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Ladies of Liverpool, hosted by Radio City Breakfast presenter Leanne Campbell, is fun, friendly and crammed with info that means something to all you ladies! Hear jaw dropping, hilarious and inspirational stories from ladies of all walks of life and stay in the Liverpool loop if you have moved away from your beloved city! #LadiesOfLiverpool

Ladies of Liverpool, hosted by Radio City Breakfast presenter Leanne Campbell, is fun, friendly and crammed with info that means something to all you ladies! Hear jaw dropping, hilarious and inspirational stories from ladies of all walks of life and stay in the Liverpool loop if you have moved away from your beloved city! #LadiesOfLiverpool


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Ladies of Liverpool, hosted by Radio City Breakfast presenter Leanne Campbell, is fun, friendly and crammed with info that means something to all you ladies! Hear jaw dropping, hilarious and inspirational stories from ladies of all walks of life and stay in the Liverpool loop if you have moved away from your beloved city! #LadiesOfLiverpool






S3 Ep12: Carol Vorderman

Let’s check ourselves this week. No more apologies for doing well. No more wasting energy on people who may drain us. Life is all about the laughs and loves we choose for ourselves. Hear this incredible lady’s thoughts, stories and experiences. From family to business. The circus to Countdown. What a finale to this season! I'm taking a short break over the summer but I leave you with the wonderful Carol Vorderman 💖


S3 Ep11: Suzanne Williamson: Living with cancer

Podcasting with strangers is easy. Chatting to your mate about her fight with cancer.. not so much. Many will tune into this week's episode and know first hand just how devastating a cancer diagnosis can be and so listen please to my beautiful friend who is kicking cancers arse every single day. Talking about treatment, experience and the total truth about the big C. My Wonder Woman holds nothing back and reveals her story with metastatic breast cancer, the uninvited guest. Living with...


S3 Ep10: Sam Quek

Sam Quek has given birth to a baby girl with her husband Tom Mairs. The Olympic gold medallist has achieved so much and somehow stays totally grounded and genuine as you are about to hear for yourself! Everything from bugs in her ear, leaky boobs and Prince Charles finger! This will put a spring in your step today! Enjoy x


S3 Ep9: Andy Grant

This week on Ladies of Liverpool meet Honorary Col Dr Andy Grant. Fastest single leg amputee in the world over 10km, Motivational speaker and author of his autobiography, You’ll never walk. Take in his incredible story and hear how he lives by the phrase, ‘as one door closes, another opens.’ He has turned, what some may say, is a negative into a positive and now spends his time traveling around the country talking about his experiences, a life beyond injury. I challenge you to not...


S3 Ep8: Natalie Reeves Billing

Set in 17 acres, the 21-room double-fronted house was built in the 1840s, and for Natalie, it was the ideal ‘forever’ house for her husband and two children. She didn’t expect to share it with a group of ghosts! Hear for yourself about her experiences. Things don’t just go bump in the night!


S3 Ep7: Danielle Lloyd

From beauty queen to Big Brother bully, what’s really gone on behind the scenes? With no questions dismissed or avoided, hear Danielle Lloyd's story in her own words. Drugs, tabloids, phone hacking, that interview with The Scum, and dating celebs - it’s all in this week's podcast. Enjoy x


S3 Ep6: Kim Lyon / Prinnys Fitness

This week let’s get to the bottom of weight loss! Hear from an ex-international British gymnast who represented her country all over Europe from age 6 - 18. Now an online coach, She goes LIVE every morning on her Instagram page, Helping all Prinnys reach their goals! Including me! Time to level up ladies it’s all about feeling fit & fab! Please follow her Instagram page @prinnysfitness


S3 Ep5: Hayley Doyle

Hayley Doyle hails from Litherland. After starring in the West End and setting up a theatre school in Dubai, she is now the author of two books. Hayley’s writing is rooted in scouse humour and filled with real scouse characters, not stereotypes, and the stories take you all over the world in a search for love, happiness and purpose.


S3 Ep4: Layla Flaherty - Urban Paws

Former model and reality TV star Layla Flaherty has switched the celebrity spotlight to her four-legged clients, running one of the UK’s most in-demand animal agencies. Five years ago, fed up of the fake party lifestyle, she decided to combine the three things she knew and loved best – modelling, TV and animals - to launch her own business. Urban Paws UK is now the go-to animal agency for luxury brands and leading high street names wanting to add anything from cats to camels to their...


S3 Ep3: Molly McCann

At just 30 years old this weeks guest Molly McCann, an English mixed martial artist is a one-time Cage Warriors Fighting Championship Flyweight Champion and currently competes in the flyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Her struggle just to get through the doors of a gym to train and achieve her dream was the first fight she had to win but you’ll hear from the lady herself how determined she was. Love, laughs and Spanish pink gin coming up just hit play! In...


S3 Ep2: Scouse Ma

Who is scouse ma? What’s her name? Is she anything like her account? With over a million Instagram followers the queen of the meme chats exclusively to Ladies of Liverpool about life, loons, stalkers and karaoke! We talk about real friendships and what really grinds her gears. Mariah Carey? Pack it in. Don’t mess with our scouse ma! You are gonna love this episode. Subscribe now and listen back to Series 1 & 2 of Ladies of Liverpool on your podcast app, in association with Prinnys...


S3 Ep1: Claire Sweeney

Back with a bang for series 3 meet Claire Sweeney as you’ve never heard her before. Proud of her roots and happy to discuss life as a single working mum, you will relate to her story in so many ways. Chatting family life, lessons learnt and the one and only Patrick Swayze I dare you not to fall in love with this hard working lady of Liverpool. Settle down and hear all the gossip then give me your thoughts love Leanne x


S3: Season 3 - Coming Soon!

Happy International Women's Day 2021! I am delighted to announce that Ladies of Liverpool, Series 3 is on its way launching March 18th with the fabulous Claire Sweeney. The mic live sign is officially back on so tell me do you know a woman who should be heard sound and proud on my podcast? Get in touch please so I can get them on. Tune in now to hear where my head is at. Today we don’t have to prove ourselves. We do that every day. Today spread the love to as many women as you can...


S2 Ep12: Dr Yusra

Fancy a nose job on your lunch break? Struggling with symptoms of menopause? Like a holistic approach when it comes to treatments? The solution could lie in a single super clinic here in Liverpool. Clinic owner and Medical director Dr Yusra is well known for her ability to rejuvenate the face beautifully whilst remaining elegant and natural looking, always avoiding and advising against the overdone look. Her and her extensively trained medical team have treated thousands of patients in...


S2 Ep11: Linsey Read - Cricket Fashion

Designer store Cricket based in the Metquarter, after 28 years Cavern Walks is no doubt the most successful fashion house in Liverpool! Justine Mills opened the store when she was just 18 and went on to experience huge success in the city and soon welcomed celebs, from all over the world through its glamorous doors. Hear from local lady lindsey today as she laughs her way through our past fashion disasters, today’s most stylish designers and why you should be following her and the...


S2 Ep10: Heidi Range

Heidi India Partakis is living her best lockdown life. Best known for being a former member of the group Sugababes did you know was actually an original member of girl group Atomic Kitten? Hear about her amazing journey both as a singer, mother and all round fabulous lady of Liverpool! Tears and laughter for you this week, enjoy.


S2 Ep9: Kath Jones - ThinK Wine Group

Let’s talk fizz!!!! ThinK is the brain child of scouser Kath Jones, launched in August 2019 after 2 years of research. Against the odds ThinK has flown to success in the midst of Covid 19 as everyone refuses to stop drinking bubbles 🥂 Hear Kathy inspiring story and the journey behind this fabulous low cal Prosecco.


S2 Ep8: CBD Stacey

A Liverpool girl with a passion for CBD Stacey created Planthaya committed to bringing balance to life through CBD. Ending misconceptions, sharing honest advice and making sure her products from seed to bottle are of THE highest quality. Hear her thoughts on her new products launching very soon, slow grown in the Scandinavian sunshine. Claiming they are easy to choose and simple to use. Wellness you can trust. Let’s see what all the fuss is about when it comes to CBD oil.


S2 Ep7: Marcus Collins

As the world protests in the name of George Floyd we meet Marcus Collins this week. Our lad represented Liverpool and smashed The X Factor! He finished second to girl band Little Mix and he was mentored by Take That frontman Gary Barlow, who continued to work with Collins on his debut album. With the world at his feet, he quietly battled against racism and prejudice as he had most of his life. Listen to his story and learn. Change must happen. Black lives a matter.


S2 Ep6: Crissy Rock

Since lockdown began, calls to domestic violence helplines have risen dramaticly. Shocking but sadly this happening all around us and could be affecting you. You are not alone. Married at just 16, the television star, who appeared in Benidorm,I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here and is about to appear on our screens again on Masterchef, spent more than eight years with a violent partner. Since fleeing her abuser with “nothing more than the clothes I was standing in”, Crissy has devoted...