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Join us on our journey as we navigate the world of martial arts and see the lessons it has taught us about life, entrepreneurship, health & community.

Join us on our journey as we navigate the world of martial arts and see the lessons it has taught us about life, entrepreneurship, health & community.




Join us on our journey as we navigate the world of martial arts and see the lessons it has taught us about life, entrepreneurship, health & community.




Pressure Testing

Testing skills under pressure can be an incredibly enlightening process. It can help us understand where we're at in our training, and exactly what we need to work on. We've found it fascinating to observe exactly where things break down... The same can be said about our everyday lives. When pressure is applied, where do things start falling apart?? Each failure point is an opportunity for growth, physically or mentally. Join us as we dig into this and more on this week's episode of the Budo...


Maintaining Focus

The glue on the pick’s hasn’t cured yet. It says 24hrs, but it’s still sticky to touch… if I put them together they will could be permanently stuck with 3900lbs of shear force… luckily we actually aren’t under the gun to get them to DYK because Friday is a holiday and we won’t be able to get them their until Monday anyways so I’ll just chip away on them tomorrow night and Friday


Cross Training

Something awesome happens when you cross-train and try a new art... you become a white belt again! And even though you might suck at it at first, the joy of learning something new is undeniable. This conversation somehow lead to us talking about learning martial arts in grade school... and we might have stumbled on a new mission! Tune in to learn all about it :)


Drills For Skills



*Special Edition* Interviewing UFC Fighter Shanna Young

Shanna Young is currently a UFC flyweight competitor that has just come off an amazing win. In this episode she talks about her journey in martial arts and what it took to make it to the big stage.


Consistently Consistent

It's incredibly valuable to take a step back and reflect on how you arrived at your present moment. Everything that led you to this point in your life; whether good or bad (hopefully good.) In either case, you'll find consistency is at the root. You can build a fortress brick by brick, but you can also dismantle one, brick by brick. Join us as we dig into the driving forces behind consistency, what traps to avoid, and what we can do to live a fulfilling life.


The Power Of Fear

Fear is often viewed in a negative light. And for good reason... it's generally not an enjoyable state to be in. Fear can stop us dead in our tracks and prevent us from ever taking any risks that might have long-term benefits... But, when is fear advantageous and useful? How can we convert fear into action? How can we optimally respond to fear when it inevitably arises? This and more on this week's episode of the Budo Brothers Podcast.


*Special Edition* Interviewing Drew Weatherhead of Because Jitsu

<__truncato_root__> In this podcast we interview Drew Weatherhead founder of “Because Jitsu”. In this podcast we discuss the hardships Drew had to face during the lockdowns of covid and how he was able to survive by doing some creative things in the online world!


Timing Is The Most Important Thing... Or Is It?

How many times have you heard martial arts instructors discuss the importance of timing? It’s a commonly taught pillar to effectiveness not only in martial arts, but also in everyday life. Join us as we hash out why timing is so important and how we can focus on developing this attribute.


*Special Edition* Interviewing Eli Knight

Join us as we sit down for a catch up with our good friend and mentor, Eli Knight. A while back, we both realized we had some major holes in our boat, and that’s when we sought out someone to help us with our ground game. That’s when we got in touch with Eli Knight and were pumped when he agreed to shoot a Digital Seminar with us so we could share the learnings with you! Tune in as we take a Deep Dive into Jiu-Jitsu.


The Hardening Process

They say the sharpest steel is ground from the hardest stone. But, if something is too hard, it breaks. In this episode, we dig into the process of hardening, whether it's in life, or on the mats and how to find the balance between hard and soft.


The Grind, The Hustle

Hard to beat someone with a strong desire to work hard and hustle. They may not have all the skills in the world, they may not be the best, but they sure know how to grind. Often, the secret weapon is a strong work ethic that, when applied consistently, ends up producing massive results. Join us this week as we dissect what the grind is and what it means to hustle and work hard in martial arts, business, and everyday life.





*Special Edition* Interviewing Kalyl Silva

Special Edition interview with Kalyl Silva (son fo Anderson "The Spider" Silva), a young up and coming fighter that is definitely one to watch! With an incredible team behind him, Kalyl is kickstarting his fighting career. Join us on this weeks episode to learn more about his exciting journey.


The Importance Of Tradition



Being Resourceful



*EPISODE 100* - ZERO VALUE (Outtakes & Hot Mics)

We hope you've received an immense amount of value over the past 100 episodes. In order to balance things out, we wanted this milestone episode to be of ZERO VALUE... Except for some good laughs. This episode is all our outtakes, mic tests, and ridiculous conversations that we didn't realize were recorded. Listener beware, we're a couple of foul-mouth sailors, so make sure there are no kids are in the room.... and if you listen all the way to the end, there's a special surprise. Enjoy!


*Special Edition* Interviewing Mike Miles

Mike Miles is a world respected pioneer of the Muay Thai movement in Canada, and has a lifetime of experience in Martial Arts, as a student, in competition on the professional level, and as a teacher. A celebrated author and highly renowned historian on the subject, Ajarn Miles has been training in Muay Thai since 1980 and was one of the few North American foreigners in the 1980’s to be trained in Muay Thai in Thailand. As a competitor he quickly achieved a top 10 world ranking and then went...


Back In The Saddle



What Should We Make Next?

We recently sent out a survey asking what we should focus on in 2022... the response was INCREDIBLE. So many great ideas! One thing is for sure, we have more ideas than we do resources. So we're going to stop tinkering with things that are not on the list and GET TO WORK!!