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Hopefully Sustainable is a show where your host, Jaiko Celka, speaks with extraordinary people who are making the world a more sustainable place. Come to learn. Leave inspired.

Hopefully Sustainable is a show where your host, Jaiko Celka, speaks with extraordinary people who are making the world a more sustainable place. Come to learn. Leave inspired.


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Hopefully Sustainable is a show where your host, Jaiko Celka, speaks with extraordinary people who are making the world a more sustainable place. Come to learn. Leave inspired.






What are you hopeful about? | Jaiko Celka

We have come to the last episode of Season 2! Throughout this past season, Hopefully Sustainable has covered topics ranging from renewable energy to religion to food and agriculture. While Jaiko has spoken to a variety of guests, hope has remained at the center of every conversation. For the last episode of Season 2, hear what all of the past guests are hopeful about! Stay tuned for Season 3 coming Fall 2021! Until next time, stay hopeful and stay sustainable! Look for more information about...


Deep Seabed Mining | Vasser Seydel, The Oxygen Project

Today we are welcoming Vasser Seydel to Hopefully Sustainable! Vasser currently serves as the Deep Seabed Mining campaign manager for The Oxygen Project which was founded to raise awareness and defend the ecosystems that produce our oxygen. Our oceans face many different threats but currently, one of the greatest potential threats is deep seabed mining. As some background, the deep sea is the largest and least explored of Earth’s biomes and it is currently threatened by the possibility of...


Eco-Ethical Weddings | Sandra Henri

Sandra Henri is the founder of Less Stuff - More Meaning, New Zealand and Australia’s hub for eco-ethical weddings! Through her time in the industry as a wedding photographer, Sandra has witnessed a trend towards consumerism and extravagance that she feels has detracted from what’s truly important – both in marriage and the world at large. In today’s episode, Sandra brings attention to ways that couples can reduce the environmental impact of their weddings. Whether it’s by having a smaller...


The Climate Reality Project + Regenerative Agriculture | John Alexander

In 2019, Jaiko had the opportunity to attend the Climate Reality Training in Atlanta, Georgia. The training is hosted by The Climate Reality Project which is a non-profit organization involved in education and advocacy related to climate change. The nonprofit was founded by former Vice President, Al Gore. Jaiko and her other group members were mentored by John Alexander. Since volunteering as a mentor at the 2019 training, John has graduated from Tulane University with his major in...


Drawdown Georgia | Ollie Chapman

Inspired by Project Drawdown, Drawdown Georgia is building a movement to accelerate progress toward net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. Ollie Chapman is currently a student at Georgia Tech studying Public Policy with an emphasis on energy and the environment. For the past year, he has been working with Dr. Marilyn Brown on Drawdown Georgia, developing ways to reduce Georgia's carbon footprint beneficially and equitably. During his time at Georgia Tech, he co-authored an article with Dr....


Christianity + Sustainability | Dr. Jason Roberts

Today’s episode is diving into the intersection of sustainability and religion, specifically sustainability and Christianity. We are joined by Dr. Jason Roberts, professor in the Department of Religion at the University of Georgia. He earned a B.A. in Religion from Ashland University in 2004, an M.A. in Systematic Theology from Marquette University in 2008, and his Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Marquette in 2013 with an emphasis in Theological Ethics. Dr. Roberts draws from thinkers in a...


Female Power + Cauliflower | Jacqueline Sun and Taylor Hurley

Cauliflower and oatmeal might not be the first food combination you think of but Jacqueline and Taylor believe their cauliflower oats have the nutritional value and uniqueness to break into the breakfast food industry! While in college at the University of Michigan, Taylor began to “hide” riced cauliflower in her oatmeal and the recipe became very popular amongst family and friends. Sensing she had an interesting idea, she joined forces with Jacqueline and created Brassi, a company on a...


Peas and Hoppiness | Ann Kent

Meet Ann Kent, a farm-girl-turned-dietitian who helps busy families get dinner on the table! In today’s conversation, Ann is connecting the three silos of agriculture, food, and nutrition. She explains the dichotomy that exists within the USDA, discusses the hurdles that exist when it comes to feeding a busy family, and provides practical solutions to overcome those hurdles such as meal planning and utilizing leftovers. Find Ann on Instagram and Facebook, @peasandhoppiness, and online at...


Lobbying for Change | Ken and Hanka Kirby

Meet father-daughter climate change fighting duo, Ken & Hanka Kirby! Both are members of Citizens’ Climate Lobby with Ken serving as the CCL Forsyth County Group Co-Leader and Hanka serving as the Georgia Tech CCL Chapter leader. Citizens’ Climate Lobby is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change solutions. In this episode, Ken and Hanka are going to explain the lobbying process, the Bipartisan Climate Change Solution...


Crazy (Sustainably) In Love

This week, we are talking about the intersection of relationships and sustainability! Jaiko is speaking with four couples who are navigating how sustainability fits into their everyday lives and decisions! First, meet Carolyn & Yair who met during an internship in Savannah, Georgia. They are going to discuss how sustainability impacts their decision making as a couple in addition to honoring cultural differences. Then, Jaiko is speaking with Julia Campbell who has been with her partner,...


The Fight Against Food Waste & Food Insecurity | Andie Bisceglia and Jenny Gallucci

According to the USDA, the United States wastes 30-40% of our food supply while Feeding America estimates that more than 42 million Americans may experience food insecurity. Over the past year, the pandemic has only exacerbated food insecurity amongst adults and children in the US. In today’s episode, Jaiko is speaking with Andie Bisceglia, Campus Kitchen Coordinator at the University of Georgia, and Jenny Gallucci, program manager at Concrete Jungle. Both organizations are working to combat...


Everybody Eats | Meagan Mercedes Bens and Shawn Deangelo Walton

In a world that can feel very divided at times, food is one thing that unites us because in the end, everybody eats! Today, Jaiko is speaking with Meagan Mercedes Bens and Shawn Deangelo Walton from Everybody Eats Together. They are working to build a black-owned and operated food system to end food scarcity in African American communities, starting with Ashview Heights. As a result of the pandemic, many families across America and globally have had to worry about how they are going to feed...


Nuclear Energy Explained | Ka-Yen Yau

Nuclear energy is a very complex and controversial topic but Ka-Yen Yau is going to provide an interesting and unique perspective for us! Ka-Yen Yau is a thermal hydraulics core engineer for Kairos power, an engineering company founded to accelerate the development of innovative nuclear technology. Throughout the episode, Ka-Yen is going to explain how nuclear fission creates power, the pros and cons to nuclear energy, and address common misconceptions and issues around nuclear energy....


Sustainability on a College Campus | Tyra Byers

Today, Jaiko is speaking with Tyra Byers, Program Coordinator for the University of Georgia Office of Sustainability and Director of the Interdisciplinary Sustainability Certificate. Across the United States and abroad, offices of sustainability are bringing universities and colleges to the forefront of conversations around climate change and sustainability. Throughout today’s episode, Tyra discusses the function of an office of sustainability, why colleges and universities deserve a spot at...


Don’t be a Fossil Fool | Krystal Persaud

This week, Jaiko is speaking with Krystal Persaud, product designer, entrepreneur, and founder of Grouphug, a solar startup creating ridiculously good looking solar panels! Over the past few years, Krystal went from an idea to a Kickstarter campaign to Shark Tank to a successful company. Throughout the episode, Krystal teaches listeners about the ins and outs of solar energy, discusses her journey to create a solar powered window charger, and describes how being a female in the industry has...


Business as a Force for Good | Nathan Stuck

Nathan Stuck is on a mission to prove that businesses can simultaneously make a profit and a difference! The winner of B Lab North America’s 2020 Community Builder Award, Chairman of B Local Georgia, and employee of a certified B Corporation, Nathan is fully entrenched in the B Corp movement. In today’s episode, Nathan discusses the origin of the B Corp Certification, the certification process, and the value of a certification to the company, employees, community, economy, and environment....


Sustainable Periods | Madeleine Wisecup

This week, we are discussing the intersection of women’s health and sustainability, specifically around the topic of periods. Over the course of their lifetime, a single menstruator will use somewhere between 5 and 15 thousand pads and tampons. While we have come a long way with our period product options, the environmental impact has become a prevalent conversation in the sustainability community. Madeleine Wisecup is going to walk us through the history of period products and modern...


COVID-19 + Green Buildings | Barry Abramson

Meet Barry Abramson, one of the principals at Servidyne, a consulting firm helping building owners and managers lower energy and operating costs, reduce environmental impact, and enhance occupant comfort! Since graduating from Stanford with his degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering, Barry has worked in the sustainability field for over forty years. In today’s episode, Barry discusses the growth of the sustainability field over the last four decades, the role existing buildings play...


Graduated...Now What? | Ali, Carolyn, Reema, Jocelyn, & Bailey

Are you interested in pursuing a career in sustainability? Are you not sure if you should go to graduate school or get a job? Are you questioning how to find a job in the sustainability field? This is the episode for you! Today, Jaiko is speaking with five individuals who have taken various pathways in the sustainability field. Ali Lopiccolo and Carolyn Burch are attending sustainability-focused graduate programs, Reema Garabadu is serving as an Americorps Vista, while Jocelyn Carver and...


Sustainable Minimalism | Stephanie Seferian

Hopefully Sustainable is kicking off Season 2 with Stephanie Seferian, host of the Sustainable Minimalists podcast and a mother of two on a mission to simplify eco-friendly living. Throughout the episode, Stephanie discusses the meaning of sustainable minimalism and gives specific examples of how minimalism can be applied to any lifestyle. Jaiko and Stephanie also reflect on using minimalism as a tool to combat eco-anxiety. Find Stephanie on Instagram @mommyminimalist and online at...