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We’re a collection of freedom minded individuals who wish to spread truthful nonpartisan information about government tyranny and corruption that effect all humans, and to promote bottom unity between all the people at the bottom of all political and religious ilk’s and lack thereof.


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We’re a collection of freedom minded individuals who wish to spread truthful nonpartisan information about government tyranny and corruption that effect all humans, and to promote bottom unity between all the people at the bottom of all political and religious ilk’s and lack thereof.






Unconstitutional Awakening ep167

Avast ye Mateys, as Luis and Jimbob welcome aboard Jonathan Wright to set sail on the latest adventure on Unconstitutional Awakening the podcast, Jonathan is the host of Nothing New Under the Sun, and advocate for the Food Forrest. Jonathan dives right in telling the guys a little about himself, then divulges into the wonders of the Food Forrest, explaining its origins, its stagey, and how we could all implement them in our homes, towns, and the like. He touches on Electro Culture, and...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep166

Avast Ye, On this voyage, Jimbob, Bandit, and Luis welcome aboard a fellow sea dog and voice of the United States Pirate Party on twitter as well as the forefront of his home in Chicagoland, Mitch Davilo. The crew jumps right in learning more about who the USPP are, their roots in Sweden and how Rick Falkvinges idea spread to America, as well as what they are doing to bring change into not only the world of politics, but for the people of the world as well. Mitch divulges with the crew some...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep165

Jimbob, Luis, and Bandit set sail on an adventure to catch up on the wild clown world we all live in. They joke about the Russia/Ukraine conflict, The odd that North Korea is a WW3 wild card, Russia/ China relations, a 50k year old "Zombie Virus", Banking system collapse, President Pudding Brains "bailout plans" and 2nd amendment infringements, and so much more. For more from the...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep164

Luis and Jimbob set sail with Author, Journalist, and all-around cool guy Jeffrey Hann. The crew dives right in with Jeffrey discussion his latest book, as well as his history of investigative journalism. They get into the truth about Moderna and their origins, as well as other mad scientist ideas they are currently working on, The Ex-CDC director whistle blowing Fauci, Then the convo gets into ancient settlements and hidden/altered history, Luis brings up Challenging net zero with science,...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep163

On this adventure, Jimbob, Bandit, and Luis set sail with Acasm Ash, to learn about her unique form of energy healing, Ash schools the guys on the ways of Acasma, and dives into a little of what brought her to where she is today. As per usual the crew gets the laughter going, with the Keanu Reeves fungus, talks of ancient city's said to be myth, the possibility of a general strike in America, and so much more, on the latest quest with Captain Conspiracy and his crew of freedom pirates. For...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep162

On this episode of Unconstitutional Awakening the podcast, Bandt, Luis, and JimBob welcome the host of The Uncanny mystic Minds podcast Louie. In true UA fashion JBOS and the crew divulge into what got Louie into podcasting, then jump into weather modification, cloud seeding, and wild weather worldwide, they point out a story in the WSJ on how the Zucc told employees not to takes the jab, and a mysterious jab passport salesman based out of California for the rich, then jump into a discussion...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep161

On this adventure, Bandit and Jimbob welcome back show friend, and medium, The Born Awake Oracle, Ms. Vicki, They catch up with her and what she's been up to since last on the show, the talk dybbuk boxes, Cern, alternate realities, dimensions, prison planet theory, fairies, alien races, the Heyoka, interesting government patents, mirror folklore and superstition, portals to parallel universes, the Black mirror, and the Geneva Bible, this and so much more with JBOS and the crew, as they set...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep160

On this adventure, Bandit, Kaytlyn, and JimBob set sail with Libertarian Jesus and Canadian John, to talk news, current events, natural disasters, crocked politicians, and so much more on the latest episode of UA the podcast. Join them as they inform the world, while having a good laugh. For More Libertarian Jesus: https://www.instagram.com/libertarianjesus420/ https://linktr.ee/Russ_N_Bot420 For more Candian John: https://www.instagram.com/newsupdates4real/ Check Out Our...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep159

On this adventure, Bandit and Luis join Jimbob for some current event/shop talk. The chat starts with current events in Russia, including their plans to put a man on the moon by this summer, and past cosmonauts lost to a many a reason, the opioid crisis in the military, the senate bill requiring women to register for the draft, Trumps 24-hour Ukraine guarantee, the mess in Ohio, train corruption in general, Lady Gaga in the Joker 2, Lobo, books being re-written in leu of censorship, how many...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep158

On this episode of Unconstitutional Awakening the podcast, Luis and Bandit join Jimbob to set sail on an adventure with the host of "Let's Get Freaky" podcast, Thomas Cullum. Things change pace a bit as the crew gets freaky in discussing cryptids worldwide. Beginning of course with big foot and missing persons, and the wonder of other human species, then jump into Skinwalkers and bandit shares a really creepy "Skinwalker proof" with everyone. Luis brings up the Blemmyae (The Mysterious...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep157

On this episode of Unconstitutional Awakening the Podcast, Bandit, Luis, Kaytlyn, and Jimbob set sail with the Paranoid American, they chat about his work, and comics, then dive into the replacement of all the redheaded comic characters, how underground comics saved the comic industry, chats about the term "Beard", train derailments and toxic chemicals, automated food service industry and grocers, Zappos lack of boss's, 15-minute city's, murdered in the name of "The Line", the infamous...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep156

On this episode, Luis, Neptune, Bandit, and Jimbob are joined by Uncle Johnny, to set sail with "The Queen of the Banned" Daisy. They Chat about what got her banned at 16k and climbing, as well as catching up with world new with Jonny, from Canandian/Ukraine deals, to FTX demanding their donations back, as well as Bidens waitress tip taxes, Trudeau’s Pink Fascism, and earthquakes splitting the world. Then things get conspiratal as they dive into the Bible code, NORDSTREAM, spy balloons, the...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep155

On this episode, Bandit and Luis join JimBob in welcoming aboard the infamous Bart Sibrel, as he has new information to disclose on the fraud of the lunar landing. Bart catches up the crew with what he's been doing since last we spoke, gives a recap of his book (for those unfamiliar), and all the proofs against NASA's claims of making it to the moon first, chats about the Gates family, mannequins in Artemis1, how we lost the ability to go to the moon, did we really get a rover to mars? the...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep154

Tonight, Bandit, Neptune, and Luis join me in welcoming back Voila-Me and Canadian John (Uncle Johnny) to catch up on some goings on around the world. We chat about Chickens, and eggs, chicken feed, as well as the pros of eggs in fights Winnie the flu, of course we poke fun at the claimed "spy balloon", and just how terrible Walmart is, as well as getting Neptune fired up about food waste, the garbage known as Panera bread and caffeine intake, a zoo naming cockroach after your ex, we chat on...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep153

Tonight, Kaytlyn joins me in welcoming back the Fantabulous Lowell Johnson to catch up with what's been going on since we last chatted, then we jump into conspiracy's, spirituality, the twisted falseness of religions for control, bigfoot, light beings, and more, then we are joined with a special appearance from Kell to talk further on raising the vibe of humanity. For More Lowell: https://www.instagram.com/shakey26/ https://40kftview.com/ Check Out Our...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep152

Tonight, Bandit and Kaytlyn join me in welcoming world renound author, and journalist, Mark Jacobson. We start the night off getting to know Mark and learning some history about him, and his years as a writer, then divulge into how the internet killed real journalism, and how the journalists of yesteryear (like himself) actually do the investigative foot work. We touch on his book about the infamous Lampshade, as well as his book about Bill Cooper, we chat about the moon landing, as well as...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep151

Tonight, Luis, and Bandit join me in welcoming back show friend, Jody Albert Maas, to chat for the first time since last year. We have a great convo to catch up, and introduce him to Luis, we discuss shadow banning, and banning in general on social media, Texas' law against social media bans, the convention of states, forever chemicals in the water, nano tech to clean the ocean from micro plastics, natural gas, our show friend Julian Brown and his amazing inventions, hemp oil/gas, corn...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep150

On this 150th episode of UA the podcast, Luis and Bandit join me in welcoming, the great William Ramsey, of William Ramsey Investigates podcast. William is independent investigative journalism broadcast covering a variety of subjects including politics and parapolitics, true crime, history, conspiracies, religion, cults, exposing the occult, and more! Tonight, he joins us in discussing the Smiley Face murders, something he's worked on extensively, we chat some of the origins of the "theory."...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep149

Tonight, Luis joins me in hosting show regular Uncle Johnny, from Canada, on this night of the celebration of his born-on day, we chat about Gretas arrest, Canada becoming the world's leader in euthanasia, planes running into each other, planned parenthood and organ donations, the USPS pension fund, Bank of America, the great depression, Black Thursday, and much more. For more from the...


Unconstitutional Awakening ep148

Tonight, Luis and Bandit join me in welcoming the hosts of the Cult of Conspiracy podcast. We start the night off getting to know the fellas, and discussing mutual combat states, then jump all the way back to Caligula expelling the Muurs from Spain, followed by chatting about all the left behind military equipment in Afghanistan, We discuss some new tech Russian soldiers seem to be sporting, the brush over ancient Egypt and the land of Punt, we chat about eating gator, iguana, and more, as...