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Burner Podcast. An independent, biweekly show featuring interviews and commentary covering Burning Man culture, people and lifestyle.

Burner Podcast. An independent, biweekly show featuring interviews and commentary covering Burning Man culture, people and lifestyle.


Black Rock Desert, NV


Burner Podcast. An independent, biweekly show featuring interviews and commentary covering Burning Man culture, people and lifestyle.




Episode 129: From Playa to Playa

Eleven year French Algerian burner Reda Briki was inspired to begin his DJ career through dance. He has explored, played at and been present for many iconic moments in dance music history and played with some of the biggest names on a journey that lead him through San Francisco, New York, Burning Man and most recently, Playa del Carmen and Tulum in Mexico. Closing set by Reda Briki...


Episode 128: Responsible Hedonism

Episode 128: Responsible Hedonism New York Dangerous camp co-founder Leon Feingold runs on all cylinders The co-founder of New York Dangerous, Leon Feingold, runs one of the largest all volunteer charities in New York. He shares stories of his upbringing, the founding of their Burning Man camp and the very emotional and powerful backstory of how the House of Good Deeds came to be. Closing set by Alex Os (Hearts Collective...


Episode 127: I’m Not Dead Yet

Susanna Eggli is 69, has been burning for 18 years and is the sole member of Camp Tragique. A product of "free range parenting," Susanna solo trekked through Europe at 15 and doesn't pack anything for Burning Man she can't lift on her own. Closing set by Bamboom (Mystical Misfits) facebook.com/susanna.eggli soundcloud.com/djbamboom facebook.com/djbamboom https://soundcloud.com/djbamboom/bamboom-foundation-art-car-friday-sunrise-burning-man-2019 Editor's note: Not sure if it was made...


Episode 126: Destination Destiny Lounge

Camp founder Dave Taylor is joined by 3D artist Debi Cable to share the story of Destiny Lounge. We'll learn the evolution of the camp over almost two decades, back story of how they became Destiny Lounge 3D and their most recent year where the entire camp almost didn't make it after an accident on the way to the burn. Closing set by Gold Dust Divas (Steely T Mutant...


Episode 125.5: Call Me Afternoon Kitty

On his journey navigating dance floors around the world, Steve aka Afternoon Kitty was inspired to elevate the experience of festival gifting into its own unique art project which is evolving to a sustainable fashion line. We follow his years of compulsive gifting through various festivals, Burning Man and his travels to Berlin and a hilarious trespassing court appearance. Closing set by Mira (Neptune Music/Zero...


Episode 125: DanceSafe

A 2.5 hour deep dive with the leadership team of DanceSafe, the national drug education and risk reduction 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Mitchell Gomez, Madalyn McElwain, Kristin Karas, Rachel Clark and Jessica Breemen share DanceSafe’s history, initiatives and discuss the political implications, as well as social and racial justice components of drug and dance music culture. Closing set by Beat Kitty (The Gradient Perspective). dancesafe.org Shop: dancesafe.org/shop Volunteer...


Episode 124: Renegade Burn 2021 Recap

Pink Heart founder John Halcyon joins Arash for their almost annual tradition of recapping the year leading up to and their annual pilgrimage to Burning Man. The conversation explores our community navigating the pandemic (on and off playa) and mental health in the time of Covid-19 balanced with some fun stories of joy and synchronicity in the dust. Closing set by Chulatto (17...


Episode 123: What a Journey

Arash visits with Dan Reeves and Lee Hemingway of The Journey Project from episode 59. The conversation dives into stories of their experiences building on playa, where the project went after Burning Man 2017 and very personal reflections on mental health and...


Episode 122: Perky Parts Unknown

Trav Mo, Felisha and Jesse Severns of Perky Parks camp recount their ridiculous adventure bringing a camel art car named Humpty to Burning Man and reflect on other adventures in burning including the year they villaged with Playground. Closing set by Gutto Serta (Favela) Trav Mo, Felisha and Jesse Severns of Perky Parks camp recount their ridiculous adventure bringing a camel art car named Humpty to Burning Man and reflect on other adventures in burning including the year they villaged...


Episode 121: invisible Gates

Dr. Amanda J Lucia's life long adventure through India, yoga festivals and academia eventually brought her to Burning Man and made her an active citizen of Black Rock City. Dr. Lucia is the author of White Utopias: The Religious Exoticism of Transformational Festivals. Closing set by Navjeet Sarna (Alkaline...


Episode 120: Someone Brought a 747 to Burning Man

On this jumbo jet sized episode, we get to know Ken Feldmen and follow him through his post college days throwing some of the earliest bigger production raves in Austin while exploring aerospace, telecom entrepreneurship and rockets. Life eventually brings him to Burning Man, leading to the the creation of one of Black Rock City's most beloved art cars and culminating with the Big Imagination team's wild ride bringing the divisive 747 project to the playa (and avoiding getting arrested...


Episode 119: Wings of Glory

Adrian Landon, the artist behind the flaming steel pegasus that lived in front of Center Camp at Burning Man 2019, shares his story. Arash and Adrian chat about New York, art theory and horsies. Closing set by Gorgon City...


Episode 118: Truckers on Speed

Miva CEO, author of Dragonproof Ecommerce and host of Dragonproof Ecommerce Podcast, Rick Wilson, co-founded Playa-Q and has been burning for 15 (or 22) years. Arash picks his brain about professional lessons learned from running a Burning Man camp, stress management and leadership in the time of Covid-19. Closing set by Muloka (Burner...


Episode 117: Lights in the Sky

Arash nerds out in New York with Brandon Robinson, art-car creator and co-founder of Icarus. A Burning Man biography in three acts, Brandon shares his evolution from a wide-eyed 21-year-old attending his first burn and culminates with his taking part in the creation of one of Black Rock City's most noteworthy mutant vehicles. Closing set by Beat Kitty (The Gradient...


Episode 116.5: I'm Not Really a Burner

Arash interviewed John Reynolds (aka Bass Exotic) last year and learned about his upbringing, his adventures navigating fatherhood and cancer and his eventually ending up at Burning Man with a reinvigorated passion for music. This interview was originally intended to be content for a brand new podcast which was never actually launched but, since all roads in our community lead back to Black Rock City, here it is in it’s entirety for your listening...


Episode 116: Camp Camp Camp, a Camp

Arash chats with Nick Bourbeau (Bobo Saurus), Courtney Maltais (Puppies) and Bradon Young (Pickles) of Camp Camp Camp about wisdom received from traveling abroad, leadership development and useful tips for protecting camp members' emotional health on playa. Closing set by Fitta (Camp Camp...


Episode 115: Knotty Love

Knotty Boy and Cylon reflect on meeting in the burner community and forging their relationship in the punishing heat and dust while working for Burning Man’s Gate Department, culminating with their recent wedding in the time of Covid-19. Closing set by Massio...


Episode 114.5: Dispatch From BRCvr

BRCvr co-founders Athena Demos, Greg Edwards and Doug Jacobson hop on a Zoom call with Arash to breakdown the VR Black Rock City experience they’ve been working on since 2014, which is now one of the eight different methods of experience the virtual 2020 Burning...


Episode 114: Burning Man So White

Black burners Kennos and Evita share stories and thoughts on experiencing Burning Man and our extended communities as people of color. Closing set by J.Richards (Miki Beach) facebook.com/evita.sawyers instagram.com/lavitaloca34 instagram.com/kennos_ facebook.com/kosunbor facebook.com/joshuabuhler soundcloud.com/joshua-buhler facebook.com/groups/MikiBeachCamp instagram.com/aphotochick Referenced on the...


Episode 113: Nobody Calls Me Mister

After a three month hiatus, host (mr)Arash sits down with his previous long time collaborators, with whom he began his nearly decade-long podcasting journey, intending to clear some energetic cobwebs and creative blocks. Hip-hop artist and host of Crappy Awesome Podcast KillcRey and manager/booker Eddie Rangel join Arash for a very personal conversation about family, Hip-hop and our place as artists in the evolving Default World. Closing set by Igor Marijuan...