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A creative project exploring all things Occupation, Occupational Science, and Occupational Therapy

A creative project exploring all things Occupation, Occupational Science, and Occupational Therapy




A creative project exploring all things Occupation, Occupational Science, and Occupational Therapy






148 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Sakshi Tickoo

his session will focus on understanding the basics of sexuality and the various ways it translates into human occupations.


147 – Should Therapy be Conducted Outdoors

For some students virtual learning and, in turn, virtual therapy is the only option available. Zoom fatigue, anyone? ?‍♀️ This got us thinking…is this really the best way for students to be learning and what are some alternative means for providing client centered therapy. What about using resources that all of us have right at our fingertips: Nature! ??


146 – Eating Disorders Program Followup ft Carissa Gualano

Carissa returns to the podcast! During her last episode (OCCUPIED 123) she discussed her personal experience with eating disorders and was about to embark on her doctoral project. She has now completed that project and has come back to talk about how it went.


145 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION – ft John Knight

This session will cover the learnings from a number of years research into digital workers’ occupational experience.


144 – THE OT ROUNDTABLE – Should Every OT Practitioner Be A Fieldwork Educator?

Is being a fieldwork educator a skill? What are traits that make a good educator? Importance of communication Navigating safety and expectations Educators knowing their roles in fieldwork education When do you know that you are ready to take students? How we can prepare to be a fieldwork educator


143 – An Exploration of Creativity ft Moo Smith

In this episode Moo and I explore creativity and where the mental and physical benefits of creativity might lay as well as how Moo manages the balance between using creativity for self expression as well as a business.


142 – THE OT ROUNDTABLE – Do Occupational Therapy Practitioners Make Good Entrepreneurs?

What makes OT practitioners good (and bad) as entrepreneurs Navigating the ins and outs of business without a business degree Importance of understanding finances Can anybody be an entrepreneur Social entrepreneurship


141 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Dr Allison Sullivan

Session Title “How Did I Get Here? One Occupational Therapist’s Search for Meaning” Session Details (TW // sexual violence) The purpose of this session is to provide my personal perspective as a practitioner, educator, and researcher on the topics identified as the focus of this seminar series. In these roles, I have attempted to understand people as occupational beings. This quest has led me to explore and promote people’s engagement in activities, and in learning in particular, and...


140 – OT and Pain ft Natalie Khan

This ep we have a look at that experience and then funnel down into her interest and experience living and working with chronic pain.


139 – WFOT Congress with WFOT President Samantha Shann

We explored Samantha's journey through the profession, how she got involved with WFOT, how she made it to the position of President and we explore the upcoming WFOT Congress in Paris.


THE OT ROUNDTABLE – 138 -Who is the Imposter?

Alondra is an occupational therapist in Bay Area California and currently, she provides services via Hippotherapy, which entails incorporating horses And utilizing the movement of the horse Within the treatment sessions. She has a keen interest in imposter syndrome given her own personal experience of it.


137 – BecomingOT ft Dr Tailor Blaine

Her passion for improving those around her and assisting people to learn from her experiences is infectious. But how did it get to this stage? How did she get to share her content with thousands of OT's? How does she cope with modern day stressors of being a content creator? These are just a couple of the things we explored.


136 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Dr Daniela Castro De Jong & Dr Georgia Pike-Rowney

This session will introduce the participants to the community-based Music Engagement Program, which aims to create opportunities for social interaction and wellbeing for all of those who are involved through sharing songs.


135 – MOHO 101 ft Ruth Hambling

I'm the first to admit that I never used the MOHO much in clinical practice for a number of reasons. Conversations with Ruth started to get me to revisit some of the thoughts I'd had for a long while.


OCCUPIED PLUS+ CLIP – Essentialism and Productivity

So recently I embarked on a challenge with a few friends. We read Greg McKeown's Essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less. The common feeling through the group was that we all often take on way more projects than we might have the capacity to handle.


134 – ALL ABOUT OCCUPATION ft Dr Danielle Hitch

Outcome measurement is crucial to proving the effectiveness of occupational therapy, but remains scarce in many areas of practice. So what’s holding us back?


133 – An OT’s Perspective of His Own Traumatic Injury ft Collin Hernandez

In this episode we explore the injury and his rehabilitation up to this point from an occupational perspective.


THE OT ROUNDTABLE – 132 – What Impact is Isolation Having on People’s Habits, Routines and Health

This episode we are diving into the effects we have been experiencing recently due to the COVID-19 pandemic and “safer-at-home” restrictions. We looked at how it has impacted our habits and routines and also what we can do to adjust to these changes to maintain a sense of positivity and mental wellbeing.


OCCUPIED PLUS+ CLIP – The Stress-Vulnerability Model

This is a model that I have used for many years with a massive variety of clients, friends, family and myself to help explain how a variety of concepts interrelate and can impact on our ability to cope with life.


131 – Political Competency in OT ft Dr Nick Pollard

Dr Nick Pollard is a senior lecturer in occupational therapy at Sheffield Hallam University, teaching occupational therapy students at undergraduate and post graduate level, and course leader of the MSc pre-registration programme. He was previously professional lead in occupational therapy, vocational rehabilitation and dietetics on an interim basis for 23 months, and before that team leader and research co-ordinator for occupational therapy also at senior lecturer grade. His MA explored...