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Join plant enthusiasts Cris, Sue and Amanda as they converse about plants with some digressive chatter sprinkled in. The ladies share their experiences being plant enthusiasts, and include topics about plant care, procurement, histories, and more. Fair warning: pronunciation isn't always our strong suit.




Join plant enthusiasts Cris, Sue and Amanda as they converse about plants with some digressive chatter sprinkled in. The ladies share their experiences being plant enthusiasts, and include topics about plant care, procurement, histories, and more. Fair warning: pronunciation isn't always our strong suit.




43. Christmas Plants

Cris, Sue, and Amanda attempt to get to their main topic but instead get stuck on Christmas plants. Many other useless facts are to be found in this episode, except our surprise deep-dive into forestry where the ladies discuss useful facts.


42. Working in Horticulture

What is it like to work around plants? Sue and Amanda talk about their experiences working in horticulture. Cris unboxes a very special plant that was in no way neglected on her shelf for four months.


41. Pets and Plants

Cris, Sue, and Amanda talk about fall prep and what plants you need to think about when you have pets. Oh, and will they ever all agree on how to pronounce 'kalanchoe'?


40. Aging Plants

Full disclosure: This was recorded at the end of August, but here we are! Cris, Sue and Amanda do a looooong catchup and then answer the question: How do you tell how old a plant is? Join for laughs and planty fun!


39. Plant Hack Fails

Cris, Sue and Amanda make it back into the studio to talk about Plant Hack Fails. But first, the ladies talk about root rot and what you can do about it.


38. Living Walls

Despite all the mic bumping, Cris, Sue, and Amanda unbox Sue's Pon pot then discuss Living Walls large and small. Made up phrases this episode: 'Mass mot' and 'Crooks and nannies'. Enjoy!


37. Drunk & Disorderly Plants

Cris, Sue and Amanda answer listener Stephanie's propagation question, then do some knowledge sharing about plants that are the base for some of our favourite spirits. Content warning: Please note that this episode contains general discussion about alcohol and drugs that may be discomforting to some listeners. This discussion begins at approximately the 30 minute and 10 seconds mark and continues to the end of the episode. Individual listener discretion is advised. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★


36. Plants That Changed the World Part 2

Cris, Sue and Amanda discuss plants that aren't really their favourites, and then share information about more plants that changed the world. From history to birth control to hitting the road, this episode covers all sorts of topics!


35. Indoor Cabinet Greenhouses

After discussing ways to grow plants indoors using different methods, Cris, Sue and Amanda get into putting together indoor greenhouses. Straight up great advice in this episode! Also, do you know what a fear of topographical maps is called? Cris wants to know.


34. Ugly Plants

Cris, Sue and Amanda are back on track and discuss the act of hardening off plants as you get ready to send them outdoors for the growing season. Then, the FPP ladies discuss what they feel are ugly plants. But are plants ever really ugly?


33. Plant Quiz With The Cultured Guitarist Podcast

We are so sorry for this episode. OK, now that that's out of the way, Cris, Sue and Amanda welcome Al and Kasper from The Cultured Guitarist to take a plant quiz. As far as maturity ratings go, this one's pretty low so if that's your thing put the littles to bed and get ready to laugh until you cry. Or just cry. We're not sure. We do know that we've invented a new band name, a new fertilizer, and a new way to choose edible plants if you're lost in the forest so listen in for these and other great non-fact-checked plant tips.


32. Plants in Movies

Cris, Sue and Amanda talk about living in Northern Alberta and its unique sunshine situation. Then, after discussing plants they want to propagate, the ladies review plants in movies. Maybe Amanda cries. You'll have to listen to find out!


31. Edible Plants

OK well to be honest, Cris, Sue and Amanda put the digressive in digressive chatter in this episode. Spring fever has kicked in so the FPP ladies may have some trouble staying on topic (for example, Cris goes down a 5 Minute Craft rabbit hole) but there actually is some cool info about growing edible plants indoors... you just have to stick around for the gems.


30. Next-Level Growing Plants Indoors

Cris, Sue and Amanda go over some finer points of seed starting supplemented by the age-old question: Does fertilizer dumped in your bra increase your cup size? Then, stick around as the ladies take tours of their homes and plants while pointing out next-level indoor plant tips to help your indoor plants be their best selves. Soon-to-be-permanent disclaimer: Adult content ahead.


29. Plant Things We Used to Do

Cris, Sue and Amanda discuss what assumptions people make when they find out you are a plant collector and then dig deep into plant things that they used to do. Again, we are throwing out the adult content warning for this episode. We are feisty this month.


28. Weird Plants

The Fancy Plants Podcast ladies are back! In this episode, Cris, Sue & Amanda catch up, talk about starting hot pepper seeds, reveal plants they bring home to die, and discuss three very weird plants. Fair warning: There is some adult-only content in this episode.


27. Plant Apps

Cris, Sue and Amanda discuss moving plants in the cold Canadian winter, Amanda's garden plans, and then talk about Plant Apps they love or that maybe didn't quite meet expectations.


26. Talking Plants with Sacha Staffanson

Cris, Sue and Amanda welcome their friend Sacha on the show to ask some really great questions that the FPP ladies wouldn't think to answer. Included: what's being planted for spring, latest plant losses, and plant nostalgia. Enjoy!


25. Plants That Changed the World

The FPP ladies share with you how to fight fungus gnats, discuss how to pronounce 'diatomaceous earth', and then get into some fact sharing about three plants that changed the world.


24. Plant Predictions for 2021

We're back! Join Cris, Sue and Amanda as they share their own plant-related goals for the year before making predictions for what will be happening in the plant world in 2021. Also, does Amanda nearly pass out laughing? Yes. Listen in to find out why.