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Savvy Business, Life Unscripted, hosts three shows each week, where our guests share their best business practices, wisdom and leading biz tips to help our listening audience grow their business, and expand your human potential.


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Savvy Business, Life Unscripted, hosts three shows each week, where our guests share their best business practices, wisdom and leading biz tips to help our listening audience grow their business, and expand your human potential.




Effectively add Video Marketing to Grow Your Business, Maury Rogow

Rip Media Group, founded in 2007, is a trailblazing video marketing company based in Los Angeles, California. Founded by digital pioneer Maury Rogow, Rip Media Group brings a unique combination of storytelling art and ROI strategy to the field of animation and live action video. Maury is a member of the Producers Guild of America, with several feature films to his credit. His unique background in film production led to an epiphany in the intrinsic value of storytelling in marketing, no...


Redefining customer experience with Dr. Timothy K. Johnston

Dr. Timothy K. Johnston is an award-winning businessman, lecturer, published author in dental journals and professional member of numerous dental associations. A seasoned dentist with 32 years of experience, Dr. Johnston launched Norge Dental Center in 1989. His company is the recipient of several prestigious awards for customer service and is also known for its philanthropic contributions within the community. Dr. Johnston is the author of Ring Bell for Service? an international best-seller...


Tough Lessons…You Won’t Learn in a Classroom, Sarah Y. Tse

Sarah Y. Tse is a successful entrepreneur, publisher, and the author of a new book, 7 Years on the Front Line: True Stories and Tough Lessons about a Small Business that You Won’t Learn in a Classroom. Sarah Y. Tse is an immigrant from Hong Kong, having come to America at the age of 18 for her education. She received her M.A. in International Business and Marketing from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, and her B.A. in Computer Graphics Design from Biola University. She...


Is Your Company Profitable with Steven Kirch

Dr. Steven Kirch founded Business Culture Advantage because he saw so many executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners struggling to figure out how to achieve what they most desired. Through his research, he discovered that they were focusing on all the wrong things. With a Ph.D. in Physics and over 20 years as a senior engineering manager and leader in technology companies, he studied what made individuals and teams more effective and has become an internationally requested speaker...


Is Entrepreneurship for You, with Jamie Gerrits

Jamie Gerrits is a digital engagement and solutions consultant with over 20 years of experience crafting and executing solutions to improve the customer experience and deliver expense savings for one of the largest healthcare payers in the country. An award-winning strategist, she is recognized as an early pioneer in optimizing the consumer experience in health insurance. She delivered industry-leading digital adoption, significantly drove down call volumes and reduced print and postage...


Power of Attitude to Transform Your Sales Performance, Scott Roy & Roy Whitten

Scott A. Roy previously built and ran large direct-sales organizations and co-founded an insurance company in the United States that has grown to over $1B in assets. Dr. W. Roy Whitten is an expert in attitude and its role in human performance and sales management. He earned a PhD for his work in transformative learning and change.


Video Search, Online Bias and Censorship with, Craig J. Stadler

Craig J. Stadler, founder of, a (relatively) new video search engine that searches 70+ platforms outside YouTube. Additionally, it is privacy focused (does not collect or sell user data). In late 2018, we noticed the video search landscape had all but collapsed! So many video search engines had closed down, or mainly featured selective content. However, the more we researched the Internet, the more video sources we found, so we felt it was time to give users what they wanted-...


Brand Brilliantly, Market Like Madonna & Profit Like a Rock Star, Ann Bennett

Ann Bennett is the founder of, an International Speaker, Best Selling Author, Coach and Brand Profit Builder. Ann uses her marketing and branding genius to help women entrepreneurs (and a few good men) build their STAND OUT personal brands and boost their profits.Ann works with purpose-driven entrepreneurs who do transformational work, so they can liberate and ignite their unique genius, authentic voice and build a profitable brand platform.Ann has 25 years’ experience...


How to Stay Fit When You Work Remotely with Shane McCassy

As the founder and CEO of a newly launched sustainable water enhancement line Hab, Shane McCassy brings two decades of experience introducing innovative and disruptive health/wellness brands to his latest work on Hab. His career path has given him the unique privilege of leading launch efforts for several new to market mobile apps, creating businesses’ online platforms and has established multiple health-based consumer products for nationwide retail distribution. Some of the brands he has...


Gain Clarity on Your WHY! with Brian and Gabrielle Bosché

Brian and Gabrielle Bosché have spent the majority of the last decade helping people find their purpose, and developing millennial engagement strategies for presidential campaigns, top military generals, and Fortune 500 companies. The Purpose Factor is the clearest, most actionable process ever developed for discovering purpose—period. YOU WANT CLARITY. You are tired of wondering, “What’s next?” You want to know if you are making the right decision. You are ready for fewer distractions, more...


Relentless Solution Focus Train Your Mind to Conquer Stress with Dr. Ellen Reed

Dr. Ellen Reed, Mental Toughness Expert has been a top performance coach for more than ten years, working with Dr. Jason Selk. In addition to helping others reach high-levels of success, she has a well-established career as a professional dancer. With her background in academia and the performing arts, she helps athletes, students, and business leaders reach their peak performance by developing mental toughness. Dr. Reed received her PhD. in experimental psychology, with a focus on memory...


Developing Resilience, Bouncing Back from Setbacks Post COVID with Lisa McCabe

Lovely Leaps is the creation of Lisa McCabe, an African-American engineer turned dance instructor with a passion for cultivating the love of dance in kids. Available in multiple locations as well as private and charter schools across Southern California, Lovely Leaps teaches ballet, jazz, hip hop, and cheer. Lovely Leaps has been featured on Good Morning America, Nightly News, CBS and many media outlets nationwide. Since the pandemic began, business has dramatically shifted for Lovely Leaps...


Standing on the Wall Prayers to Preserve the Integrity of a Nation, Jannah Scott

Minister of the Gospel, Strategist, Planner, Advisor, Public Policy Expert — Jannah Scott has served in many capacities with faith, government, business and the nonprofit community. Jannah is passionate about praying for the United States of America, its elected and appointed leaders and the people of this great Nation. God’s assignment on Jannah’s life has included ministry to and with people at all levels of society from the homeless to high-ranking State and Federal elected and appointed...


How to use the Power of Authenticity to Promote Your Products, Janis Carmena

As a police officer, Janis Carmena worked in patrol, traffic, undercover unit and Detectives before she was injured and it was at that moment, Janis finally realized that she loved policing because of the unpredictability of it... and with that... becoming an entrepreneur was a no brainer and Ecommerce became her passion. Janis craved the control, challenge and opportunity that developing brands offered her. he has now launched two brands, #NoStrawChallenge and No Trace Bags. These brands...


Joy Economics: How to Protect Your Brand and Your Sanity with Shani Godwin

Shani T. Godwin is the President and CEO of Communiqué USA, where she and her team provide marketing staffing support, creative services and HR communications solutions for high-growth, high-stressed teams. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Communiqué USA is committed to helping companies and teams grow by being more productive, efficient and happy through Joy EconomicsSM. Joy Economics, founded by Godwin, uses work-life integration strategies that help people find better ways to live, work and...


From surviving to thriving, Post COVID with Krishna Mohan

Krishna Mohan has a deep grasp on the understanding of business through his extensive experience working in Manufacturing, Consumer Durables, Telecom, Information Technology, Energy and Data Center Industries. He is a highly successful Senior Business Leader who also has a background in, among many other things, Business Development, Sales Team Training and Management, Key Account Relationship Management and International Business. Over the last 20 years he has worked with 3 Fortune 500...


Prevent Burnout While Working Remotely, Dr. Greg Hammer

Greg Hammer, MD is a pediatric intensive care physician, pediatric anesthesiologist, professor at Stanford University Medical Center, and #1 best-selling author. A member of the Stanford WellMD initiative and the Wellness Committee for the American Society of Anesthesiologists, Dr Hammer is currently the Chair of the Physician Wellness Task Force for the California Society of Anesthesiologists. He has been a visiting professor and lecturer on wellness at institutions worldwide and teaches...


Holistic Strategy to Creating a Business with Profit, Purpose & Legacy

Kathryn & Michael K. Redman have a deep compassion for others on the entrepreneurial journey and they feel a strong obligation to share what they have learned. Fulfilled is jam packed with great stories, practical tools , and inspiring, can-do tales that every business owner will understand and relate to. Kathryn and Michael K. Redman are sweethearts, best friends, and the husband-and-wife team behind Half a Bubble Out (HaBO), a marketing and business consulting firm. They’re also founders...


How to Avoid Dreadful Publicity! with Kimberley P. Brown

Kimberley Brown is CEO of Core Insights 360 PR and is a highly sought after, Award-Winning, PR professional and writing expert with more than 14 years of experience. Some of her publicity efforts have landed coverage and/or interviews for clients in leading outlets like Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Bloomberg, ABC TV, and CNBC – to name a few. As part of her career, she has supported leading brands such as Dell Computers, Colgate-Palmolive, Coca-Cola, Dr...


Is This a Lousy Job or is it Me? Achieve Success at Work with Terri Jacke

Terri Jacke is an accomplished coach, speaker, and trainer with more than 25 years of experience. She founded Inspired Training Institute, Inc., in 2003 as a platform to support her passion for training and organizational development. As a seasoned executive coach, Terri works with clients across numerous industries and for companies ranging from small privately-held firms to large Fortune 500 companies to inspire organizations through character, leadership and culture development. In 2020,...