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News, discussion, features and ideas until midday.




Ghislaine Maxwell's ongoing bid for freedom

The former British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell will be sentenced on Tuesday. Victoria Bekiempis writes for the Guardian and has been following the trial in New York. She talks to Jim.


The curious history of the world's micronations

Micronations aren't real countries by definition, yet sometimes these eccentric mini-states - which have no legitimate basis for statehood - come very close. Dr Harry Hobbs is a lecturer at the University of Technology Sydney who has a new book about these and other micronations - 'Micronations and the Search for Sovereignty.'


Is sleeping alone a better night's sleep, the debate continues

Every so often this topic comes up. Should couples sleep together, or apart, if they want better sleep? The consensus of expert opinion seems to be that sleep divorces are fine Jim speaks to Dr Alex Bartle from the Sleep Well Clinic.


The Case Against the Sexual Revolution, by Louise Perry

Feminists must abandon their delusions about the sexual revolution. Men and women are not the same, and it is usually women who suffer when we pretend otherwise. So says Louise Perry, a UK based writer and campaigner.


Disneyland for seniors - a documentary

'The Villages' is the world's largest retirement community. It's in Florida. Valerie Blankenbyl is an Austrian documentary filmmaker and a journalist who lives outside the Villages. She has made a documentary film "The Bubble".


Mediawatch for 26 June 2022

Tragic crash sparks muddled media reaction; New public media details revealed - but new Minister faces old questions; The Conversation is five years old.


FINA's Transgender Policy - Dr David Gerrard's view

Dr David Gerrard is the sports medicine professor who won a Commonwealth Games swimming gold, he's been a team doctor and Chef de Mission. David is at the World champs, in his capacity as vice-chairman of Fina's sports medicine committee.


Can we make traffic jams a thing of the past?

In a glimpse of the future, finally, the world's first traffic control system of its kind, they say, using artificial intelligence, designed to make urban traffic jams a thing of the past. Computer scientist Dr Maria Chli joins Jim.


Frances Cook on riding out the rough financial markets

We last talked to Frances Cook back in February. Frances is the Investments Editor at Business Desk and had just written a book called YOUR MONEY YOUR FUTURE. We go back to her over the current volatility in the market.


Remembering Dave Campbell

Jim's tribute to Sunday Morning executive producer Dave Campbell.


US correspondent on the Capitol riot hearings

The January 6 hearings in America resumed this past week, the U.S. Congress' investigation into the storming of the Capitol 18 months ago. At issue is whether former US President Donald Trump's claims about the election being stolen from him led directly to what happened as his supporters gathered with a sense of grievance and then went too far. Joining us to discuss this and a couple of the other big stories coming out of the US recently is our correspondent Karen Kasler, the Statehouse...


Celebrating Matariki around the world

Maori astronomer Professor Rangi Matamua and journalist Miriama Kamo have come together to create a new book, Matariki Around the World, which explores the origins of the Matariki cluster through nine name whetu (stars).


Calling Home: Emily Wolfe in Oxford

Auckland-born artist Emily Wolfe moved to London over 20 years ago and has managed to sustain an international arts practice with regular exhibitions in both Aotearoa and the UK. These days, Emily and her family are based in Oxford.


The audacious plan to link the US with Russia

The 'Strait Guys' follows George, and his protégé, Scott, as they join forces with Russian visionaries and dare to try the impossible by connecting the InterContinental Railway through Alaska, to the Bering Strait and onward to Russia.


The story of the birth of pop music

In his new book, Let's Do It: The Birth of Pop, Bob Stanley, who is a member of English indie/dance crossover band Saint Etienne, tells the definitive story of the birth of Pop music, from 1900 through to the 1950s.


Shock, horror! Not all vegetables are best eaten raw

Did you know there are a number of vegetables that are healthier for you when cooked? (Spoiler alert: carrots are on the list.) Fellow in the Department of Human Nutrition at the University of Otago, Dr Ali Hill joins us to discuss.


It's not always your fault when you can't remember things

We've all suffered the embarrassment of forgetting important things that we promised people we were going to do. New research shows that no matter how hard we try to remember plans, there is always an element of luck involved.


How road traffic noise affects children's cognitive development

Traffic noise at schools has a detrimental effect on the development and working memory and attention in primary school students, new research out of Barcelona has found. Researcher Maria Foraster led the study.


Why you should be investing for the long term

Senior market analyst Jeffrey Halley joins the show to discuss interest rates and a number of other financial matters, including why New Zealanders should be putting their money in term deposits for more than 12 months.


Weekend sports wrap with Lavina Good

It's a huge weekend for sport in New Zealand, with today's big netball showdown between the Pulse and the Stars in the ANZ Premiership final the next big ticket item on the agenda. Sports commentator Lavina Good offers her analyses.