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The raw and uncut truth about the logistics industry.


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The raw and uncut truth about the logistics industry.




Why are more black men dating outside of their race?



The 50/50 Myth



The Dreamer



Best Friends - with the opposite sex?



The Bucket List



Watching Your Back During the Holidays



”Only Fans”



The First Date



Blocking and Ghosting

Have you ever been left in the dark? Ever been left wondering? Have you ever wondered why some connections just vanish into thin air? This week, we’re diving into the mysteries of blocking and ghosting. We’ll explore the world of digital disconnects and what it means for relationships in our modern age. Join us for a conversation that reveals the hidden sides of communication and the impact it has on us all. To keep up with the raw and uncut truth about the trucking industry tune in on Mondays 7PM EST.


2 Year Anniversary

Join us today as we mark a remarkable milestone - our 2nd year anniversary!



Wondering how inflation is impacting your business and lifestyle? Join us in this episode as we delve deep into this economic phenomenon. From rising prices to the effects on your bottom line, we’ll break down the intricacies of inflation and discuss practical strategies to navigate its challenges. This vital conversation can help you stay ahead in these ever-changing economic times. Join us for live podcasts on Mondays 7PM EST.


Other People’s Property (OPP)

You down with OPP? Yea you know WE are, diving into a deep conversation on Other People’s Property, and why sometimes it’s your best bet to keep your hands to yourself! Join the 18 Wheels Crew for an eye-opening discussion on the importance of boundaries and respecting what belongs to others. It's a topic that affects us all, so be sure to catch this one! To keep up with the raw and uncut truth about the trucking industry tune in on Mondays 7PM EST.


Let’s Talk About It... STALKERS

On this episode, we dive deep into the unsettling topic of 'Stalkers.' We'll shed light on this concerning issue, discuss safety measures, and share stories that raise awareness. Tune in for an important conversation on a subject that affects us all. Your safety matters. In addition, September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month — we do our part to help raise awareness by stating a few facts and ensuring that people know that "It's Okay to Talk About Suicide," as well as who to contact in case they are in need. To keep up with the raw and uncut truth about the trucking/ logistics industry tune in on Mondays 7PM EST.


BRICS - The effects this will have on you and your businesses

Roll with us into the world of BRICS! This episode uncovers the profound impact of this economic alliance on truckers and the transportation industry. Get ready for an in-depth discussion that will help you steer your business through these changing tides! Join us for an enlightening conversation on how this alliance can shape your world. To keep up with the raw and uncut truth about the logistics industry tune in on Mondays 7PM EST. Check us out at 18wheels1.com


Celebrating Black Business Month (Part IV) with Nay

Join us for our final Black Business Owner Spotlight this month! Our co-host, Freight Pusher Nay, is taking center stage as our special guest. She's the owner of "Freedom Lady Doula" where she empowers parents-to-be on their birthing journey with her full spectrum travel doula services. Tune in to hear Nay's inspiring story and her mission to provide support and guidance during the beautiful journey of childbirth. Don't miss this spotlight on “Child birthing freely with Ms. Nay”, another empowering episode as we wrap up Black Business Month with a burst of knowledge and inspiration!


Celebrating Black Business Month (Part III) with Coach V

This week, we're shining a spotlight on an exceptional black-owned business: VictoriZone, owned by the incredible life and wellness coach, Ms. Victoria, also known as - Coach V! As a cherished member of our podcast team, Coach V brings her passion, expertise, and vibrant energy to every episode. Her dedication to empowering individuals and fostering well-being is truly inspiring. Whether she's hosting engaging discussions or guiding us toward self-improvement, Coach V's impact is undeniable. Join us in celebrating Coach V and VictoriZone for their commitment to personal growth and holistic wellness. Let's continue supporting and uplifting black-owned businesses that make a difference in our communities.


Celebrating Black Business Month (Part II) with D’Nell

Spotlight on A-List, a shining example of black excellence in the entertainment industry, and the brainchild of the talented film producer D’Nell Grimes! D’Nell's passion and dedication to the world of cinema are an inspiration to us all, breaking barriers and creating unforgettable stories that resonate with audiences everywhere. A-List stands as a beacon of creativity, bringing fresh perspectives and diversity to the big screen. Let's celebrate and support D’Nell Grimes, a visionary whose work is shaping the future of film. Stay tuned as we dive into the magic of A-List and honor black-owned businesses throughout this incredible month.


Celebrating Black Business Month (Part I) with Crystal

We're excited to kick off August with a powerful celebration of Black Business Month! Join us for our next episode featuring Crystal Ravenell, the inspiring owner of Truckher Addition. Crystal's journey from conquering fears of big rigs to building her business is a testament to her determination and the importance of generational wealth for our future. She's driving change, quite literally, and we can't wait to hear her story! Truckher Addition is more than just a brand; it's a movement to bring realness and appreciation to the trucking industry—the backbone of our country. Crystal's dedication and love for travel have led her on an incredible journey of blessing others and being blessed in return. Get ready for an eye-opening conversation that celebrates the truckers and extends the love to her extended family, lavishing them in drip! Tune in for this episode filled with empowerment, vision, and a drive to succeed. Let's uplift and support black-owned businesses together throughout August.


What do we as men owe to women?

In this episode of the 18 Wheels Podcast, we embark on an important conversation: "What do we as men owe to women?" Join us as we explore the profound impact men can have in the lives of their significant others and the women around them. From nurturing a culture of respect, equality, and support to actively listening and being empathetic, we'll discuss the powerful ways men can uplift and empower women in all aspects of life. Tune in for an enlightening conversation that honors the beautiful bond between men and women.


Clout Chasers

Brace yourself for a captivating episode of the 18 Wheels Podcast as we delve into the intriguing topic of "Selling Your Soul - The things people do for clout!" Join us on this thought-provoking journey as we explore the lengths some people go to for fame and recognition. From social media stunts to outrageous acts, we'll dive into the world of clout-chasing and its impact on individuals and society.