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Longtime Radio host Jim Salmon and Radio Producer Matt Wilson team up to talk grilling, BBQ and Craft Beer


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Longtime Radio host Jim Salmon and Radio Producer Matt Wilson team up to talk grilling, BBQ and Craft Beer




NYSBA 2023 Albany full

The New York State Craft Brewers Festival at the Desmond Hotel (Crowne Plaza) in Albany, NY brings together 50+ breweries from every region of the state offering enthusiasts, both novice and seasoned, a rare opportunity to relish in unique and award-winning beer. Jim, Matt, and Tim from the Cowboy Cooking show stop by the festival to try out all the new styles, flavors, and brands, and meet the masters behind the craft! Check out the great interviews and fun had on an all new Grill This!


Return of the Rochester Homegrown Festival

After a 2-year hiatus due to Covid, The Rochester Homegrown festival returns better than ever! Homegrown is a celebration of the food, beer, wine, spirits, and music that make the city of Rochester great. With Jim busy on another project, Matt flies solo and dives into some of the delicious food, drinks and wonderful sounds of the fest...and interviews a few of the vendors and patrons as well.


Pork Belly Sliders and Tamales

You're not going to want to miss this episode of Grill This! Jim usually does the cooking and Matt usually supplies the beer, but this time the guys share duties. Matt serves up his renowned pork belly sliders and explains step by step how to make them. Jim prepares authentic and delicious tamales. Also, they sample some of the finest locally made craft beers and ciders. This episode is full of flavor so don't miss it!


Louisiana Crawfish

Another seafood themed episode of Grill This! This time, Louisiana Crawfish are on the menu. Louisiana is known as one of the best places in the world for crawfish and the guys are lucky enough to have some on their plates. Plus Matt and Jim list off the most popular brands of charcoal in the country. And, you guessed it, Matt Brings the craft beer. One of which has ingredients from one of Rochester NY's favorite places for ice cream!


Shrimp, Scallops And Bacon

Another Delicious Episode of Grill This! With the Big Game coming soon, Jim puts his appetizer skills on display. On the menu, shrimp and scallops wrapped in bacon. Matt, as always, brings the beer including one from one of his favorite Buffalo breweries and perhaps the best peanut butter themed beer the guys have had so far! Don't miss an all new Grill This!


Lambchop Lollipops

It's the Final Grill This Podcast of 2022 and the boys celebrate in a big way. Jim and Matt try Jim's first attempt at Lambchop Lollipops. And Matt brings the beers, including a Bills themed beer in honor of Buffalo clinching the AFC East title. Plus, they discuss a new pellet grill that some are calling the Traeger Grill killer. All that and more on a brand new episode of Grill This!


Bacon Shots

Jim and Matt are no stranger to shots, but even this one is new to them. Jim serves up Bacon Shots. What are they? Well, you'll have to listen to find out. Also, Grill This has acquired a brand new monster cooking machine! And as always, Matt comes through with some of the finest beers in the country. You don't want to miss this one!


The Colossal Burger

Jim takes go big or go home to a new level! On this episode, Jim serves up his Colossal Burger! A burger so big that it takes almost the entire episode for the boys to finish. Also, Jim and Matt talk Traeger Grill lawsuits, and their first sauce sample and meet and greet for their Salmon Ranch Cherry Bourbon BBQ Sauce! And, as always, Matt Brings the ice cold craft beers of the day!


NYSBA Festival Landmark Theater Syracuse 2022

Jim and Matt attend the 9th annual New York State Craft Brewers Festival at the historic Landmark Theatre in downtown Syracuse. The renowned event brings together 55+ breweries from every region of the state offering enthusiasts, both novice and seasoned, a rare opportunity to relish in unique and award-winning beer. They speak with Brewery owners, representatives and patrons pour at the event.


Welch Plays Soda Roulette

With the NYS Craft Brewers Festival in Syracuse just days away, the guys decide to have a little fun on this episode before the big trip. The great John Welch joins Jim and Matt but there is one problem. He does not drink beer. So, we have John play a little soda roulette to see if he can guess the brand of soda he is tasting. And as always, Matt brings the beer and Jim makes perhaps the best Tender Chuck Roast he's ever done! Listen in and join in on the fun!


Tender Chuck Burnt Ends

High prices shouldn't stop you from grilling or smoking. Jim turns water into wine as he turns a low priced tougher cut of meat into tender smokey goodness! Plus Matt brings all star caliber beers to the table. Also, more updates on The Salmon Ranch Cherry Bourbon BBQ sauce and Trail Dust seasoning!


The Quest For The Perfect Pumpkin Beer

If you listened to previous episodes of Grill This, you know that Jim and Matt aren't the biggest fans of pumpkin beers. They have been searching to find one they like. Will the one that Matt brings this week be the one? And, Jim serves up one of his favorite sandwiches. Found out what it is.. on this episode of Grill This!


Smoked Cajun Sausage and 5 Onion Soup

The boys barely hold it together on this episode of Grill This! Jim makes his famous 5 Onion Soup and pairs it with a smoked cajun sausage topped with sauerkraut! Matt Brings in 4 new Beers to go with the meal. And, for the first time, Jim and Matt totally lose it and can't stop laughing.. Listen to find out why!


Jerk Chicken Wings and Special Guest Tim Micsak

Jim and Matt are joined by the co-host of the Salmon Ranch Cowboy Cooking Show, Tim Micsak. The fellas give an update on the Salmon Ranch Cherry Bourbon BBQ sauce, which will be available in stores soon. Also, Jim serves up jerk chicken wings and Matt and Tim provide the beer, including a grape pie beer from Mortalis. You don't want to miss this one!


Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwiches

On this episode, Jim and Matt celebrate Jim's 68th Birthday with Jims made from scratch Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwiches! Word is, this may be one of the best homemade sandwiches the guys have had! Also, Matt finally brings the first pumpkin spiced beer of the season. You're not going to want to miss this one!


Cherry Bourbon BBQ Chicken Wings

After a week off Matt and Jim are back! On the menu, fried chicken wings covered in Salmon Ranch Cherry Bourbon BBQ sauce and buttered banana bread with chocolate chips. Also Matt brings an assortment of craft beer from Rohrbach brewing. And as usual, Matt and Jim are up to their usual clowning around and antics. Check out another delicious episode of Grill This!


810 Meadworks and Smoked Cottage Pie

Something a little different on this episode of Grill This! Jim and Matt Sample 5 different meads from 810 Meadworks. Also, Jim serves up smoked cottage pie. And, the guys give an update on the Salmon Ranch Cherry Bourbon BBQ sauce which will be coming soon to a store near you!


Crab Stuffed Armadillo Eggs

A full house on this episode of Grill This! jim and Matt are joined by John Welch and Tim Micsak and dine on Armadillo Eggs stuffed with Alaskan King Crab. And...there's a reason for the full studio.. Listen for the special announcement!


Live From Roc Brewing Co

Roc Brewing has been serving the Rochester community for over a decade and continues to transcend the constant evolution of craft beer to be a pillar in the community. Jim and Matt Sample some of Roc Brewing's amazing liquid and speak with Co-founder Chris Spinelli and Head Brewer Nick Mesrobian. The place was hopping while we were there so we apologize for the crowd noise.


Flour City Brewers Fest 2022

One of the biggest and most recognized craft beer festivals in and around Rochester NY is the Flour City Brewers Festival. And this year the festival was held in full capacity Matt and Jim bring the festival to you with interviews from the brewers, the festival goers and the man behind the festival, John Urlaub from Rohrbach. It's the next best thing to being at the festival. Check it out now!