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The Sunday Ain't Scary podcast is the show dedicated to those addicted to living outside of their comfort zone, obsessed with designing a life of freedom, and who choose to make every day count, because they know... Sunday Ain't Scary.⁣⁣

The Sunday Ain't Scary podcast is the show dedicated to those addicted to living outside of their comfort zone, obsessed with designing a life of freedom, and who choose to make every day count, because they know... Sunday Ain't Scary.⁣⁣


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The Sunday Ain't Scary podcast is the show dedicated to those addicted to living outside of their comfort zone, obsessed with designing a life of freedom, and who choose to make every day count, because they know... Sunday Ain't Scary.⁣⁣




I'm taking a break

Hey friends! Thanks so much for being part of this project. #SundayAintScary has meant a lot to me over the past 6 months. When I published my first episode in October of 2021, I knew I wanted to publish at least 20 episodes and then see if I felt like continuing after. While the number was somewhat arbitrary, I knew that getting to 20 episodes is a feat and I went 20/22 in the past 22 weeks. Now that I'm here, I feel honored and blessed to have so many people listen and send me messages...


[20] STOP Being Original - A Creator's Guide to Success

The copy and paste button was invented for a reason. The most surefire way to continue to spin your wheels in life is to force yourself to start from scratch every time you do something. In this episode I’m going to teach you strategies to increase your return on attention (ROA), so you can avoid a miserable and unsustainable creative life. Links Mentioned Building a Second Brain (Course + Book)How to Self-Sabatoge in 8 Easy Steps --- The Sunday Ain't Scary podcast is the show dedicated...


[19] A Month Long Challenge You Can Steal From Me to Become the Best Version of Yourself

I started a challenge in March with 8 friends! Feel free to steal it from me below: The Structure The challenge is a $31 USD wager. Each dollar represents ONE day in March (hence $31). One dollar for each day. You can adapt this wager however you want, obviously. The amount of money is less important than the symbol of commitment it provides. The goal is to retain your bet. To retain your dollar for the day, you MUST accomplish 2 things on that day: Losing Your Bet If either of these...


[18] Be. Do. Have.

To get what you want out of life, you need to first act like the person you want to BE by doing the things they would DO so you can have the things they would HAVE. What We’re Conditioned to Believe: Have: Do: Be: But... this way of thinking is counter-productive! Example: “I need to have money to be able to do this coaching program to be an entrepreneur that makes a lot of money.” But ironically, it's going to be that coaching program that helps you get to the level you want to go. The...


[17] We All Live in the Same Glass House

At what lengths must we search just to find out that we're all imperfect? We live in a world in which we impact each other with everything we do, yet we find ourselves in extreme silos of division. In these silos, we create so much judgment of others that our belief systems become our identities. And I’ve been feeling like this shift is causing us to forget something very important: we all live in the same glasshouse. People inherently have this rush to throw stones at others whom don’t...


[16] Things Don't Happen for a Reason

I've heard time and time again that "things happen for a reason." I disagree... Things just happen. The meaning that comes from the situation, or the "reason" is completely manufactured by the person. Two people can have the same thing happen to them and respond in completely different ways. Does that mean either of their "reasons" is less valid? No, it means that we can choose. Think about challenging times in your life. What are the opportunities that have opened up because of...


[15] Ten Habits of Highly Effective Remote Workers and Nomads

Life requires you to integrate your best self into all areas because they are all connected. This means: establishing habits for health, wealth, work productivity, and relationships. Why is this important? It’s incredibly easy to negatively impact one area of life by ignoring another. BUT… the same is true inversely… It’s incredibly easy to positively impact one area of life by thriving in another. I interviewed dozens of remote workers and high-performing, "effective" nomads. These are...


[14] How to Get Universal Energy to Work in Your Favor

You are the universe experiencing itself in physical form, and everything you experience is governed by energy, here's how to get it to work in your favor... After some time of feeling down, I've had a shift of energy. Being able to externalize my thoughts has helped me move on and forward. In this episode, I want to share some of my thoughts about energy... Everything, from a granular level, is made of energy. The common denominator between every interaction we have in our life, all...


[13] This is Why You Like to Suffer

"Until you make the unconscious, conscious, it will rule your life and you will call it fate." I’ve gone through life thinking that I know what I want. I want the good things to happen to me, and I don’t want the bad things to happen to me. But what if bad things in my life came about because I like it that way? It’s a strange concept to think about, but, what I’ve found is that pain and suffering can be addictive. Suffering is a part of the human experience and the more I tuned into how...


[12] I'm in a F******g Rut. Here's How I'm Getting Out.

I’m in a fucking rut: I’m unable to walk, I'm the heaviest I've ever been, I'm forcing my business through a transformation, I'm unhappy... and in this episode, I'm going to tell you how I'm going to get out of this. Like most *honest* humans, there have been countless times I've felt "stuck in the mud" with life. It's a sinking feeling. Like every time I try to move, I fall deeper, limiting my hope of a better situation. This has happened in business, love, and health. At the current...


[11] My Reflection Cheat Code: How to Easily Document Every Year of Life

My biggest life hack is reflection! My life dramatically changed when I started keeping track: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly... but unless you have a process, it can seem incredibly overwhelming. In this episode, I describe how I do it and give you the tools to use what I do as an example for yourself. DM me on Instagram with anything you do to reflect, I want to hear it! Daily5 Minute Journal by Intelligent ChangeWeekly:MonthlyQuarterlyYearly Links Mentioned Goals and...


[10] More Isn't Better

What if instead of more, our goal was "Less, but better?" I recently read a book called Essentialism, which has quickly become one of my favorites. It gives you a framework to develop your own purpose and stay focused on your goals. It is a discipline you apply each and every time you are faced with a decision about whether to say yes or whether to politely decline. The way of the Essentialist is the relentless pursuit of less but better and happens in 3 steps: Explore: Discerning the...


[9] Universal Lessons From 2 Life Changing Surgeries in 6 Months

In the past 6 months, I've gone through 2 life-changing surgeries. A half year ago I had my gallbladder removed because of gallstones that threatened to infect my pancreas (which is potentially fatal), and on the 1st of December, I had an ACL reconstruction (knee). Going through these experiences has forced me to try to make sense of why after 30 years without any major surgeries, my body would require 2 of them in this short of a time span. So the purpose of this podcast is not for pity…...


[8] How to Improve Your Everyday Conversations (5 Easy Steps)

Last week I made the argument on the podcast that the most important, granular thing in your life is the conversations you have with people every day. These conversations are indicative of your quality of life... BUT, I realized I left out something important... HOW do you have better conversations? 5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Daily Conversations Become aware of the patterns of conversation in your life (and change them)Reduce your complaining and encourage others to do the sameAsk better...


[7] This Qualitative Metric is Proportional to Your Quality of Life

If you agree that your relationships are the most important thing in your life, it makes sense to deconstruct what makes them important and how we can improve them. When we are disconnected we mentally deteriorate and literally go insane (e.g. Tom Hanks in Castaway or prisoners who are subjected to isolation). If you agree that your relationships are the most important thing in your life, it would follow suit that the most important, granular thing in your life is the conversations you...


[6] Try These 3 Networking Techniques to Always Stay in Touch

Staying in touch with friends, former colleagues, and even family can be difficult at times. As we age and life takes us down various paths, it's easy to lose touch with those we care about for no other reason than being busy. In this podcast, I talk about 3 specific techniques I use to stay in touch with my friends around the world, all of which have changed my life immensely: 1. The Power of Introductions 2. Bottom of the Thread Exercise 3. Quarterly Scheduled Calls Try out each of...


[5] The Four Steps to Gain Confidence in Anything

During a session a few years ago, one of my previous coaches gave me a lesson on how to gain confidence in growing my business. When he started speaking about the methodology, I felt surprised at how simple it seemed, yet it forever changed the way I think. Initiating confidence is incredibly important to achieving your potential in life. Most *real* ambitions you'll have will live outside your comfort zone. Meaning, you'll need to deal with the reality of not feeling confident while still...


[4] What I Learned From My Best Friend Dying

A physical life was taken from us far too early... Danny, one of my closest friends, who was only 30, passed away unexpectedly just over a year ago. Being as tragic as it was, I've found myself looking for the lessons from this experience as a coping mechanism. In looking for those lessons, I may have found something even more interesting... Since my best friend died, I've been spiritually guided by him in my everyday life. What? Alan Watts says "we are the universe experiencing itself,"...


[3] Sobering Reflections from Quitting Booze (3+ Years Alcohol Free)

In August of 2018, I stopped drinking alcohol. Over 3 years later, I'm still committed to my decision. In this podcast, I talk about my original reasoning as well as how I quit. I discuss the societal misconception about quitting alcohol that often labels you as an alcoholic, feeling deathly terrified to talk about the subject, and eventually the liberation from sharing my story. I’m constantly searching for self-actualization through this type of documentation. And, by sharing, I may also...


[2] How to Not Think Everyone's an Asshole

We often judge ourselves based on our intentions, and others based on their behavior. One of the best practices in my life is constantly working to become aware of my internal stories and avoiding the trap of taking everything too personally. Listen to this episode to learn how I've been able to ask a very specific question in times of emotional discourse to be able to reverse the urge of thinking everyone is an asshole. Links Mentioned The Four AgreementsHow to Not Think Everyone's An...