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A podcast for creative women swimming upstream.

A podcast for creative women swimming upstream.


Toronto, ON


A podcast for creative women swimming upstream.




TAC 11: Epilogue

This week on our epilogue for The Anti-Casserole Podcast, we talk about what we will be working in our creative lives and what’s next for The Anti-Casserole. Also, THANK YOU’s. Lots and Lots of Thank you’s. Comment below and let us know if you would like a Season 2. And what you would like to hear on Season […]


TAC 10: The Final Episode - A Reflection

This week on The Anti-Casserole Podcast, we take in listener requests and do a reflection and review of the completion of our creative project – this podcast. We, compassionately but critically, ask ourselves questions about the process of this podcast from inception to completion. This episode serves as an important tool for us to share with […]


TAC 09: When did you decide IT can't be done?

This week on The Anti-Casserole Podcast, we ask when did you decide IT can’t be done? Whatever that ‘it’ was. Did you stop dreaming and envisioning the life you really want and settled for the life you were getting?Get rid of the ultimate downer word: “CAN’T” and replace it with “It’s just a matter of time”. We […]


TAC 08: Our Worst Enemy? Our Self-Sabotage and Bad Habits

This week on The Anti-Casserole Podcast, we dissect one of the biggest personal issues that we have faced and seen other women face – Self-Sabotage. Insecurity, unworthiness, panic, fear, guild, shame, flaking, procastinating – what does self-sabotage look like for you? And how does it impact the work that you do. We offer tips and tools […]


TAC 07: Occupy your Lunchbreak!

This week on The Anti-Casserole Podcast, we continue the conversation about women in the workplace. We honestly discuss the experiences we’ve had in our adult work lives and what we’ve learned along the way. We bring forward strategies that we think women and allies can use to create better work environments. And it starts with Occupying […]


TAC 06: We 'leaned in' and it smelled like bad management

This week on The Anti-Casserole Podcast, we get into the realities of women in the workplace, particularly in the Non-Profit sector. We bring up challenges that we have faced and how these challenges are indications of systemic issues despite how much we ‘lean in’, be more ‘confident’ or work through our lunch breaks. We had to […]


TAC 05: Growth Tension

This week on The Anti-Casserole Podcast we tackle all the changes that will be happening around us and within us when we start standing in our truths – we call this Growth Tension. When this discomfort comes, it is so easy for our lizard brain to win out and the big F-word – FEAR – to […]


TAC 04: The Hater Within

This week on The Anti-Casserole Podcast we take the conversation from the external to the internal. Sometimes the biggest hurdle in the way is… Ourselves. Let’s talk about the ogre that is the Hater Within and bring it out from the shadows. This big scary ogre, The Hater Within, is really just a cute puppy that […]


TAC 03: Who are your Top 5 and what does that say about you?

This week on The Anti-Casserole Podcast we dig into the business adage that says: you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Think of the people you spend the most hours with each week – this includes family, partners, co-workers and friends. Think in terms of income, outlook, values, resiliency… […]


TAC 02: It's time to take up your space!

An episode for the women out there who quietly take on the world – professionally and personally – as well as everyone else’s worlds… and needs… and emails… You know who you are! This week on The Anti-Casserole Podcast we talk about reconsidering the “I have to” narrative, and the times we need to take up more […]


TAC 01: Are you living the Absolute Yes life?

How can we live the Absolute Yes life every moment of our day? This week on The Anti-Casserole Podcast we kick off our season with a discussion on what are all the things we say ‘Yes’ to in our day. We ask: what fills your calendar and would you rather be doing something else? With so […]


TAC 00: Welcome to The Anti-Casserole!

Welcome to our first episode of the Anti-Casserole. Get to know us and the topics we will be covering throughout our episodes. Shout out to Hip Hop Artist and Producer, Noyz, for our theme music.