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Officers from San Bernardino PD share information and insights about a variety of law enforcement topics.


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Officers from San Bernardino PD share information and insights about a variety of law enforcement topics.






Year in Review- Interview with Chief Darren Goodman

Lt. Jennifer Kohrell and Sgt. Chris Grey interviewed Chief Goodman about his first year at San Bernardino Police Department. They discuss the good, the bad, and where the Department is headed. You don't want to miss the discussion, listen now!


Work for Warriors: Veteran resources and jobs

In this episode, Lt. Jennifer Kohrell and Sgt. Chris Gray interview guest speaker Mike Soto from “Work for Warriors”. Mike is a 23-year Army veteran who now provides assistance in obtaining employment and providing resources for military personnel and their families. Whether preparing for the transition from the military or if they have been out for several years, Work for Warriors is ready to help.


Hiring Lateral Officers From Other Agencies

San Bernardino PD is looking for good people to serve as officers in our community, and sometimes our applicants are law enforcement officers already working at other agencies. In this episode we're talking about the differences between hiring experienced officers and people brand new to the profession, and we'll be explaining how it works when an officer makes a lateral move from another agency to ours. Our guest, Officer Justin Stewart, has done just that and he's sharing his experience with the hiring process, field training, and making the adjustment to a new agency. We'll also be talking about some recent updates to our tattoo and uniform policies that will definitely make a difference to those of you with tattoos who are considering a career in law enforcement with San Bernardino PD. Whether you're new to the law enforcement profession, or currently serving with another agency and considering making a move to SBPD we'd love to hear from you. Check out our website at for more information or call one of our recruiters so we can help get you started.


What The Thin Blue Line and Sheepdogs Mean to Police Officers

Police officers often say the thin blue line and sheepdogs are two symbols they associate their profession with. Lately though, the thin blue line has been associated with some of the negative sides of our society. In this episode, Michele and Jennifer Kohrell are talking about the history of the thin blue line, what it means to law enforcement officers everywhere, and the role it has in police officer memorials. They'll also be answering the question of how sheepdogs represent what they do too. If you're interested in a career in law enforcement, visit our website at If you'd like to send us a message, email us at


Commercial Truck Enforcement and Mean Tweets

Between the logistics airport and the expanding warehousing industry, San Bernardino is turning into a logistical hub in Southern California. While that's great for getting our packages faster and keeping store shelves stocked with toilet paper, it also comes with an increase in big rig and commercial vehicle traffic that's making enforcement a little more interesting for San Bernardino PD. In this episode we're talking to Sergeant Erick Bennett from San Bernardino PD's Commercial Enforcement Unit about all things related to commercial traffic enforcement. He'll be explaining why we have the unit in the first place, what kind of work they do, and some of the strange things they've seen out there. People have not been shy about sharing their feelings or arguing with each other on our posts about past commercial enforcement operations. We'll be finishing out this episode by weighing in on the debate and responding to some of those comments along with one of our self-admitted internet trolls. If you're interested in a career in law enforcement with San Bernardino PD, check out our webpage at We welcome your comments, so leave them on our social media pages or email us directly at You never know if we'll be responding to them on a future podcast.


The Racial and Identity Profiling Act

In 2015 the California legislature adopted the Racial and Identity Profiling Act, RIPA for short. In this episode, Michele and Chris talk to Lieutenant Nick Oldendorf about how San Bernardino PD is dealing with RIPA reporting requirements and what the impact is on day to day operations. They'll also be discussing some of the findings in past reports and whether there is more to the story on how the data is collected and what it means. If you're interested in a career with SBPD, visit our website at If you'd like to send comments or feedback, post your comments on any of our social media pages or email us directly at


Why Are There So Few Women In Law Enforcement

Men are definitely the majority in police departments and but that isn't because women can't do it. Women just aren't seeking law enforcement careers as often as men. What's up with that? In this episode, Michele talks to three of San Bernardino PD's Lady Cops, Officers Vanessa Ruiz, Alexandra Redman, and Sergeant Herlinda Rodriguez, about some of the reasons why so few women choose careers in law enforcement. They explain the things they considered as they started their careers, the reasons they decided to become officers, and tell the truth about some of the myths that stop women from becoming officers. If you're thinking about a career in law enforcement, visit our website at Send us your comments and feedback via email at


The Police Explorer Program

In this episode, Chris and Michele talk to Officers Valenzuela and Guzman about San Bernardino PD's Police Explorers program. They're sharing stories about their own experiences as members of explorer programs and how being explorers helped them become the officers they are today. They break down what explorers are, what they do, how to become one, and the many ways that the program benefits both officers and the youth involved in them. If you're interested in checking out the San Bernardino PD Explorers, stop by the main station (710 N. D Street in San Bernardino) on a Wednesday night at 6:00pm to see what it's like. You can also find an application online at If you're ready to start a career in law enforcement at SBPD, check out our website at We just updated the website, so even if you're not looking for a career, check it out and learn more about our department. We'd love to hear from you. Comment on our social media or send us an email at


Police Hiring And The Background Investigation

If you've ever seriously considered a career in law enforcement, then you know there is a pretty detailed background investigation you'll be going through. Even if you haven't applied, maybe you wonder what kinds of criteria police officers have to meet to get hired. In this episode, Michele and Chris talk about all things background related and what it's like when the police department takes a look at your life with a microscope. They're explaining why we do background investigations in the first place and answering some of the most commonly asked questions. Listen all the way through for tips about how you can make the process easier for yourself and where you can find some of the most helpful information. If you're interested in a career in law enforcement, check out our recruiting website at Here are some of the helpful links mentioned in this episode: Demystifying Background Investigations: What You Can Expect When Applying For A Law Enforcement Job. Personal History Statement Link. Background Investigation Guidelines.


Diversity Recruiting

The goal of increasing diversity within police departments has been a more frequent topic of conversation, not just in San Bernardino, but across the nation. In this episode Michele talks with Sergeants Equino Thomas and Jon Plummer, Captain Nelson Carrington, and Baron Brown, the City's Diversity and Equity Inclusion Officer, about this complex issue. They'll be talking about the current makeup of sworn personnel at San Bernardino PD, the intense competition among departments for qualified law enforcement candidates, and sharing advice for those thinking of a career in law enforcement. There has never been a better time to apply and start your career in law enforcement. Visit our website at for more information. Send us your comments or feedback at


The Police Officer Field Training Program

Everybody knows a police officer's training starts at the police academy, but that's not all there is to it. After academy graduation, San Bernardino PD officers enter a 21-week field training program. In today's episode, Michele talks to Lieutenant Nick Oldendorf about the field training program at San Bernardino PD. He's sharing information about the field training program and what's involved in it. How is the program structured? What's expected of new officers in the program? What are the responsibilities of the officers who train them and what kind of effort goes into turning trainee officers into solo beat officers? These questions and more are answered in this episode. If you're interested in a career in law enforcement at San Bernardino PD, visit Send comments and feedback about the podcast to us at, or follow us and comment on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Nextdoor.


Law Enforcement Fitness

Police officers and law enforcement professionals talk about lifetime fitness, but what does that really mean to the officers and why should the public care about it? In this episode, Jose and Michele talk to Lieutenant Brian Harris and Sergeant Ernie Luna about what it means to practice lifetime fitness and some of their strategies for maintaining their own high levels of physical and mental fitness. Listen to Ernie's story of survival and recovery from a life threatening injury along with those of other remarkable law enforcement officers who lived through catastrophic injuries and survived due to good physical fitness and a survival mindset. If you're interested in a career with the San Bernardino Police Department, check out our website at If you'd like to leave comments about this episode, or share ideas for topics you'd like to hear about in future episodes, email us at


The San Bernardino SWAT Team

In this episode, Jose and Michele interview Officers from San Bernardino PD's Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team. They're talking about all aspects of SWAT. From what kinds of incidents they respond to, the equipment they use, how they select team members to training and physical agility testing, they're bringing insight into the workings of San Bernardino PD's SWAT team. If you're interested in a career in law enforcement at SBPD, visit our website at To send in questions or comments, email us at


How to Stay Safe at Concerts and Music Festivals

San Bernardino is home to several music festivals and concerts each year. Thousands of people attend and most people have a great time, but sometimes things go wrong. In this episode Jose and Michele talk about concert safety and some things you can do to make sure you have a positive experience when you're at a concert, music festival, or any other event with a large crowd. They're sharing advice about how to keep track of your car, prevent your phone from getting stolen, navigating crowds, and more. Share your comments with us on social media or send us an email at If you're interested in a career with San Bernardino PD, visit our website at


What You Should Know When the Police Pull You Over

If you drive a car there is a chance you have already been, or will be, pulled over by the police at one time or another. Traffic stops are a major part of police work and keeping the public safe on the roads, but there is also a lot of potential for things to go wrong. In this episode, we're talking to Officer Brandon Nelson and Josh Fergot from SBPD's Traffic Division about traffic stops and what police officers want the public to know about them. What are the dangers? How do officers make them safer? What do officers want drivers to do once they're pulled over? Josh and Brandon answer all of these questions and more along with sharing practical tips to make traffic stops go a little smoother. Share your thoughts on this episode or make suggestions about future episodes by commenting on social media. You can also send us a message at


Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is one of the most common types of calls that police officers respond to. In this episode Jose and Michele talk about the issue of domestic violence and address what it is, how common it is, the help available to victims, and what you can do to help if you know someone dealing with domestic violence. Even if you aren't personally dealing with domestic violence, you might be surprised by the ways domestic violence could still be impacting your life. If you're interested in more information on domestic violence, check the Project Sanctuary website at You can also find more information about resources available through the San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office at To leave comments or make suggestions about future episodes, comment on social media or send us a message at


Personal Safety Tips

Practicing good personal safety habits is a great way of reducing your chances of becoming a victim of a crime and people ask police officers for advice about how they can keep themselves safe all the time. In this episode, Jose and Michele are talking to Corporal Ana Munoz, one of SBPD's defensive tactics instructors, about personal safety. They'll talk about some of the habits officers learn and practice both on and off duty to keep themselves safe and share some advice on what you can do to keep yourself safe as well. If you're interested in your own personal safety or curious about why the officers you know are always looking around or picky about where they sit in a restaurant, then this episode is for you If you're interested in a career in public safety with San Bernardino PD, visit


What's the Police Academy Like?

What is the police academy like? In this episode, Michele and guest host, Jennifer Kohrell, interview five of San Bernardino PD's newest officers, and most recent academy graduates of San Bernardino County Sheriff's Academy class 223, about their experiences in the police academy. They openly discuss academy preparation, their own experiences at the academy, and some of the highs and lows of their time there. From "Day One" through, memo writing, academy discipline, and gas training, they'll give you insight about the physical and mental rigors of academy training. If you're curious about a career in law enforcement with San Bernardino PD, visit our website at If you're looking for more information about the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department's Basic Academy, visit their website at


Real Life CSI with SBPD's Forensic Investigations Unit

Ever watch CSI and wonder how realistic it is? In this episode Jose and Michele interview Christian Phillips and Laura Ordonez from San Bernardino PD's Forensic Investigations Unit. From crime scene investigations and autopsies to fingerprints, stray print powder, and some chemicals that only they can pronounce the names of, Christian and Laura share their experiences. Listen through as they talk about real life versus Hollywood and get down to the nitty gritty on the differences between television and reality. September 19th - 25th is National Forensic Science Week and this bonus episode is our way of saying thank you to our own Forensics Unit, and forensic investigators everywhere for the vital work they do in crime scene and scientific investigations. If you're interested in a career in law enforcement with San Bernardino PD, be sure to visit our website at


Thank You For the Support

Let's face it. The last year has been rough. In this brief episode, we're sharing a message of thanks to the community and encouragement to officers as they carry on with their work. As we recap some of the difficulties the law enforcement community faced in the last year, we'll also talk about the ways the community rallied around its police department and kept us going . Sometimes we were a little busy as you gave us your support and you might have wondered if we noticed. We're letting you know now that we did, and we're thankful for it. If you're interested in a career in law enforcement serving a community like ours, visit