity and Wit, a strategy and design firm dedicated to designing a more equitable world. She is also the author of a great book Equity – How to Design Organisations Where Everyone Can Thrive. Minal is based in the USA but her expertise and experience in combining human-centred design, behaviour change science, and the principles of inclusion, diversity, equity...


Ep. 172: Eva Holland - Adventures in the Science of Fear

Today, we talk about the science of fear. Fear is a theme that unsurprisingly comes up a lot on this podcast, as it is so closely associated with risk and uncertainty. We get to discuss fear in a great way with our guest Eva Holland, author of the book Nerve – A Personal Journey Through the Science of Fear. Eva is a freelance writer based in Whitehorse in the Yukon territory of Northern Canada. She is a correspondent for Outside magazine and has had her work published in the likes of Wired,...


Ep. 171: Thatcher Wine - On Monotasking

One of the ways in which to manage uncertainty is by creating routines and rituals that drive a degree of certainty in our lives. In previous episodes, we’ve talked about decision-making and decision quality – that we cannot control outcomes but we can control the quality of our decisions. That requires focus. And focus isn’t easy in this day and age of seemingly infinite distraction. With that, I want you to meet our guest, Thatcher Wine. Thatcher is the CEO of Juniper Books. You may...


Ep. 170: "The Best" of 2021

This is our annual “best of” episode, featuring some memorable clips from our 2021 podcasts. I use the term “best of” loosely because I recognise that all listeners get something a bit different out of each guest and episode. We feature clips from the following (in the order they appear in the “Best of” 2021): Ep. 154: Jeff Harry – Why and How to Rediscover Play Ep. 161: Lauren Yee – How to Cultivate Curiosity Ep. 159: Jen Ables – Creativity as an Anchor During Uncertainty Ep. 169: Stan Lui...


Ep. 169: Stan Lui - The White Hat Guys, Bringing Cool Creativity to Compliance

This episode is all about how to take something that is important but frankly, considered to be less-than-exciting, and making that thing interesting and relevant. Anything that involves following rules is often like this – and if you do compliance or legal work, you will have come across this. And even if you don’t, chances are that you have faced this dilemma at some point. When faced with this challenge, it’s crucial to get creative – or risk the consequences. Meet Stan Lui, our guest in...


Ep. 168: Dante Disparte - On Risk and the Future of Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Digital Finance

This is the second of our two consecutive episodes about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and digital finance. You don’t need to have listened to the first of these with Ethan Lou in order to get out a lot of this one – at the same time, we do recommend you listen to it. In it, we covered the ‘wild west' of the cryptocurrency world. Today, we continue to talk about the risks and opportunities in this space, but our focus turns to the present and future of these technologies – including other...


Ep. 167: Ethan Lou - "Once a Bitcoin Miner"

The next two episodes will be focused on cryptocurrencies and we will be giving this the full “All Things Risk” treatment. If you look at many of the resources available to try and understand this stuff, you will inevitably be driven to the areas of computer science, finance, economics and in some cases, philosophy. Bitcoin has even been described as a libertarian nirvana and many cryptocurrencies have an almost cult-like status amongst some of their proponents. On top of this, there is...


Ep. 166: David Richman - "Cycle of Lives", Cancer, Death, Living, and Cycling

What can we learn about living from the prospect (indeed the certainty) of dying? Meet David Richman. David is an author, speaker, trainer, and endurance athlete. For the purposes of this conversation, he is the author of Cycle of Lives, a book that tells 15 different people’s stories around the emotional chaos of cancer. David lost his own sister to cancer, which, as will hear, led to his ventures in endurance sport. That is relevant because not only did David write 15 very compelling...


Ep. 165: Richard Fenning - Risk Tales from the Edges of Globalisation

Today, we take a dive into some lessons from the political and security risk business. My guest is Richard Fenning. Now and executive coach, Richard was the CEO of Control Risks for 14 years, one of the world’s foremost consulting firms in this space. As you might imagine, being the CEO for a firm like this is incredibly interesting. After all, Control Risks helps clients deal with things like kidnappings, terrorist incidents, coups, fraud, corruption, and just about everything in...


Ep. 164: Dr. Gleb Tsipursky - Cognitive Biases and Returning to the Office

Today we talk about the work in a post-pandemic world. I welcome back to the show Dr. Gleb Tsipursky. Gleb is a best-selling author, the CEO and founder of Disaster Avoidance Experts and an expert on cognitive biases and decision-making. He joins the podcast to discuss his latest book Returning to the Office and Leading Hybrid and Remote Teams. We discuss the mistakes that the likes of Facebook, Amazon, and others have made when returning to physical offices, how organizations can avoid...


Ep. 163: Tony Blauer - "Know Fear," not "No Fear"

To tee up this conversation, I want you to think about fear, or more specifically “fearlessness”. I’m going to posit that this is a concept that makes little to no sense, at least when presented as a positive trait. It isn’t wise to be around anyone who purports to be “fearless”. Fear is a natural human emotion. Courage and bravery are impossible without it, and great risk management needs to acknowledge and understand it. With that, meet Coach Tony Blauer, this episode’s guest. Coach...