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We are a Podcast about embracing our geek heritage. We will review comics, Movies, TV, and anything else we "geekout" too.

We are a Podcast about embracing our geek heritage. We will review comics, Movies, TV, and anything else we "geekout" too.


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We are a Podcast about embracing our geek heritage. We will review comics, Movies, TV, and anything else we "geekout" too.




Episode 166: Jake and Tom Conquer the 2021 Motor City Comic Con

After more than two years of being away, Jake and Tom have FINALLY returned to the Motor City Comic Con, and the guys are here to tell you exactly what went down that weekend! Listen in as your favorite drunken dorks tell you about: •The Proper Way to Drink a Doc Ock •A Brief Recap of Jake and Tom's History at the Motor City Comic Con •The New Setup Seen at This Year's Show, Particularly in Regards to Comic Sketch Art •Jake and Tom Tell Dan Jurgens the Same Story For a Third Time •Tom...


Episode 165L The Adventures of Jon

After an absence of several years, Jake and Tom are thrilled to welcome their globe trotting friend Jon Stump back to the show. For the episode, the guys decided to forgo the idea of having "a topic" in favor have just letting the conversation take them where it wanted. Listen in as the guys delve into tangents such as: • How Jake and Tom still can't wrap their heads around how time zones work. • Jon's sudden (and unwilling) decision to become a "food minimalist". • Their experiences with...


Episode 164: Gettin' Schwiftfaced With Roe - A ''Rick and Morty'' Season 4.5 Review

As promised, this week's "Jake and Tom" find the show going back into the Wayback Machine and is releasing a show that was recorded in the past! This time around, the guys are joined by their favorite Archivist Roe to discuss the second half of "Rick and Morty" Season Four! SO listen in as they guys talk about what they think worked, what left them wanting a little bit more, and what they think the show's future will bring! Be sure to check out Roe on his podcast, "Project: Archivist" And...


Episode 163: Ramblin' With Roe, Vol. V - Attack of the Karens

Due to technical difficulties (also known as Tom broke his computer), the guys are having to delve into the archives for this new episode. And as such, they pulled out everyone's favorite archivist, Roejen Razorwire! But first, a little background. This episode was originally recorded a full year prior to its release in the spring of 2020. And it started out with every intention of reviewing the back half from the fourth season of "Rick and Morty". But, well, the spirits were flowing, and...


Episode 162: Deathmatch of the Network Stars

Okay... Jake and Tom missed another deadline. Obviously, "March Madness" was done and over with a month ago. But the guys are taking a "better late than never" approach with their traditional bracket system elimination show. This year, they're bringing in their fellow Couch Partier, Penrose Eames (star of the amazing shows, "Penrose Versus Anybody" and "All Doc'd Up") to discuss which sitcom family is the toughest! So tune in find out which broods are vanquished and which household reigns...


Episode 161: #ReleaseTheJakeAndTomCut - A "Before and After" Review of "Zack Snyder's Justice League"

Listen in as Jake and Tom welcome back their pal Ryan (host of the world famous "NerdRage Podcast") to talk about what may very well be the most coveted and controversial comic book movie of all time - "Zack Snyder's Justice League". Three weeks prior to the film's streaming debut, the guys sit down to briefly talk about the history of the films as well as the good, the bad and the ugly parts of the fans' campaign to get the film released. Along the way, they discuss what they expected to...


Episode 160: A Pod Called Wanda

Jake and Tom are finishing what they started two episodes ago and are wrapping up their full review of WandaVision. Only this time, they're bringing back their pals John and Roe from the podcast, "Old Nerds Drinking"! After Roe unfortunately steps out to recover from an illness, the remaining dorks break down their thoughts on the show. Namely, they discuss how the show lived up to the expectations put forth by both the creators as well as an overabundance of fan theories, how the guys may...


Episode 159: Waiting For Ryan... (AKA, "First World Geek Problems")

Jake and Tom planned to record a helluva good episode this week, but, well... Life kinda got in the way. But they're taking their commitment to regularly releasing shows seriously, so they're digging out this nugget for the listeners! A few weeks ago, they guys recorded the first part of their upcoming "Before and After" review of Zack Snyder's Justice League with their pal Ryan from The Nerd Rage Podcast, but before they could get that started, Ryan was running behind. Luckily, Tom hit the...


Episode 158: WonderVision

This week, Jake and Tom are taking a "better late than never" attitude and are reviewing the two biggest superhero releases in nearly a year - "Wonder Woman 1984" and the first two episodes of "WandaVision"! Along the way, the guys discuss what kind of impact Warner Brothers' decision to release all of their new movies on HBOMax will have on the film industry, whether or not some shows are better viewed week by week or all in a binge, the possibility that some projects are successful only...


Episode 157: Sweep the Drinks

As many long time listeners know, Tom is a massive fan of the show "Cobra Kai", as well as the "Karate Kid" franchise as a whole. So it stands to reason that the guys would sit down to review the program's third season! Listen in as the guys discuss what they thought worked this year, what they thought stretched things a bit too far, as well as interesting comparisons between Cobra Kai, wrestling & Star Wars! As always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in the quest for world domination by...


Episode 156: The Double-Sized Crossover Issue - Part 2

And as promised, Jake and Tom bring you the thrilling conclusion to their crossover with Old Nerds Drinking, as the four drunken dorks review the second half of Season Two of "The Madalorian"! As always, be sure to help Jake and Tom in their quest for world domination by rating them highly on Apple Podcasts , following them on social media, and sharing their stuff with your friends. Be sure to check out Roejen on his main show, "Project: Archivist", as well as Tom's guest spots on...


Episode 155: The Double-Sized Crossover Issue - Part 1

Rising from the ashes of... well, the shitshow that was 2020 - Jake and Tom are back with what they promise will be a run of new episodes! Launching this new batch, the guys are teaming up with their friends from the great show, "Old Nerds Drinking", starring John Patrick and honorary Drunken Dork, Rojen Razorwire (known primarily for the show "Project: Archivist"). "Why did they bring on the extra people?", you might ask? To talk about the biggest show to rock the world of geekdom and...


Episode 154: Fast Food Follies 2020 - Beware the Wereseagul!

This very special episode features not only the vocal talents of Mister Rojen Razorwire, but it was also produced by the podcasting legend himself! Roe has bequeathed the fellas Project Archivist's annual "Fast Food Follies" episode. And in addition to learning the dangers of stealing one of Jake's McNuggets or (even worse) forgetting his spicy mustard, the fellas discuss the following: • A Florida Man Smashes Hot Pizza Into His Father's Face Upon Discovering He Helped in His Birth •...


Episode 153: Ramblin' With Roe, Vol. IV - To Boldly Go to a Galaxy Far, Far Away

This episode starts out as all of Jake and Tom's episodes do - They talk about drinkin'! This time around, however, features cautionary tales from Roe describing his misadventures with the dreaded tag team of mead and a "special" Rice Krispy treat! Along the way, the guys get back to their geek roots by discussing casting rumors surrounding the second season of Disney's "The Mandolorian", whether or not it's even necessary to watch every episode in the "Skywalker Saga" (as well as if there...


Episode 152: Takin' it to the Max

2020 has been a strange year, folks. Masks, killer bees, no sports, and a reincarnated Mr. Peanut. So it only makes sense that this is the year that Warner Brothers used the launch of their new streaming service to announce the imminent release of the controversial "Snyder Cut" of Justice League. Listen in as Jake, Tom and their pal Ryan discuss why they both wanted to see this version of the film, yet didn't really wanna see bad behavior rewarded. Find out whether or not they think this...


Episode 151: Ramblin' With Roe Vol. III - A Fistful of Filth

Picking up immediately where the guys left off from last week, the guys sit down with Roe to talk about some of the oddest news stories of the lockdown. Topics include: • A newscaster photobombing herself with her own unknowing husband • Fisticuffs breaking out because a man's face mask reminds another man of the lingerie laying around his house • A Shoplifter getting caught in the act has a novel way to defend themselves against the store's security • And, once again, Florida lives down...


Episode 150: Ramblin' With Roe, Vol. II - Roe's Tales of Terror

Not gonna lie to ya, folks - This one got away from the guys in all the right ways! What stated out as a routine discussion quickly spiraled into a discussion the weird time the comic book industry went through in the 90's, recently discovered Easter Eggs in the Star Wars and Marvel franchises (as well as the news regarding how Marvel is planning on bringing the X-Men into their continuity), as well as a whether or not a Stormtrooper is still a Stormtrooper after they take their helmets...


Episode 149: Boners & Beer - Jake and Tom Talk Star Trek (Again)

While they're stuck at home, Jake and Tom decided to finish something that they started a few months ago, but just didn't have the time to finish until now - Reviewing "Star Trek: Picard". The series has wrapped, and the guys decided to bring in their pal & fellow nerd Roe (host of the amazing podcast, "Project Archivist) to talk about what they thought worked, what they thought didn't, and what they think about the current state of Star Trek in general. Along the way, they discuss the...


Episode 148: Stargirl and the State of the Comic Book Industry

On assignment from their partners in internet radio, Geeks Worldwide, Jake and Tom are bringing in their favorite drunken dork Travis to help them review the premier episode of the newest show from CW/DC Universe - Stargirl! Listen in as the guys discuss what they did & didn't like about the new show, who it's aimed toward, and how it compares to other pilot episodes from the network. Following this, they talk about the current state of the comic book industry, now that it finds itself...


Episode 147: Ramblin' With Roe, Pt. I

Being that they're stuck indoors and there really isn't a whole lot shaking in the world of geek culture, Jake and Tom decided that they were pretty much gonna wing it for this episode. So they brought in their friend Roe (host of the weird, wonderful & strange podcast, "Project: Archivist") to shoot the breeze. Listen in as the three of them have one of the funnier conversations you're gonna find in this feed, as the fellas discus the following: • Watching talk shows & wrestling without a...