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Dr. Justin Trosclair interviews other doctors about their speciality, success, trials, marketing, and home life balance.

Dr. Justin Trosclair interviews other doctors about their speciality, success, trials, marketing, and home life balance.


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Dr. Justin Trosclair interviews other doctors about their speciality, success, trials, marketing, and home life balance.








E 183 Medical VA Staff by Dr Steven Kupferman

What led an DMD/MD to create a virtual assistant company hiring medically trained Filipinos? Dr. Steven Kupferman talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast Steven Kupherman, DMD, MD, FACS (UCLA Med School, Harvard for Dental Medicine) tells his story of how he parlayed being a dentist and then continuing his education at medical school to be an Oral and Maxillary Surgeon. What drove him to do an extra 10 years of schooling? While he doesn’t do root canals anymore,...


M 74 Linkedin Personal Video Messaging

A unique way to build meaningful connections and future collaborations on Linkedin involving video messages. đź“Ť Minisode 74 LinkedIn personal video messages. Welcome back to a doctor's perspective podcast. Do me a favor. Listen to this episode and the previous episode I've been using a different editing software. This one is called de script. I heard it on another podcast and it does similar things. It does some similar things like it'll stretch the sound audio, if it's low it'll. Also, if...


M 73 One Long Form Post a Week Strategy

Learn a strategy that only requires 1 post a week but supplies content for a whole year using snippets that are only the top producing for social media likes and clicks. đź“Ť Welcome back to a doctor's perspective podcast. This is mini-sode number 73, long form post a week strategy. So I was listening to Amy Porterfield episode 429, and she had a guest that was talking about circular. Verocity. And it turns out it's not as complicated as it sounds, but it's definitely time intensive. So you'd...


E 182 Doctors Out of Debt Caroline Clerisme DDS

Make a budget and execute a plan to pay back all your doctor student loans in a short amount of time. Dr. Caroline Clerisme did just that and we find some practical tips in this episode. Dr. Caroline Clerisme, DDS talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast To start with, she paid back 250,000 of student loan debt in 4 years. Now that's a success with doctors out of debt. How is it that someone can get 120-150000 salary but still not make any real dint into their...


E 181 Membership Based Podiatry w Tea Nguyen DPM Direct Care Way

Can a membership model work for Podiatry? Dr. Tea Nguyen discusses why she left insurance, avoided an early career burnout and is now offering more MIS options and non-surgical treatment in a direct care practice. Dr. Tea Nguyen, DPM talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast Dr. Tea was first on the podcast episode 28 and we do a quick recap of what was going on 5 years ago and how things have changed since leaving that clinic, having a kid and going to a direct...


E 180 House Call Chiropractic How & Why Jillaine St Michel DC

Learn the In’s and Out’s of house call chiropractic. Going to someone’s home or office has many questions and Jillaine St. Michel DC answers them. See if mobile chiro is right for you. Jillaine St Michel, DC talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast While working in a traditional brick and mortar higher volume practice, she quickly gained lots of experience but also learned some of the negatives of a traditional practice. This led her to pursue the mobile - house...


E 179 Health Care Workers Mental Health Simon Maltais MD

The last two years have been intense for healthcare workers. With long hours, canceled vacation and strained home life, how do we manage mental health and what should we be aware of. Cardiac surgeon Simon Maltais, MD discusses his new book. Simon Maltais, MD talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast What trends do you find causing the most mental anguish for physicians and staff? How are they coping with a pandemic, overtime, extra stress and strained family life?...


E 178 Narcissism Explained with TikTok Fame Kelsey Phalen Straatmann

Narcissism and co-dependency are not healthy behaviors and KP_Straatmann of TIKTOK viral videos on these topics will explain it all for us. Kelsey Phalen Straatmann talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast As a collegiate softball athlete she naturally became a personal trainer (9 years now). She was fascinated by the mental aspect of sports. When asked why she didn’t do sports psychology instead of a Master’s in Social Psychology and a Master’s in Mental Health...


M 72 Video Creation Ideas and Restricted Content

Minisode 72 Video Creation Ideas and Restricted Content How to discover what videos to shoot for your own patients. Why embed them on your site with log in restrictions? Again, just want to thank you for choosing an end to these short minisodes today. It's about content creation for videos, that kind of alluded to this at the end of a, the last episode. But let's expand a little bit an easy thing. You can do is just bought, go online, go to YouTube, find some doctors that you like to watch,...


M 71 Teach and Pitch Ads

Minisode 71 Teach and Pitch Ads Learn the simple formula for getting new patients from the teach and pitch video ad. Also covered are cold and hot leads and what ads to serve up for them. transcript by audioburst, yes there are errors. Thursday. Well, sign off on minisode, 71, teach and Pitch. Add it's summertime, I hope you're enjoying it off. These were Ahmed, the coronavirus has reduced enough, so that countries are open, so violent going to be able to go and travel. Oh, can't wait to the...


E 177 Profit First System and Onboarding Staff Sabrina Starling PhD

Sabrina Starling , PhD talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast Discover the profit first system for doctors. Implementation, red flags, and we discuss onboarding staff to get A players. Dr. Sabrina Starling of Tap the Potential shares so many nuggets you can implement. If you treat profit like a leftover you will never have profit and for many, not much of a salary neither. The business owner should not have to experience sleepless nights worrying about paying...


E 176 Emotional Eating Causes, Complications, Solutions Tricia Nelson Heal Your Hunger

Tricia Nelson talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast Emotional eating can create the yo-yo effect of weight loss and weight gain. Many people overeat as a way to ignore pain, escape emotions, and punishment from the day. It's not about will power, you need a community and an action plan. Listen to the podcast episode. At first a person may just realize they need to lose weight and join a myriad of diet plans. They do the plan, lose the weight but the unfortunate...


E 175 Functional Loading Rehab Blueprints Tom Teter DC Rehab to Fitness

Fitness to Rehab is a system Dr. Teter calls "a linear load application continuum approach". Utilizing this method, the practitioner can take patients through a process that starts with injury care to soft tissue treatment to rehabilitative exercise. As opposed to tracking symptoms like most standards of care models Fitness to Rehab seeks to find where the root cause is coming from and address it. He built this program out of necessity when asked to create a collegiate fitness and wellness...


M 70 How Adversity Leads To Winning

Minisode 70 How Adversity Leads To Winning Start with a growth mindset and be willing to take criticism so you can improve. If you see effort as a path to mastery then fails are ok and success is the intrinsic high you get later. Learn how adversity leads to winning. Obstacles, challenges and criticism will happen if you are trying to be successful. It’s how you grow and learn during these times that set you apart. In a bridge too off shots tape sold seventy coming at you from germany...


E 174 Identifying Biomechanical Failure Patterns Rob Pape DC Quadrant Analysis

Dr. Rob Pape, DC talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast Quadrant analysis helps practitioners navigate treatment based on a subclassification system breaking down biomechanical failure into traceable patterns. Dr. Pape was evidence based and patient centered before these were buzz words and before the internet made it easy to collaborate. It was like being on a chiropractic island and taking trips with different professions to iron out what he was seeing work....


E 173 Building Out Your Office Space Steve Anderson Dental Ease

Steve Anderson talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast Building out 1000 dental offices since 1997 gives you deep insight into all areas to consider plus practice management tips. Steve Anderson wrote a 300 page book on the subject Dental Ease. Should you build out a leased space or buy your own. You have blueprints drawn up for a dental office, now what is the next step? Ask yourself, What is Most Important to You and your OFFICE FLOW? Do you need a big reception...


M 69 Charisma Personified

Minisode 69 Charisma Personified 4 ways to show that you have charisma and know what you are talking about in your niche topic. Hand gestures matter. In adoctor's perspective minisode sixty nine charisma personified. Hey this is dr. JustinTrosclair. Thanks for tuning in. I got some cool news all the books from the past. One hundred seventy six episodes all those interviews if they recommended a book. It's all my amazon book lists you can search through it. Business marketing personal growth...


M 68 Video Ad Rules

Minisode 68 Video Ad Rules 8 Key elements to script into your video ads for maximum results. Not just hooks, social proof and a good call to action. Welcome back to the episode. Sixty eight video ad rolls. Today's show is from capitalism with kevin anson. He apparently does a viral video ads with like click funnels in all those types of people. So he's made some really big videos made a big splash. People excited about it so he was interviewed on that podcast. And this is the summary for...


E 172 Nearing Retirement, Now What? Murs Tariq CFP

Murs Tariq, CFP talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast We saved for 40 years now what and how do we plan to take out the money once we are in retirement. CFP Mars Turiq helps us understand the pitfalls and what to do now so we can be comfortable later. What are his views on the student loan forgiveness proposal? How do we manage a mortgage, student loans and retirement savings during this current virus situation? What type of goals setting does he find most...


E 171 Foot Strength and Shoe Sales Colin Dombroski PhD

Colin Dombroski, Phd talks to Dr. Justin Trosclair, DC on A Doctor's Perspective Podcast One shoe to rule them all? I think not and Dr. Colin Dombroski will break down why that is not the case and discusses his books on foot aliments and prevention. Canadian Certified Pedorthists - design and manufacturer of foot orthotics and the rehabilitation around that. While they can’t prescribe the orthotics like a podiatrist can, they are the ones that literally make them. He holds a PhD with over 6...