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Movie and tech podcast with "Clueless" Andy Balaam and "Expert" Andy Cockerill


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Movie and tech podcast with "Clueless" Andy Balaam and "Expert" Andy Cockerill




s11e01 Will killer AI take over the world? – The Good Robot Andys

So-called AI is constantly in the news, but Andy C wants to know whether we should stop researching it because of the risk of a Terminator-style army of killer robots. Andy B explains his belief that real intelligence is very


s10e12 Evil Dead Rise – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Evil Dead Rise. Andy B fails to get through the intro without falling apart, but Andy C rescues him to explain that this episode of the Evil Dead series captures the unhinged comedy/fear of the original


s10e11 Knock at the Cabin – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Knock at the Cabin. Andy B thinks it’s an indie horror starring Angelina Jolie, but Andy C explains it’s one of the better M. Night Shyamalan movies in which four apocalyptic figures try to get a


s10e10 M3gan – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of M3gan. Andy B forgets how to do the podcast completely, so doesn’t make any guess based on the title what it is, but Andy C explains it’s a fun sci-fi horror comedy about the dangers of


s10e09 Living – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Living. Andy B thinks it might be a clean, New York rom-com, but it’s really a moving and brilliantly-played poignant drama featuring Bill Nighy on top form. The Good Robot Andys podcasts and web site by


s10e08 Bodies Bodies Bodies – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Bodies Bodies Bodies. Andy B thinks it might be a lost 80s dance classic, but Andy C educates him: it’s a black comedy horror about some nasty people meeting nasty ends. The Good Robot Andys podcasts


s10e07 Barbarian – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Barbarian. Andy B thinks it’s a conversion of the classic DOS game, which is a bit like Rambo, but Andy C explains it’s a truly unnerving horror movie with themes of sexual abuse. The Good Robot


s10e06 Avatar: The Way of Water – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Avatar: The Way of Water. The Andys are together in person again, having just returned from the IMAX cinema. They quite enjoyed it, despite it fulfilling their expectations. What they didn’t expect were the clunky switches


s10e05 The Walking Dead season 11 tranche 3 – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of The Walking Dead, season 11 tranche 3 – the final tranche. They still love it, but Andy B felt a little disappointed with the anti-climactic ending. Andy C is largely OK with it. The Good Robot


s10e04 How do I Mastodon? – The Good Robot Andys

A tech episode where Andy C questions Andy B about what Mastodon is, why you might want to go there instead of Twitter, and how to get started with choosing a server and finding people to follow. Follow us on


s10e03 Elvis – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Elvis. Andy B is not really interested in Elvis but Andy C manages to persuade him that this intense biopic with amazingly charismatic musical sequences is worth putting on his list. The Good Robot Andys podcasts


s10e02 Cellular Automata – The Good Robot Andys

A tech takeover this week with special guest Fran Buontempo talking about Cellular Automata – a cool techie toy for exploring the links between computation, complexity and life, or at the very least a sort-of interesting way of generating some


s10e01 Sorry to Bother You – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Sorry to Bother You. Andy B thinks it’s a 50’s comedy with Buster Keaton, but Andy C explains it’s a surreal, political, funny sci-fi that goes straight onto Andy B’s must-watch list. The Good Robot Andys


s09e17 Last Night in Soho – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Last Night in Soho. Andy B thinks it’s an arty film with glass and candles or something, but Andy C explains it’s a surprisingly grown-up psychological horror from Edgar Wright. The Good Robot Andys podcasts and


s09e16 Paul Thomas Anderson – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion of the films of Paul Thomas Anderson. If you’re new to them, Andy C recommends starting with Boogie Nights, and recommends that Andy B should watch Punch-Drunk Love. Those promised links: The Last Days of August – Podcast by


s09e15 Licorice Pizza – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Licorice Pizza. Andy B pretty much nails his prediction that it’s a cooky period coming-of-age comedy, but then what else does Andy C watch these days anyway? The Good Robot Andys podcasts and web site by


s09e14 The Walking Dead season 11 ep9-16 – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of The Walking Dead Season 11 “tranche 2” (episodes 9-16). Andy B mostly rants about things he didn’t like but Andy C convinces him it was still pretty pretty good, and better than tranche 1. The Good


s09e13 Malignant – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Malignant. Andy B resisted the temptation to suggest it was a rollicking Disney movie, and went for a creepy horror with insects. Actually, Andy C explains, it is a relatively big film for us, which is


s09e12 Promising Young Woman – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of Promising Young Woman. Andy B was convinced it was a costume drama but Andy C explains it’s a really (really) dark comedy revenge thriller. Content warning: discussion of rape and suicide. Please make sure you are


s09e11 First Cow – The Good Robot Andys

Discussion (with spoilers) of First Cow. Andy B yet again guesses it’s a rollicking Disney adventure, but Andy C explains it’s a pleasurable Slow Cinema ride through an authentic-feeling historical Oregon. The Good Robot Andys podcasts and web site by