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ROCK YOUR MIDLIFE will help you get real, discover who you are, and give you the tools to navigate your life. Based on Dr. Ellen’s (aka The Midlife Whisperer™) groundbreaking work, it’s your midlife roadmap – the blueprint you need to roll with change, transform yourself, and create a fabulous next chapter.


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ROCK YOUR MIDLIFE will help you get real, discover who you are, and give you the tools to navigate your life. Based on Dr. Ellen’s (aka The Midlife Whisperer™) groundbreaking work, it’s your midlife roadmap – the blueprint you need to roll with change, transform yourself, and create a fabulous next chapter.




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Stepping into your Power Through Pleasure

In this show, you’re going to learn how to Rock Pleasure. Pleasure is how you thank the Universe for being alive. Pleasure can help you step into your power and enjoy your life more. Yet many midlife women struggle with experiencing pleasure. This show is going to help you up your pleasure measure. You’ll learn exactly how to have more pleasure and how pleasure can empower you. Our guest is the amazing and beautiful Emma Eirene. Known as the Pleasure Activator, Emma is a somatic trauma informed women’s empowerment coach, speaker, and photographer.


Meno Like a Boss and Make Midlife the Best Time of Life

Today we’re talking all about menopause and how to meno like a boss. If you’re going through peri-menopause, the period of time before your period actually stops, you’re not alone. Right now 53 million American women are going through the change, and 1.3 million women in the U.S. enter menopause each year.


The Joy of Midlife Entrepreneurship

According to Small Biz Trends statistics for 2021, people between the 50 and 59 are at the top of the startup founders list with 35%. Recent research debunks the myth of youth and reveals that entrepreneurs in their 50s succeed at approximately the same rate as those in their 20s. If you’re one of those midlife women who’s been thinking about becoming a business owner, today’s show is going to provide the information you need to succeed.


How to become a Money Manifestation Master

You are more powerful than you realize. According to today’s guest Abundance Activator, Lara Waldman, you can totally change your life and unleash your abundant power. On this show you’re going to learn exactly how to transform your life and your live with more joy, abundance, and purpose. You’ll discover how to transform your money story, master money manifestation, and embody your wealth frequency so you own your value. Plus, you’ll discover how to deprogram and release the blocks that hold you back form effortlessly manifesting as your true, fully worthy creator self.


Menopause is necessary, suffering is not!

Menopause is necessary, suffering is not! The menopause toolkit approach to your best health (nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, pharmacology and supplement options). All things about menopause - How to diagnose, treatment options, common but rarely talked about symptoms.


From Stuck to Unstoppable: Strategies for Thriving in Midlife with Dr. Ellen Albertson

Are you ready to learn how to ROCK your MIDLIFE? Here are some great tips Was honored to be invited on Conscious Business Zone show with Kathy Mason. Enjoy the show......


Reinventing Your Life is Often One Powerful Community Away

In this show with Giselle Baumet - the Community & Product Manager at Teacup, Inc, we will be talking about how a supportive community can provide your with accountability and motivation, as well as valuable feedback and advice. Being around others who are also working towards personal growth can help normalize the experience and make it feel less daunting. Additionally, having a community of people who share similar values and goals can create a sense of belonging and connection, which can be especially important during times of transition which are so common at midlife.


Inspiring Hopeful Curiosity For A Plant Based Lifestyle

A Plant Based Lifestyle is a lifestyle that anyone can adapt to go vegan and live a healthy lifestyle. The food you eat plays a crucial role in your overall well-being. The right diet promotes longevity, vigor, health, clarity of mind and physical strength in your life. In this show we will be discussing how you can eat more plants and why doing so will improve your health and wellbeing. Plus, we’ll be sharing inspiring facts about plant based lifestyle with Peter Goldstein - Founder and Chief Synergy Officer at


What’s it’s really like to be a clairvoyant psychic medium?

Get ready to feel inspired and up your midlife mojo because on today’s show, you are going to hear from internationally known television clairvoyant and psychic medium Jeni Ji Cousins. She’s going to share what it’s really like to be a clairvoyant psychic medium. Plus, you’ll learn about how to transform be authentic, get ground, and find inner peace. It’s going to be an amazing show that will help you rock your midlife! Enjoy the show!!


Breakthrough to Love Create Lasting, Passionate Love at Midlife

Love Expert and Bestselling Author Dr. Diana Kirschner will personally match you with a handpicked coach for a GIFT session! Click here Simply fill out the form and Say “Ellen sent me” for VIP treatment! Psychologist Dr. Diana Kirschner appeared on Oprah and stars in an Amazon show, Love in 90 Days: Finding Your Own True Love. Her smash bestseller is Love in 90 Days. Through her acclaimed coaching team, Dr. Diana has helped tens of thousands all over the world to create self-confidence, success, and lasting soulmate relationships. Dr. Diana’s website, is a leading source of empowerment, dating, and relationship advice


Reverse your Foot Pain and Improve the Quality of your Life!

April is National Foot Awareness Month. On this show, you will learn cool new ways to take care of your feet from two of the world’s top podiatrists. I was shocked to learn that 25% of Americans live with bunions. Many people do nothing about this painful condition which is genetic. Bunions and other foot issues interfere with your wellbeing and keep you from walking which has numerous health benefits. Walking improves heart health and blood sugar regulation, reduces joint pain, enhances memory, reduces your risk of Alzheimer’s disease, lowers stress, lowers breast cancer risk, strengthens your body, improves sleep, and boost weight loss and metabolism. The good news is you can stop the suffering and walk pain free again. On today’s show you’ll learn exactly how to improve the health of your feet from Dr. Sarah Haller and Dr. Brad Schaffer. They have been treating some of the country's most extreme foot-related ailments on TLC's hit series, My Feet Are Killing Me. Today they share how to treat a variety of problems including hammertoes, warts, tumors and one of the most common and painful podiatric conditions – bunions. After years of seeing patients suffer with the painful and progressive deformity, the physicians are taking steps to build broader awareness of bunions and the fact that they can often be treated successfully with the most advanced treatment options. It's going to be a great show that can help reverse your foot pain and improve the quality of your life!


Step Outside Your Comfort Zone & Transform Yourself & the World

Are you feeling stuck? Wondering how you can change your life and have a bigger impact on the world. Today’s show is going to help you step outside your comfort zone and transform the world. I’m talking with full-time digital nomad Michelle Fishburne who traveled all over the United States interviewing people about what they lost and found during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Then I will be talking with humanitarian Jane Olson about her remarkable and courageous journeys to countries broken by violence and war. It's going to be an inspiring show that will help you find the courage to face your fears, act, and make a difference in the world.


Have More FUN and Step into Possibility at Midlife!

Get ready to play and step into possibilities because today’s show is going to help you have more fun at midlife and navigate what’s next. You’ll discover that having fun is actually good for you. As our first guest Dr. Mike Rucker explains, having fun is not just for pleasure, but a vital component of living a fulfilling life. When we let it, fun can improve our mental well-being, boost creativity, and increase productivity. Then we’ll be talking with life coach and podcaster, Wendy Green who is going to help you discover how to navigate the midlife transformational journey with more joy and ease.


Healing and Transforming Your Body and Emotions Naturally

Healing and transformation are challenging especially at midlife when we have so many habits, emotions, and thought patterns that we are used to. Change brings up so many difficult emotions from fear and overwhelm to shame. Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly you can feel totally discombobulated. However, this is a natural part of the transformation and healing process. It’s what you need to do to Rock Your Midlife. Today’s show is going to help you process all that change and give you powerful tools to transform your body and emotions. I’m talking with two midlife rockstars. Top rated health coach Nagina Abullah and bestselling author, breast cancer survivor and warrior Dr. Veronique Desaulniers who will share her signature7 Essential system to heal and beat breast cancer naturally.


Midlife Nutrition: From Fixing Meals Fast to Letting Dieting Go

Nicole Meyer is a wiz in the kitchen and she’s going to tell us how busy women can nail nutritious meals. Do you want to lose weight without dieting. Then you’ll want to listen to my conversation with Marina Cadore. She’s a best-selling author, International speaker and Executive Wellbeing Coach who will share her method for how to get off the weight-loss roller coaster and losing one kilogram a week without dieting.


Get Energized: Elevate Your Relationship With Your Body & Food!

Are you struggling with your relationship with your body and food? Most women in midlife are. Negative body image doesn’t go away when you hit menopause and we don’t magically start craving carrots instead of chips. In fact, as your body changes – you gain weight, your hair thins, and your skin starts to wrinkle. This show will help you feel good about your body, eat right to feel energized and healthy, and even help heal the planet.


The Joy and Power of Pets

Do you love animals and pets? You’re not alone! A 2021-2022 survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA) 70% found households own a pet. Among the 70%, there are 69 million U.S. households that own a dog compared to 45.3 million households that own a cat. According to Forbes 78% of pet owners acquired pets during the pandemic compared to only 17% of pet owners adopting a new pet before 2020. Why do we love our pets so much? Animals serve as a source of unconditional love, support, and comfort. They reduce loneliness, increase feelings of social support, and boost mood. Plus, pets decrease stress and anxiety, improve heart health and help children with emotional and social skills. On today’s episode I’m talking with two animal experts who will share their passion for pets. My first guest is animal communicator, psychic, and medium Nancy Mello. Then I’ll be talking with pet therapy dog advocate Larry Grogan. They are going to help you learn how to better understand and connect with your pets and even inspire you to learn how to work with your pet to help others.


Feel Confident & Secure Your Midlife Romantically and Financially

Do you believe in miracles - surprising and welcome events that are not explicable by natural or scientific laws and therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency? Are you ready for a miracle especially around your love life and finances? Then you’ll want to listen to today’s episode. I’m talking with celebrity healer and miracle worker Adrien Blackwell who teaches people how to become confident, miraculous, energy healers. Adriene is going to share her story of how she because a healer and developed confidence in her gifts. She’s also going to talk about her Making Miracles Happen Series and how to secure your midlife romantically and financially. Plus, I’ll also be sharing my own story of how I found love and romance at midlife and how you can too. Sign up for Making Miracles Happen Series HERE:


Eat & Flourish: How Food Supports Emotional Well-Being

Are you an emotional eater? You’re not alone. All of us are! However, the term emotional eating has negative connotations and suggests images like having a threesome with Ben and Jerry or diving under the covers with Netflix and chips. Today’s show will challenge you to reconsider what emotional eating is! We’re dishing about the power food has to heal our bodies and nourish our minds. Plus, you’ll discover how to use emotional eating for your long-term wellbeing. Today’s guest is Washington Post writer and editor Mary Beth Albright. She will share her ground-breaking exploration of the way – what and how we eat it – shapes our mental and psychological health. As Mary Beth writes in her new book Eat & Flourish: How Food Supports Emotional Well-Being, food is pleasurable. We feel joy when we eat, whether it’s a juicy peach, crusty bread, or chocolate – and we especially feel uplifted when we’re sharing a meal. You’ll learn how to eat to support your emotional wellbeing, the role pleasure plays, how to use food to support your gut microbiome, how certain foods help reduce the inflammation that can harm mental health, and how to develop a healthful eating pattern for life.


True Style Empowerment for Times of Change

Midlife can feel like you’re trapped in a chrysalis caught between your past and future, no longer a caterpillar and not yet a butterfly. While you can feel stuck and like you’ve lost your way, style mojo, and sense of self this is a natural part of the process of change. It’s also the perfect time to engage with transformation. One of the best ways to cross this life threshold through midlife and menopause in an empowered way is to embrace who you are now as you create who you are becoming. Discovering your True Style at midlife NOW – not when you lose weight, find the right mate, or finally become your future self- can be a major part of the process. Today’s guest, Style Empowerment Coach, Leesa Whisker is going to help you discover not only how to look and feel amazing but also how to find your True Style. Link to join the True Style Journey: