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The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast (formerly the Double Barrel Podcast) with host, Reid Bryant brings you hunting and shooting tips for more success and fun in the field.


Sunderland, VT


The Orvis Hunting and Shooting Podcast (formerly the Double Barrel Podcast) with host, Reid Bryant brings you hunting and shooting tips for more success and fun in the field.




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On Ethics, Awareness, and the Utility of Preserves, with Joseph Peterson

Reid's longtime friend Joseph Peterson joins from his farm in Nez Perce, ID to explore several philosophical aspects of hunting. Joseph has been a guide for both wingshooting and big game for more than 30 years, and has hunted across the globe. He is a consummate outdoorsman, and one who reflects continually on the scope of what it means to be a hunter. The two explore ethics and etiquette, the role of preserves and pen-raised birds, and the past/future of North American hunting.


At Home in Texas, with Robert Earl Keen

Reid has the privilege of spending an hour talking with singer, songwriter, hunter, and Texas icon Robert Earl Keen. Having retired from the road after 41 prolific years, REK discusses settling into life in the Texas Hill Country, taking a bit more time to hunt birds and deer, and the amusement provided by a pair of English Cockers. The conversation wanders into REK·s youthful forays with a .410, the joys of south Texas bobwhites, and the magic of a good story, spoken or sung. A great chat with a lovely guy. More on REK·s current work here and via his Americana Podcast on all major platforms.


Stock Finishing, with Del Whitman

In another installment with Del Whitman of DC Whitman Custom Gunsmithing, Reid and Del explore the nuances of a best-quality oil stock finish. Though the two explore other finishing processes in brief, del primarily explains the fastidious process of taking raw walnut to a beautiful, and protected, finished state.


Conservation Education with Al Stewart

Al Stewart joins Reid to discuss his work with The Nimrod Education Center at Hillsdale College. Al, who retired from 50 years with Michigan DNR, is a gamebird specialist who has studied and hunted internationally. In retirement, he has taken a post with the Nimrod Education Center in Michigan, educating students about the North American Conservation model. The two discuss the future of conservation, and where it may impact hunters, gamebirds, and wild places throughout North America.


Idaho Upland Days, with Andy Wayment

Idaho's Andy Wayment joins Reid to discuss his new book, "Idaho Upland Days". The two talk about the role hunting has played in Andy's life, his love of the Gem State's native grouse, great dogs, and the pleasure of recording memories of days afield. A great conversation with a great guy.


The Road Less Travelled with Tim and Joanne Linehan

Reid speaks once more with his friends Tim and Joanne Linehan of Linehan Outfitting in Montana's Yaak Valley. Tim and Joanne tell the story of building an outfitting business, and a life, in one of the most remote parts of the lower 48. A bit about the Yaak, a bit about the bird hunting and fly-fishing resource, and a good deal about the Linehan's remarkable journey. Join Reid on a hunt/fish combo trip to Linehan Outfitting in 2023, info at


The Science of Hunting Pressure with Abe Woodard, Ph.D.

Reid chats with D. ABRAHAM WOODARD, Ph.D., a Range and Wildlife Scientist at the East Foundation in Hebbronville, Texas, about population ecology and sustainable management of game species, with a primary focus on bobwhite quail. Abe is a lead researcher for The East Foundation ( in south Texas, where he investigates the effects of harvest on northern bobwhite populations. A great conversation about actual hunting impact and the factors that play a role.


The Sporting Shot

Reid is joined by Simon Reinhold, Head of Operations for Holts Auctioneers and Jonny Carter, host of YouTube·s TGS Outdoors, in a discussion of ·the sporting shot·. In essence, the trio explores what makes a shot challenging enough to be ·sporting· while also certain enough that the game is afforded a clean kill. The conversation wanders into ethics, personal responsibility, and the uniquely personal balance that we as shooters must strike between efficacy and challenge.


Paul Mihailides and the story of FAMARS USA

Reid goes straight to the source in this podcast to discuss the past and present of esteemed Italian gunmaker FAMARS: Fabbrica Armi Mario Abbiatico Remo Salvinelli (known to many as simply Abbiatico & Salvinelli). He sits down with Rhode Island-based developer Paul Mihailides, who became Managing Director of FAMARS USA after the company fell on hard times in the mid-2000·s, to get the whole story. A great inside look at a beloved gunmaker. See more about the guns and the maker at and explore a phenomenal listing of FAMARS guns for sale at


Checkering Explained with Del Whitman

Reid kicks off 2023 with an in-depth look at checkering, in the company of noted gunsmith Del Whitman. Del, who owns DC Whitman Custom Gunsmithing, unpacks the complexities of layout, design, and execution of checkering patterns, and exposes the artistry that belies this oft-overlooked craft. A bit heady, but this conversation will have you looking at your guns a bit differently, and appreciating the stockmaker's art all the more.


Mouthful of Feathers Anthology, with Tom Reed

Acclaimed writer, conservationist, and bird hunter Tom Reed joins the podcast from his home in Pony, MT. Tom was one of the instigators behind the blog at, which gathered the best contemporary voices in wingshooting writing. He describes the MOF story and discusses the culmination of the project into a print anthology available for pre-order now!


Scottish Driven at Craigsanquhar Estate with Jason and Beth Herkes

Reid sits down with Jason and Beth Herkes of Craigsanquhar Estate in Fife, Scotland to reflect on a wonderful destination for driven Shooting. Jason and Beth operate the Estate and have seen it gain increasing favor from shooters worldwide. The trio discusses the history of the Estate, how it evolved into a shooting destination, and a bit about the unique way shooting fits into the culture of rural Scotland. For more about shooting at Craigsanquhar visit


Dogs for Aging Hunters and the Latest at Orvis Guns, w/ Greg Carpiniello

In this episode, Reid addresses a question from a listener about appropriate dog breeds for the aging hunter, and then joins Orvis Gunroom Mgr. Greg Carpiniello to discuss the goings on with Orvis Guns. The two talk about the new Flagship Gunroom, and the addition of a new Gunsmith at Orvis. From there, Greg talks about 3 guns that have stood out to him in the Gunroom recently.


A Path Into Upland Hunting with Orvis Product Developer Jesse Haller

Reid joins Jesse Haller, Orvis Hunt Product developer and competitive fly angler, in a discussion about Jesse·s path into the uplands. Though hunting was largely available throughout his life, Jesse discusses how in recent years he·s become fascinated with bird hunting. The duo explores common barriers to entry, and Jesse digs in with some questions that were pertinent to his early days in the uplands.


Big Weather - A Story

"Bright Lights, Big Weather" referencing a long-ago rain-soaked trip to Alaska. The story was written for an e-book put out by the bloggers at Mouthful of Feather. It is a bit of a contemplation on bird hunting, ego, and why we sometimes care how we are perceived by the people around us.


Pro Insights on Shooting Fundamentals with Jim Champion

Reid sits down with Jim Champion, Head Shooting Instructor at Orvis Hill Country in PA. Jim shares his breadth of knowledge on common problems and easy fixes that will improve performance on the course and in the field.


Mountain Quail, Wingshooting Travel, and a Hunter's Evolution with Ben O. Williams

Reid is joined once again by Ben O. Williams. The two discuss Mountain Quail specifically, and the hunter's journey in a more roundabout fashion, referencing the incredible life of a legendary bird hunter.


Podcasting, Upland Guns, and a Career in Bird Hunting with Nick Larson

Nick Larson of the Birdshot Podcast and The Upland Gun Company joins Reid for a long-overdue catch up. The two discuss Nick's work formerly with the Project Upland Podcast and more recently with his own Birdshot Podcast. The conversation also explores Nick's current role as GM of the Upland Gun Company, and how that business came to be.

The Ins and Outs of Groups Wingshooting Trips with Thierry Bombeke

Reid and his friend Thierry Bombeke, Publisher and Director of Wingshooting at Shooting Sportsman Magazine, discuss Wingshooting Travel, specifically the benefit of a group trip. For those interested in getting away on some adventures but lacking a travel companion or the time to put together a DIY adventure, the Group Trip model may serve you well. Reid and Thierry discuss the what and why, and delve into the trip offerings available through Orvis Travel. Explore these trips at


The Lulu Chronicles Part 1

In this podcast Reid chats with Jim and Deanna Keller of the award-winning Wildwind Kennels about the process of training his Springer pup, Lulu. Deanna and Jim just spent two months with Lulu and tidied up some early training that Reid had accomplished. They discuss the process of evaluating a young dog, where to start flushing dog training, and specifically how Lulu responded to the work that was done. In future episodes we will re-visit Lulu·s progress with Deanna and Jim, follow her through the hunting season, and optimally discuss the steadying process as it takes place.