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Benefit Strategies & Resources for the Modern Benefit Decision Maker. Benefits with Friends highlights the solutions and strategies that forward thinking benefit decision makers are using to enhance benefits, improve outcomes and slash the cost to insure their members. The American Healthcare Consumer (AHC) has been groomed by the insurance and healthcare monopolies for far too long. Managed Care hid all the meaningful data from the consumers, making shopping for high-quality care nearly impossible. To watch the video version, go to


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Benefit Strategies & Resources for the Modern Benefit Decision Maker. Benefits with Friends highlights the solutions and strategies that forward thinking benefit decision makers are using to enhance benefits, improve outcomes and slash the cost to insure their members. The American Healthcare Consumer (AHC) has been groomed by the insurance and healthcare monopolies for far too long. Managed Care hid all the meaningful data from the consumers, making shopping for high-quality care nearly impossible. To watch the video version, go to




Simplifying the Complex World of Non-Insured Benefits

Lou and his guest, Brian Del Savio will discuss the issues employers have addressing the real struggles their employees face such as mental health and affordable access to fundamental healthcare. The benefit strategies (Pay More, Get Less) many employers have been forced to swallow leave many employees struggling to access care when they need it the most. Technology can help address this issue by putting benefits with real-time access to solutions at their employees' fingertips. Brian Del...


How Employers Can Leverage Technology To Manage Healthcare Spend with Slingshot Bills

Streamlined and automated processes not only help save time and effort but also money. For patients, this means having to save and avoid the unnecessary costs caused by errors and overcharging. Pranov Duggasani and Zoe Holderness founded Slingshot Bills, a company that automates the patient advocacy process and saves individuals and their employers’ money. In this episode, they join Louis Bernardi to tell us what led them to start their company along with the problems and solutions they...


Understanding The Winning Strategies Of An American Healthcare Consumer With Chris Hamilton

For the past three decades, the American healthcare consumer has been the leverage used by insurance carriers and healthcare systems against each other. Which strategies must be implemented to give them back this leverage and simply settle with the lowest plans? Louis Bernardi talks with Chris Hamilton of Hotchkiss Insurance about the best approaches in mending the gap between health insurance and healthcare. They break down how to create an ecosystem that allows employers to give consumers...


Improving The Gathering Of Insurance Claims Data With Jacob Sheridan

There is probably no aspect of healthcare that has changed as dramatically over the last few years as insurance claims data. For every C-Suite leader or HR manager to justify their next rate increase, they must have the right amount of data at their disposal, gathered from the clients themselves. However, most employers do not have any access to this information. Jacob Sheridan of TPA Stream aims to make this process a lot more convenient through their product, Beacon. Joining Louis...


Benefits with Friends - Season 2 Episode 7 with Sims Tillirson

Lou and Sims Tillirson will discuss the strategies and solutions that forward thinking HR teams are utilizing to keep their employees engaged and connected. HR leaders have to balance the time it takes to engage with members and the time they need to get stuff done. The extent of the remote work force today makes this even more challenging. Technology is great...when it works. So, what works and what doesn't? Who is Sims Tillirson? Sims Tillirson has worked in a variety of leadership...


Benefits With Friends - Season 2 Episode 6 With Our Guest Marshall Allen

Marshall Allen’s book, "Never Pay the First Bill: And Other Ways to Fight the Health Care System and Win," shows individuals and employers how they can push back against the high cost of health care. It's led to Allen Health Academy, which takes the principles of the book and communicates them through an engaging series of health care literacy videos for consumers. The videos are currently in production. Marshall’s stories have been featured by the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today,...


Benefits With Friends - Season 2 Episode 5 With Our Guest Emma Fox

Emma Fox is Partner and COO of E-Powered Benefits. Her firm helps employers throughout the US customize health plans using alternative healthcare models that are capable of significantly enhancing benefits for members while at the same time lowering the cost by 20-40% (or more). The key is increasing awareness and resetting customer expectations through education. The current fee-for-service delivery system ensures a misalignment between plan sponsors/members and all other stakeholders. An...


Benefits with Friends - Season 2 Episode 4 With Our Guest Patrick Moore

This episode of Benefits with Friends will feature Patrick Moore, President of Axim Fringe Solutions. Patrick is an Emerging Star in the benefits arena nationally who recently retired from the United States Marine Corps. How ironic that he will be appearing on our show on the 247th Birthday of the US Marine Corps...Oorah! AXIM Fringe Solutions Group, LLC (AXIM FSG) is the nation’s first and only health and welfare administration and compliance firm that is also a government contractor. In...


Benefits with Friends S2, E2 with Nancy Giacolone

Our host Lou *BOO* Bernardi and guest Nancy Giacolone discuss the Role of HR Leaders in the Post COVID era.


Benefits with Friends S2 E1 With Dave Chase Co-Founder Of Health Rosetta

Lou and his guest Dave Chase discuss the Health Rosetta, high-performance health plans, the Quadruple Aim, and the results when a shift in mindset takes place that takes the attention off the insurance costs and places it on the quality of health care.


Benefits with Friends - E20 with Dale Sagen

Please join me and my guest Dale Sagen Vice President, Group Captive Solutions at Risk & Insurance Strategy Collective (RISC). Dale is responsible for leading and collaborating with benefit advisors and plan sponsors to develop and implement captive strategies for employers’ health & welfare plans. Dale has specialized in the support of successful self-funded health plans with the facilitation of a group captive strategy that is customized for the sponsor and employers. Captives are becoming...


Benefits with Friends - E19 Battle of the Benefit Advisors

Episode 19 of Benefits with Friends was the showdown of the century as the reigning Broker of the Year Josh Butler squared off against his buddy and rival Adam Berkowitz. Our host Lou Bernardi had to keep these two fierce competitors under control as they fought tooth and nail. Adam took off with a sizeable lead, but Josh came back and tied it up. Who won? You'll have to tune in to find out.


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Benefits with Friends - E18 with our guest Eric Silverman of Voluntary Disruption

My guest Eric Silverman of Voluntary Disruption and I discussed Marketing & Media for the Enrollment Win. Employers desperately need to reengage with employees in the post COVID era. The battle to attract and retain talent is real! DIS-RUP-TION, N. - a radical change in an industry (or) business strategy. "Words are very powerful things that have incredibly intense meaning. By simply changing your verbiage, you're truly able to disrupt the status quo an amazing and unexpected ways." - Eric...


Benefits with Friends E17 with our guest Tim Randall of EZaccessMD

EZaccessMD provides employers and employees alike with what they call the EZ Difference: comprehensive, convenient care that comes right to the doorstep. Their members can consult with a doctor in minutes and receive on-site assessment and diagnostics – all in under 2 hours. For the employee, this means no time spent traveling and sitting in waiting rooms, no money spent on a copay, and no added stress. For the employer, this means money saved on insurance claims, loss of productivity,...


Benefits with Friends - E16 with our guest Darrell Moon

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Month, I can't think of a better guest to have on than CEO of Orriant and Founder of Aspirational Healthcare than Darrell Moon. Darrell is passionate about population health, behavioral health and can help employers address this very important topic.


Benefits with Friends E15 with Kelly D Webb of ESurgeries

Kelly D Webb of Exclusive Surgeries Solutions and Lou Bernardi discuss how employers that self-insure their group health plan can save significantly while at the same time improve outcomes and helping patients avoid unnecessary procedures and rampant infections that plague hospitals. ESurgeries, as they are better known, contracts with the very best surgeons that perform thousands of surgical procedures at ambulatory surgery centers (ASC's). They negotiate prices for bundled surgeries...


Benefits with Friends - E14 with our guest Aaron Witwer

Lou and Aaron had a great conversation on the topic of the 'Functionally Uninsured'. Managed Care's promise of enhancing care and controlling insurance costs clearly expired long away. Instead, it was replaced with Pay More, Get Less and numerous flawed strategies. Employers and their members fell victim to a health care and insurance system that on the surface seem broken. A keen eye understanding that they are, in fact, working exactly as designed to the benefit of these two...


Benefits with Friends - E13 with Dennis Hartin

Dennis Hartin and Lou discussed the role mental health plays in benefits and what employers can do to help their most vulnerable employees.


Benefits with Friends - E12 with Paul 'Joey' Stone

Listen in as my guest Paul "Joey" Stone (Director of Strategic Partnerships- Burnalong) and I discuss Life, Wellness and Wellbeing. The Burnalong Difference BurnAlong is built on that simple yet industry-changing philosophy that if you want to help people achieve their health and wellness goals, the way to do it is to bring them: 1. Programming they find relatable and inspiring. 2. Social support to keep them active and engaged