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Would you like personal access to the life stories of incredible people accomplishing extraordinary things? JC Cross invites you into inspiring journeys as he interviews high achievers, uncovering the mindset and methods that made them. Through years of research in neuroscience, psychology, and human performance and coaching leaders in over 20 states and multiple countries, JC uses his knowledge to ask the right questions. Learn from the interviewees how to snap destructive patterns, build new habits for success, develop more skill, and train yourself and your children to live the life you've always wanted. To learn more, visit Enjoy the show. #RiseOn


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Would you like personal access to the life stories of incredible people accomplishing extraordinary things? JC Cross invites you into inspiring journeys as he interviews high achievers, uncovering the mindset and methods that made them. Through years of research in neuroscience, psychology, and human performance and coaching leaders in over 20 states and multiple countries, JC uses his knowledge to ask the right questions. Learn from the interviewees how to snap destructive patterns, build new habits for success, develop more skill, and train yourself and your children to live the life you've always wanted. To learn more, visit Enjoy the show. #RiseOn




Justin Wren (Part 2) - How to Channel Your Pain Into Purpose

After receiving an invitation to the Olympic Training Center and becoming the youngest MMA fighter to join The Ultimate Fighter reality show, Justin lost it all to a drug addiction. Discover the mindset and methods Justin leveraged to transform his identity. And hear why people around the world love this warrior. Join the fight at Bonus: Justin shares when you can expect the documentary that has been years in the making.


Justin Wren (Part 1) - How to Channel Your Pain Into Purpose

Justin Wren became one of the youngest MMA fighters to appear on The Ultimate Fighter television show and to fight for the title in the main event in Las Vegas. As a two-time national champion in wrestling, he made appearances in multiple countries and received an invitation to train with the elite of the elite at the US Olympic Training Center. But an injury that threatened to ruin his career surfaced a deeper pain from severe bullying he faced as a child. To deal with the pain, he turned to painkillers and then to street drugs. His addiction forced his teammates to expel him from the training center. And his family had to break into his apartment just to find him. So how did he turn things around? Why do they now call him the Big Pygmy? How did he convert such deep pain into a clear purpose to help a forgotten people on the other side of the world? Click the play button and find out! To get notified when Part 2 drops, click on subscribe in the podcast player above and choose your preferred listening platform. For all things Justin Wren, check out his website, Pick up a copy of his amazing book here!


The ONE Personality Trait that Outdoes Them All

Scholars have spent years studying and testing personality traits. The most commonly investigated traits are collectively known as The Big Five. Here they are, in no particular order: What has decades of research revealed? ONE of these traits accurately predicts success - and a whole lot more. Do you have it? More importantly, can you develop it? Find out. And join the growing community of high achievers.


Inside Out - Dissecting How to Connect With Anyone

11-time Emmy Award winner Nick Nanton has built a network of friends that includes Larry King, Daymond John, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, Peter Diamandis, and a host of other recognizable leaders. If you want to build a network like that, listen to this! JC Cross revisits the episode with Nick Nanton: Why can't people access those they aspire to be like? What's the one thing that will open the door with someone at an elite level? Visit our BRAND NEW social platform page to start building your own elite network!


Nick Nanton - How to Connect With Anyone and Create Value

11-time Emmy Award winning producer and director, Nick Nanton, runs the world's largest celebrity branding agency. His platform has enabled him to connect with Sir Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Ivanka Trump, Daymond John, Steve Forbes, Will.I.Am, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy, and Tony Robbins. There are too many more names to mention. Prior to building his media empire, he found himself several million dollars in debt and facing bankruptcy. So how did he turn things around? Part of it involved making connections with the right people. In this episode, you'll hear: Connect: Meditation March Challengewebsite Books Mentioned: Da Vinci and The 40 Answers Documentaries Mentioned: Operation ToussaintVisioneer, The Peter Diamandis StoryThe Soul of Success: The Jack Canfield StoryMaximum Achievement: The Brian Tracy StoryRudy Ruettiger: The Walk On


Why You Must STOP Avoiding Stress

Listen to this if you think stress is bad... Scientific research reveals the surprising truth behind what improves our memory and learning capabilities... And what impact does stress have on our relationships... Listen in and connect with JC at...


Inside Out - Sean Conway - Post Show Debate on Burning the Ships

This episode delivers practical applications from the Sean Conway interview. JC and Caleb debate the intensity needed to accomplish your goals. Join the community of high achievers and jump in on a monthly challenge!


Sean Conway - How Having Fun Will Help You Achieve Your Goals

Sean Conway had a successful business but felt a longing for something more. So he sold it for a little more than $1. After a few months of sleeping on a sofa, he decided to go on an adventure. That was over 15 years ago. Now he holds multiple world records, the most recent of which is the fastest unsupported cycling trip across Europe (over 4,000 miles in 24 days). His impressive feats have been featured by the BBC, CNN, and Red Bull, and his ultra triathlon around the coast of Britain was made into a series for the Discovery Channel. Hear how Sean turned a dream into reality and discover: - Why Sean sold his business for peanuts - How he got enough money to start on his new path - The one thing Sean recommends for anyone looking to improve their life - How you can build your confidence enough to reach seemingly unattainable heights Resources mentioned: Sean's websiteRunning BritainInstagramTwitter The 3 Types of Fun


Inside Out - James Lawrence - Post Show Debate on How to Achieve Your Biggest Goals

We're told the value of dreaming big and pursuing massive goals... So why do we fail to achieve them when we so desperately want them? JC explores the methods the Iron Cowboy used to achieve an impossible feat of endurance. And... Are you the type of person who embraces challenges? Join us for the FASTING FEBRUARY CHALLENGE! Join the High Achievers Council on Facebook, and find a community of achievers pushing themselves and each other to be their best.


Iron Cowboy James Lawrence - How to Achieve the Impossible

James Lawrence, aka the Iron Cowboy, has achieved the impossible. People laughed when he shared his plan to complete 50 Ironman distance triathlons in all 50 states in just 50 days. Companies wouldn't sponsor him. His coach thought he would fail. People criticized him for even trying. In 2008, James lost nearly all his possessions in the Great Recession. Despite the financial setback, his family of six stuck together, sometimes sleeping on the floor by the fireplace just to stay warm. Together they started a journey that would ultimately lead to one of the greatest feats of physical endurance ever recorded. Hear how James achieved what others thought impossible. Resources mentioned: Fasting February ChallengeRedefine ImpossibleIron CowboyThe Story of the 50.50.50 trailerIron Cowboy team trainingUtah's Toughest Race


Inside Out - Michael Merzenich - Debate on Conditioning Your Brain for Optimal Performance

NEWS FLASH: Your brain is plastic, and no matter who you are or how old you are, you have the power to change it. What JC and Caleb cover in this one: Resources mentioned in this episode: The Brain That Changes ItselfBrain RulesTalent Is OverratedThe Talent CodeThinking, Fast and SlowThe Prisoner's Dilemma explained We're reading every iTunes review on the show! Your 5-star review and rating helps other high achievers find the show and strengthens a community of people genuinely committed to helping one another. Leave a review!


Dr. Michael Merzenich - How Understanding Brain Plasticity Can Transform You

Do you believe you can change? How much do you really believe it? And what if someone asked you how to do it? As it turns out, science has a lot to say about it, and few people can say it with more authority than Dr. Michael Merzenich. Dr. Merzenich's work as a neuroscientist over the past 50 years changed the way we view the brain. His efforts disproved mainstream science's belief that the brain became hardwired at a young age. Armed with this knowledge, he sought to practically apply it to help people. Through several enterprises, his tools have benefited countless people around the globe, helping them regain their hearing, recover from brain trauma, and reverse the effects of mental illness and dementia. If you've ever wanted to understand the biology behind behavior change...or if you've ever felt like you couldn't change... LISTEN TO THIS!! Mentioned in the episode: BrainHQThe Brain That Changes ItselfSoft-Wired For more content from those who understand neuroscience, psychology, and human performance... Hit the SUBSCRIBE button in your podcast player on your phone (it's free!) to never miss another episode release.


Inside Out - Kute Blackson - Post Show Debate on How to Live by What You Value

Have you ever NOT done what you really wanted to do? Have you every wondered WHY you made a poor decision when it seemed so right at the time? Listen to this! Your beliefs and values drive your behavior, whether you have an explicit belief system or not. So how can you have more control of your decisions and make the choices that move you forward? We discuss the following:


Kute Blackson - Stop Lying to Yourself

Kute Blackson moved to the U.S. from Ghana with little to nothing. Determined to break into the personal development industry he worked tirelessly to learn from the likes of Jim Rohn and Jack Canfield. Now a bestselling author and international powerhouse, he's been featured on Larry King Now, Fox News Live, NPR, and many others for his transformational message. What is his most important teaching? And what are the three questions you must ask yourself if you really want to make the most of life?


Inside Out - Tom Bilyeu - After Interview Debate on Leveraging Identity

Tom Bilyeu made a life-changing switch on what he built his identity around. What can we learn from the power of constructing your identity? Making the right decision can mean the difference between a life of growth and one of despair. On this episode, we discuss: Make sure to hit the SUBSCRIBE button (free) to never miss another episode release. For more FREE resources, click here. To join the growing community of high achievers, click here.


Tom Bilyeu - How to Build an Identity to Create the Life You've Always Wanted

In this episode, Tom Bilyeu shares his now legendary story of how he went from scrounging in his couch cushions for enough change to put gas in his car to the founder of a company that became worth more than a billion dollars in less than six years. That same company, Quest Nutrition, was ranked as the second-fastest growing company in North America in 2014. While creating amazingly-delicious products with the goal of ending metabolic disease, Tom began to invest in a new passion - to do what he called "helping people escape from the matrix." He launched a show called Inside Quest. The success of the show and his ever-expanding vision, led him to leave the company at the end of 2016 to start Impact Theory. In less than two years, Tom amassed a social media following of over 2M (of which I can say, I was one of the first) with some of his videos being viewed tens of millions of times. What can we learn from the man who wants to build a studio to rival Disney? You're about to find out in this never-before heard interview. Also hear Tom share: - how he measures his blood levels to monitor his performance - the diet he leverages for consistent energy throughout the day - why he never sets an alarm - the one mindset shift that changed everything - the skills he's most committed to developing in his life - the one action he recommends everyone take to improve their own performance


Inside Out - Noah St. John - Post Interview Debate on How to Live with Passion and Purpose

Although Noah St. John went from attempting suicide to publishing a breakthrough book, he didn't experience a linear rise. Years later, he found himself at another low point. What was the key to finding his ultimate breakthrough? What's the difference between passion and purpose? Learn why understanding this crucial distinction will forever alter the way you live. Want to join a community of people committed to helping each other succeed? Our closed Facebook group, High Achievers Council, is adding over a hundred people a week. Learn more here.


Noah St. John - How to Hijack Your Brain to Create Success

Growing up dirt poor (literally) in a very wealthy community - the same one as President George Bush - gave Noah St. John two very different perspectives. His search for success took him from the brink of suicide to a multi-million dollar business. It didn't come without many setbacks. At one point, he found himself $40,000 in debt and living in his parents' basement. How did he turn things around? Hear the big discovery that made it possible. And learn why so many people praise his work, including Jack Canfield, Jenny McCarthy, Marie Forleo, and John Assaraf.


Your Culture Defines Your Reality

Think you're an independent high achiever, and you choose your own behavior? Think again. As sociologist James Hunter notes, "Culture is the power to define reality."


Inside Out - Chris Voss - Post Interview Debate on Developing Skill and Persuasiveness

How did Chris become one of the best negotiators in the world - and what does a suicide hotline have to do with it? What are the actual statistics around forming a habit? What's the single most powerful tool in negotiation and persuasion? JC and Caleb break down the episode with Chris Voss to identify the critical steps to mastery. #RiseOn Visit to learn more and join the community of high achievers.