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Today, we meet Rio, a mom of an 11 year old daughter. Rio walks us through how an online predator found her daughter Sophia, befriended her, and manipulated her. Sofia thought she was in a relationship with a girl her own age, not an adult man. Fortunately, Rio and her husband found out what was happening before the predator could find a way to meet Sophia in person. CARE House, the local child advocacy center, provided specialized counseling for both Sophia and her parents, as they worked...



Child abuse happens everywhere. It happens to girls, and it also happens to boys. Today we introduce you to Ben. Just a warning - his story can be hard to hear. When Ben's mother remarried, her new husband began abusing Ben when he was just 7 years old. The abuse was psychological, and turned physical on many occasions. Ben shares what it was like to go into "survival mode" as a child, and how that has affected him well into adulthood. Through a close relationship with a child in his life...



Lisa is a successful business professional, and she shares her story with us. She traveled frequently for work, and employed a babysitter who, in essence, became part of the family. The babysitter eventually got into a serious relationship, and her boyfriend was also welcomed in to Lisa's home. But eventually, his behavior crossed a line. Lisa makes several important points in this interview. Abuse in any form can be extremely traumatic for a child, and it happens everywhere - regardless of...


County Prosecutor Karen McDonald

Karen McDonald, Oakland County Michigan's prosecutor, has been on the front lines fighting child abuse for years. Prior to her current role, she's been an assistant prosecutor, family court judge, and worked in private practice. In our conversation, Prosecutor McDonald gives us real world examples of the valuable partnership between her office and the County's Child Advocacy center, or CAC - Care House of Oakland County. We also discuss the value of therapy dogs, what it takes to prosecute...



In this episode, we meet Hannah. When she was in high school, Hannah survived a sexual assault. High school is a particularly difficult time to suffer abuse, and Hannah explains why. Hannah came to CARE House of Oakland County, where she received the specialized attention and support she needed on her journey. She's now a college student, volunteering at CARE House. After graduation, she plans to have a career in therapy, helping other survivors. The "It Shouldn't Hurt To Be a Child"...



In this episode, we meet Maddie. Beginning when she was 11, Maddie was abused by a close family member. At the time, she didn't know it was wrong. She walks us through confronting her abuser, and eventually mustering up the courage to tell the rest of her family. Maddie explains why she found the specialized care at Child Advocacy Centers to be so helpful. Now 18 years old, Maddie volunteers at CARE House. We hear from her mom, Susan, who serves on the organization's board. Both explain why...



It’s a subject that very few of us are willing to talk about. But we all should. One in ten kids will be abused before they turn 18. Child abuse happens everywhere. It affects kids in every school, in every neighborhood, in every town, everywhere in the country. But unless we talk about it, it can never be treated and never be prevented. So we’re going to talk about it. CARE House of Oakland County presents the podcast named for a simple fact – It Shouldn’t Hurt To Be A Child. Oakland...