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Helping you OUTPERFORM in health, happiness and high performance.


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Helping you OUTPERFORM in health, happiness and high performance.








Why Being Nervous is a PRIVILEGE

“Nerves are your body’s way of expressing that you’re about to do something heroic.” —Scott Welle. One of the questions I get asked frequently is, “Do you still get nervous before speaking on stage?” The answer is YES. The day I stop getting nervous is the day I stop speaking. In this short solocast, I talk about why nerves are a PRIVILEGE and why you should embrace them…not shy away from them. It means you’re doing something right. Impactful. Worthwhile. That you’re on the path to...


Robb Breding: Choosing a Better Path Forward

In this episode, Robb and I discuss his upbringing, the defining moment that put him on a better path, his phenomenal success in business and his thoughts on leadership. Show notes for this episode can be found at https://scottwelle.com/breding, you can visit Robb’s website at https://rev-advisors.com/ and connect with him on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/robbbreding/. Enjoy! Robb Breding has spent most of his life and career seeking to inspire people and organizations to be the...


Robin Vandekleut: Making Change Work For You and Not Against You

“If change is coming and you’re feeling overwhelmed by it, take the opportunity to dig in and figure out what’s hitting you at the core value of that.” —Robin Vandekleut. In this episode, Robin and I discuss everything…CHANGE. How to “manage” it, how to adapt to it and how to thrive through it. Robin has spent her life in change and now she helps others do the same, both through her speaking and workshops, as well as her latest book, Unfinished Business: Make Change Work For You, Not Against...


Never Get Bored With The Basics (Lesson from Kobe Bryant)

“It can be human nature to want to chase the next shiny object but we cannot lose sight of the basic fundamentals and the things that actually got us to where we are.” —Scott Welle. In this short solocast, I tell a recent story that I heard about Kobe Bryant and one of his private workouts. It’s a story that can help us remember the importance of the BASICS as we continue to Outperform in our personal, professional and athletic lives. Show notes can be found at...


The Key to High Performance: Making Your Bad Days...Less Bad?

“How we perform on those bad days is a much better indicator of how we’re going to perform long-term than taking those already good days and trying to make them great.” —Scott Welle. In this solocast, I discuss a counter-intuitive strategy for sustained high performance: making your bad days less bad. When we do this, it brings up our average level of performance while simultaneously building empowerment and self-confidence that we CAN still perform well…even on our bad days. Show notes can...


Be More...Pessimistic?

“What Outperformers say to themselves is, ‘If I got through that, I can get through this. And if I did it before, I can do it again.’ That hardship and struggle gives them a reservoir of motivation and confidence and empowerment.” —Scott Welle. In this solocast, I share a recent clip from a virtual keynote for project managers in Toronto. An essential characteristic to Outperform personally and professionally is the ability to adapt and thrive through pressure, change, stress and adversity,...


A Lesson in Social Comparison and Peak Performance

“Documenting some amount of incremental improvement and ‘moving the ball down the field’ can have a massive impact not just for a teenager stuck in social comparison but for all of us as we live our lives.’” —Scott Welle. In this solocast, I tell a story from a recent keynote I had in Cedar Rapids, IA, where a gentleman approached me afterwards. He has two children - an older son that is an academic savant and a younger daughter that is stuck in social comparison and has shut down, feeling...


Phillip Stutts: The Undefeated Marketing System

“What if you understood more about your customer and were able to adapt to their needs, demographics and where they spend their eyeballs and time, instead of doing what you want to do. When you do that, everything changes in your marketing.” Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. In this wide ranging episode, Phillip Stutts and I discuss his ground-breaking Undefeated Marketing System, why every company should look at themselves as a data company, the importance of connecting with your customers, and his...


Do THIS or Nothing Else Matters (Sneak Peek: OUTPERFORM for Golf)

“Look at pressure through the correct lens of ‘I want this pressure, I love this pressure, I can handle this pressure, this pressure will help me play and perform my best, and I am BUILT for this pressure.’” —Scott Welle. Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. This solocast is a sneak peek into my upcoming book, OUTPERFORM for Golf (don’t worry, you DO NOT need to be a golfer to get something out of this). The specific chapter I’m sharing is from the audiobook and is titled, “Do THIS or Nothing Else...


Build REAL Resilience: The PPP Strategy (3 Keys)

“Outperformers FEEL and EXPERIENCE the same basic emotions as everyone else, but what they are FANTASTIC at is identifying when emotions and thought patterns aren’t serving them and bouncing back faster than everyone else.” —Scott Welle. Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. This solocast addresses the big misconceptions around “mental toughness” and resilience, and unveils my “PPP strategy” to help you bounce back, faster and easier, anytime you encounter stress, pressure, adversity and overwhelm. Show...


Mainstream Myth: Massive Action Does NOT Solve All Problems

“With massive action comes inconsistency, because at SOME point, it becomes unsustainable. And when we take massive, inconsistent action, it often ends up leading to ORDINARY results.” —Scott Welle. Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. This solocast addresses one of the biggest myths in goal achievement: “Massive action solves all problems.” Yes, massive action WILL get you results but is it the ONLY way? And, most importantly, is it the BEST way? Show notes and the video for this episode can be found...


How to Have Outrageously Consistent Performance

“What you do in your routine is not as important as the fact that you do SOMETHING, and do it repeatedly.” —Scott Welle. Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. This solocast is in response to one of the most common challenges I hear from coaching clients—inconsistent performance. There are three specific ways that you can be more consistent and effective in everything you do personally, professionally and/or athletically. Show notes and the video for this episode can be found at...


How the BEST Perform Under Pressure and Stress

“If you are going into something saying ‘I need to produce this outcome,’ I promise it will only lead to more pressure, stress and anxiety in what you’re doing every single day.” —Scott Welle. Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. This solocast is on how the BEST perform under pressure. There are three specific things they do that allow them to not only stretch themselves to achieve and accomplish big, bold things in this world, but when they are “under the gun” of a stressful meeting, proposal,...


Brad Lantz: Mind Health, Hypnotherapy and High Performance

“Your beliefs come from your subconscious. All actions come from what you see, what you speak and the words others speak.” Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. In this episode, Brad Lantz and I discuss unlocking the power of the human mind by removing our self-limiting beliefs, hypnotherapy and the role of the subconscious in peak performance. Show notes for this episode can be found at https://scottwelle.com/brad-lantz and you can learn more about Brad’s great work at www.MindSyncpro.com. Enjoy and...


Get it Done in 2021: The RIGHT Question to Ask

“We spend so much time talking about what we want to DO. I don’t know that we think enough about who we want to BE.” —Scott Welle. Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. This solocast is the first in the 2021 Goal Achievement Series, focusing on the importance of not just what we want to DO, but on who we want to BE. So much of our behaviors are driven by our identity and if we can intentionally show up as a better version of ourselves and let THAT drive our actions, we’re in a better place to Outperform...


What a Weird 2020: Five Lessons Learned

“I think we have a better 2021 on the horizon, hopefully with a greater appreciation of lessons learned from everything we’ve gone through.” —Scott Welle. Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. This solocast is about 2020, one of the strangest years ever. Certainly a year unlike ANY other. One thing I challenge myself to do anytime I’m going through change, challenge or crisis, is to think of the lessons I’m learning as it’s happening. In this episode, I share five things I learned during 2020 that will...


Daily Execution: The Seinfeld Strategy

“The daily execution of doing something is the boring part of excellence that no one wants to talk about.” —Scott Welle. Text OUTPERFORM to 38470. This solocast is about one of my favorite strategies for peak performance: The Seinfeld Strategy. Years ago, Brad Isaac, an aspiring comedian, asked Seinfeld backstage at one of his shows how he could become a better at comedy. The simplicity and GENIUS in his answer is what I discuss during this podcast and The Seinfeld Strategy is something that...


The Cycle of Peak Performance (where it starts)

“If you can understand and grasp how this can play out in your personal and/or professional life, I promise you’ll go to the next level of performance and get better results in whatever area you’re looking to achieve them.” —Scott Welle. This solocast is an excerpt from a live virtual training event, where I discuss one of the most important concepts in Outperforming, the cycle of peak performance. We ALL have beliefs—about leadership, conflict, potential, value and the world around us in...


Enclothed Cognition: A Must for Peak Performance

“In our psychology, we’re always looking for quick fixes to help us perform better immediately and there is POWER to wearing something that our brain associates with a given level of performance.” —Scott Welle. In this solocast, I discuss the concept of “Enclothed Cognition” and how the physical experience and the symbolic meaning of wearing something can have a tremendous impact on how we Outperform (very important in our current virtual world). This is part of a larger field of...


Brooke Buys: Evolving Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

“Our inability to coexist in the looong range of emotions is unfortunate. We’ve told people that anxiety is not good. Actually, it serves us really well as human beings and we’ve needed a degree of anxiety to be able to function and evolve. There is GOOD anxiety that exists.” —Brooke Buys. In this episode, Brooke and I discuss mental health, the challenges and the stigmas in the “traditional” model and her innovative and personalized approach that is getting clients better results, faster....