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How is it that Women achieve more college degrees and outearn Men in 40% of US households, yet research shows they continue to be significantly less Confident than Men? Even some of the most successful Women continue to struggle with constant Overthinking, Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome. And with the amplified pressures now presented through Social Media Platforms, there is a growing epidemic of Perfectionism with young women and girls. This Confidence Crisis is happening in spite of many advancements Women have made over the last 50 years. Join Girl-Dad and Women’s Empowerment Coach, Dr. Tony Dufresne (PhD) each week as he interviews Empowered Women with Compelling Stories and Valuable Insights into Overcoming those Self-Doubt challenges and obstacles, leading to Building and Maintaining True Confidence. So, if you feel a More Confident YOU would make life for you and the people you care about a WHOLE LOT BETTER…this show is for YOU!


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How is it that Women achieve more college degrees and outearn Men in 40% of US households, yet research shows they continue to be significantly less Confident than Men? Even some of the most successful Women continue to struggle with constant Overthinking, Self-Doubt and Imposter Syndrome. And with the amplified pressures now presented through Social Media Platforms, there is a growing epidemic of Perfectionism with young women and girls. This Confidence Crisis is happening in spite of many advancements Women have made over the last 50 years. Join Girl-Dad and Women’s Empowerment Coach, Dr. Tony Dufresne (PhD) each week as he interviews Empowered Women with Compelling Stories and Valuable Insights into Overcoming those Self-Doubt challenges and obstacles, leading to Building and Maintaining True Confidence. So, if you feel a More Confident YOU would make life for you and the people you care about a WHOLE LOT BETTER…this show is for YOU!




The Importance of a Supportive Tribe: Confidence Through Community

Welcome to another episode of "She Talks Confidence Podcast." Youtube Video Link: HERE In this episode, we dive deep into the importance of a supportive tribe; the power of community and the significant role it plays in building confidence. My guest, Marni Heinz (, a leadership coach and sales expert, shares her personal journey of rising through the ranks and how her confidence was shaped by being part of a supportive tribe. This episode Marni shares here tips on explores the impact of having a strong support system and the benefits of seeking guidance and learning from others. Topics discussed include: The Importance of Community in Building Confidence How to create a tribe to support transition and growth The need for multiple Tribes and Communities Imposter Syndrome and the Role of Community How to integrate your personal and professional tribes How to recognize the need for change when current strategies are not working How to balance Life and Work in Community Building Whether you're navigating a career transition or striving for personal growth, this episode will shed light on the vital role of community in boosting confidence. Stay tuned and get ready to be inspired. Like always, you can reach me at or head over to my website ( Pick up my new ebook, "Transform Your Life: True Confidence for Women" - HERE Timestamp 00:00 Start. 01:36 Enterprise software sales professional shares journey and community importance. 03:39 Sought guidance, learned from leaders, pursued coaching. 08:15 Both internal and external networking are important. 12:53 Formal professional communities provide knowledge, support. 14:30 Mentorship helps save time and energy. 19:21 Embracing fear creates growth and community. 20:48 In community, I learn and grow personally. 24:17 "Toxic work environment, seek community for support." 26:54 Marnie Hines: unique name for networking online.


Unleashing Confidence Through Music with Music Coach Katz Keys

In today's episode, music teacher and coach, Katz (, talks about the power of music to unleash your Inner Confidence! Youtube Video Link: Click Here As an educator and entrepreneur, Kat brings a unique perspective to the table, sharing her experiences as a musician and the impact it has had on her own confidence. This conversation dives deep into the importance of commitment, consistency, creativity, and compassion in building confidence through music. Kat also provides valuable insights into overcoming obstacles and mindset shifts, sharing practical tips for listeners to apply in their own lives. So, if you're ready to discover how music can be a catalyst for confidence and personal growth, tune in to this inspiring episode of the She Talks Confidence Podcast! More questions? Contact Kat at Contact me at Pick up my new ebook, "Transform Your Life: True Confidence for Women" by clicking HERE Timestamp 00:00 Start. 02:56 From Philippines to LA pursuing dance, music. 06:01 Creativity and skills lead to confidence in music. 07:13 Interesting insights from teaching music. 11:06 A partnership setting up for success. 15:46 Benefits of music for learning and pleasure. 17:23 Focus on one thing, like having dinner together. 20:49 Music-based life coach brings transformative pleasure. 24:45 - info, show notes. Contact at or - all-in-one resource. New ebook - cheaper than pumpkin spice latte. Change life for fewer calories.


From Financial Struggles to Financial Confidence: A Journey of Transformation with Sara LaChance

In this episode, financial coach Sara LaChance ( shares her powerful story from financial struggles to financial confidence. See the Youtube Video HERE In this episode, financial coach Sara LaChance ( shares her powerful story from financial struggles to financial confidence. Sara and Tony take a deep dive into the topic of financial confidence and the importance of taking control of your finances. Sara shares her personal journey from facing financial struggles to becoming a financial coach, and how she helps her clients gain confidence and make their money work for them. They discuss the challenges faced by millennials in today's economy, the mindset shifts required for financial success, and the importance of holistic well-being when it comes to managing your finances. If you're ready to take the first steps towards financial empowerment, this episode is for you. So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to gain some valuable insights on the She Talks Confidence Podcast! You can email Sara with any questions at Question for me? Pick up my brand new ebook "Transform Your Life: True Confidence for Women" HERE Time Stamp [00:00:00] Start. [00:02:28] Financial coach enables proactive money management. [00:05:32] Necessary pain showed strengths, weaknesses, and shortcuts. [00:07:11] Financial advising and coaching are different. [00:09:54] Supporting lifestyle means prioritizing desires and financial goals. [00:15:00] Agree on MEPS MAP for holistic health. [00:17:33] Finance & money management: self-esteem, confidence, stability, support. [00:19:22] Be open, honest, and create balance. [00:25:25] Confidence offers transformative ebook for women.


Building Confidence Through Nutrition vs. Using Ozempic or Wegovy

In this episode, Executive Health and Wellness Coach, Tina Hong ( reveals the benefits of building confidence through nutrition vs using Semaglutides like Ozempic or Wegovy. Youtube link to the show video, click Here Together, Tina and Tony delve into the world of health and wellness, discussing topics like body image, control factors, and reframing our relationship with food. With over a decade of experience, Tina explains how she helps her clients gain a better understanding of their health and empowers them to make positive changes without having to resort to quick fixes, like Semaglutides. Tune in to learn more about Tina's Ignite program and how it can transform your mindset, habits, and nutrition. This episode is filled with valuable insights and actionable advice for women seeking confidence in their health and well-being. Don't miss out on this empowering conversation OR Tina's special offer to you. You can email Tina with any addition questions at You can reach me at tony@the or head over to my website ( to book a session or buy my book. If you're interested in getting my new Ebook, "Transform Your Life: True Confidence for Women", click here ( Timestamp [00:00:45] Start. [00:00:45] Excitement about health and wellness coaching discussed briefly. [00:05:07] Realization of healthcare system's limitations, calling for change. [00:07:26] Nutrition, weight loss, education, and empowerment. [00:10:46] Chocolate to health coach: patterns, psychology, NLP. [00:15:34] Quick fix weight loss creates body dysmorphia (Semaglutudes/Ozempic/Wegovy). [00:17:30] Natural healing through food and gut health. [00:22:16] Importance of mindset, foundation, and relationship with food.


How One Woman Dentist is Redefining Success and Advocating for Change

In today's episode, titled "How One Woman Dentist is Redefining Success and Advocating for Change," I am thrilled to have the incredible Dr. Michelle Jorgensen ( as my guest. Youtube video link: Click Here Dr. Michelle shares her remarkable journey in dentistry and her unwavering belief in the power of women in healthcare. Michelle's story is one of resilience and determination as she navigated a male-dominated industry as the only woman dentist in her county for many years. Despite the challenges she faced, Michelle asserted herself and pushed through barriers, paving the way for a stronger sense of sisterhood among women in the profession. In the show, we delve into the profound connection between holistic care and overall well-being, as Michelle highlights how women bring a unique perspective to healthcare. She passionately advocates for considering the whole body, including diet and products used, in providing the best care for patients. In addition, Michelle discusses the power of mindset and how women can overcome mental barriers to succeed in any field. Drawing from her experiences as a mentor to young doctors, she emphasizes the advantages women have, such as being seen as more compassionate and thoughtful. Join us on this inspiring episode as we explore Dr. Michelle Jorgensen's journey and gain valuable insights into the changing landscape of healthcare and the influential role of women. Get ready to be empowered and motivated to redefine success and advocate for change. If you want to get a hold of me: My new website: The new Ebook is here! Transform Your Life - True Confidence for Women ...Click Here Timestamp [00:00:00] Start. [00:01:11] Mom supports student, encourages overcoming limitations. [00:05:23] Woman dentist faced gender stereotypes, persevered. [00:08:41] Women in dentistry find sisterhood and support. [00:11:59] Gender bias in business, personal mindset important. [00:14:35] Mercury testing shows hidden health issues. Healthy dentistry. [00:18:02] Partner manages, employs male doctors, maternity leave. [00:20:28] Transitioning practice for better patient health. [00:23:30] Mouth is mirror of internal health. [00:26:42] Find me on and social media. Virtual consultations available worldwide.


Empowering Women to Redefine Success and Overcome Challenges

Welcome to another Empowering episode of the She Talks Confidence Podcast. In today's episode, titled "Empowering Women to Redefine Success," I chat with Attorney and Mom, Andrea Pollack, the founder of Autism Parent Solutions. To watch the Youtube video, click HERE Andrea's journey began as a successful lawyer, but when her son was diagnosed with autism, everything changed. Andrea made the brave decision to leave her career behind and homeschool her son, taking a leap of faith into uncharted territory. In this episode, she shares her inspiring story of resilience and the importance of redefining success. Andrea discusses the mindset shifts she had to make in order to embrace and accept her son exactly as he was, while still wanting the best for him. She also shares valuable insights on advocating for our children, overcoming obstacles, and creating a supportive family dynamic. Join us as we explore Andrea's empowering journey and gain valuable insights into redefining success on your own terms. If you would like more information on Andrea's program or want to chat with her: (646) 872-0500 If you have anything you'd like to chat with me about or to check out the new website: or click to pick up my new ebook, "Transform Your Life: True Confidence for Women" Timestamp [00:00:00] Start. [00:01:07] Left career to homeschool son with autism. [00:04:13] Acceptance and growth in relationships, overcoming challenges. [00:08:04] Relationships key to homeschooling child with autism. [00:13:10] Small steps, celebrations, perspective shift, rapid progress. [00:14:42] Simple framework helps analyze and address situations [00:20:22] Lawyer amazed at struggling to parent her child. [00:21:30] Parenting: Learning by doing and tweaking. [00:25:07] Believe, embrace, and make major shifts.


Breaking the Mold: Embracing Your Unique Path to Success

Welcome to another empowering episode of the She Talks Confidence Podcast! In this episode, entitled "Breaking the Mold: Embracing Your Unique Path to Success". Youtube Video Link: This week's special guest is Ashley Delp, a successful real estate broker from Billings, Montana (Yellowstone Country). Ashley shares her journey of breaking free from societal expectations and building her own business. Growing up on a ranch, Ashley learned the importance of self-sufficiency and trusting her intuition. These skills became the foundation for her confidence as she ventured into the real estate industry. Despite facing doubts and naysayers, Ashley took the leap and left her teaching career behind to pursue her passion for sales. In this inspiring conversation, Ashley opens up about the challenges she encountered along the way and how she overcame them. She shares the importance of embracing your uniqueness and refusing to conform to traditional norms. Ashley's story is a testament to the power of self-belief and determination. In the show we talk about practical tips for overcoming limiting beliefs and embracing your inner power. Whether you're considering starting your own business or navigating a career change, this episode will provide valuable insights and inspiration. "Breaking the Mold: Embracing Your Unique Path to Success" is a must-listen for anyone seeking to step outside their comfort zone and pursue their dreams. If you are interested in contacting Ashley, go to or go to her website: You can get ahold of me at or head over to my new website: where you can pick up my new ebook, " Transform Your Life: True Confidence for Women". Timestamp [00:00:00] Start. [00:02:27] Blessed to grow up on Montana ranch. [00:03:07] Figure it out, trust your gut, self-sufficient. [00:08:04] Real estate: tough growth or quit. [00:10:52] Andy Frisella invented a 75-day program. [00:14:41] Therapy without implementing changes in life. [00:16:11] Cost and pain are necessary for improvement. [00:20:25] Yellowstone Homes For Sale - Contact for assistance.


A Journey From Illness to Self-Acceptance

Join us on a transformative journey from illness to Self-Acceptance in this episode of the She Talks Confidence Podcast featuring special guest Alexa Federico, a functional nutritionist specializing in ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease ( Check out the Youtube video of the show HERE In this captivating conversation, we delve into the complex world of women's confidence and the profound impact that physical health can have on one's sense of self-worth. Alexa shares her personal journey of being diagnosed with Crohn's disease at the tender age of 12. She opens up about the challenges she faced in seeking proper medical care, experiencing negligence, and having her pain minimized. Despite these difficulties, Amanda's story is one of resilience and inner strength. She credits her ability to rise above the struggles to the transformative power of self-acceptance and finding the silver linings in her experiences. Throughout the episode, Amanda and Tony discuss how health and confidence are intimately interconnected. They explore the ways in which physical well-being can shape our mental and emotional states, emphasizing the vital role confidence plays in successfully navigating life's obstacles. From societal pressures to systemic patriarchy, Amanda and Tony shed light on common struggles faced by women and offer tools and insights to help build and maintain confidence in the face of adversity. Discover how embracing one's journey, no matter how challenging, can lead to profound personal growth and empowerment. Don't miss this episode of the She Talks Confidence Podcast, where courage, resilience, and self-acceptance take center stage. Before you go, check out my new website ( where you can find all the shows as well as pick up my new ebook, "Transform Your Life: True Confidence for Women". Timestamp [00:00:00] Start. [00:02:43] Tough to believe, negligence led to diagnosis. [00:04:41] Identity struggle during adolescence affects self-confidence. [00:08:42] Crohn's, trauma, and body image struggles. [00:10:41] Overcoming challenges shaped me into stronger person. [00:16:37] Physical pain impacted my mental and emotional healing. [00:19:31] Clients realize need for better boundaries. [00:20:51] Choose one change at a time for improvement.


The Power of Adversity in Building Confidence

Today's episode is all about "The Power of Adversity in Building Confidence." To check out the Youtube video version of the episode, click here. I'm thrilled to have Coach and Speaker, Macarena Real de Azua ( as my special guest. From her time at the United Nations to her experiences in the Congo, raising two children on her own in New York City, and even taking on grueling long-distance triathlons, Macarena has faced adversity head-on. In this episode, we'll explore how she has used adversity as an opportunity for growth and it's incredible impact on confidence building, and how she helps her clients overcome their own obstacles. Get ready to be inspired and empowered as we discuss the power of perception and the journey to personal transformation. Stay tuned for a conversation that will leave you motivated and ready to conquer any challenge that comes your way. For private coaching or speaking, you can reach Macarena at To pick up my new ebook (Transform Your Life: True Confidence for Women) or to buy my book or get a hold of me, go to or email me at Timestamp [00:00:00] Start [00:01:56] Perceiving adversity differently shapes our lives. [00:04:46] Down, unhappy, resentful, drinking, overwhelmed, reaching out. [00:07:23] My perspective shaped my entire life. [00:10:15] Behavioral change leads to personal and professional growth. [00:14:00] Qualities for navigating challenges: strength, patience, compassion. [00:16:13] Contact me at or theconfidence for questions. New ebook available for low price. Save calories and learn something. Contact


Barbie, Confidence, and the Evolution of Women

In this episode, fellow Women's Empowerment Coach, Gia Lacqua, and I dive headfirst into the world of Barbie and exploring how the new movie speaks to Women's Confidence and the evolution of women in society. We break down the recently released Barbie movie and all the amazing messages it carries. We're talking about Barbie's evolution and how she's dealing with her own existential crisis. It's a journey that every woman can relate to, from waking up and discovering cellulite to questioning society's beauty standards. It's all about the challenges faced by women on their way to success. But here's the twist: it's not just about women. We're delving into the roles of men as well and how they fit into the equation. It's all about creating a more equitable society and finding a balance that works for everyone. So grab your popcorn and get ready for an empowering and thought-provoking conversation on confidence, self-discovery, and the ever-evolving expectations placed on women. Let's dive into the world of Barbie and discover the hidden messages behind this game-changing film. You won't want to miss it! If you would like to get a hold of Gia or inquire about her children's books, go to And, for me, visit my new website at where you can pick up my new ebook for the price of a Vente PSL (click HERE for the ebook). Timestamp [00:00:00] Start. [00:02:39] Barbie embodies societal perfection, explores existential crisis. [00:03:39] Unrealistic perfection, Weird Barbie, Alan, patriarchy. [00:08:07] Torn on appropriateness, but educational and empowering. [00:12:02] Peak movie moment: beautifully written, powerful, resonates. Break stereotypes, be both strong and vulnerable. [00:15:12] Empowerment coaches challenge binary thinking in society. [00:19:47] Art and entertainment make us think. [00:21:01] Movie speaks to psychologist with powerful message. [00:24:02] The show's ending highlights her embracing imperfection.


Building Confidence and Developing Exit Strategies in Relationships

In this episode author, entrepreneur and coach, Kareen Walsh (, shares her journey of building confidence by developing exit strategies in relationships. Kareen believes that having an exit strategy doesn't mean you're one foot out the door or setting yourself up for failure. Instead, it's about visualizing what leaving a situation would look like and how it can bring clarity and purpose to your actions in the present. She compares it to exit strategies in business and asks, "Why not lead your life and relationships the same way?" A well-thought-out exit strategy can actually bring clarity and help both partners assess their commitment to the relationship. It's not about abandoning someone, but about leaving what no longer serves you and creating something better. The conversation takes a deeper dive into the idea of unconditional love and the importance of maintaining your own identity in a relationship. Kareen and Tony discuss the dangers of compromising your truth and identity to please others and the importance of recognizing when it's time to exit certain roles or relationships. Throughout the episode, Kareen shares powerful insights and encourages listeners to let go of what no longer serves them. She challenges them to explore the concept of exit strategies and visualize a life where they are confidently leading their relationships. It's an episode filled with thought-provoking ideas and actionable steps towards building confidence and developing healthy exit strategies. So join us on the She Talks Confidence podcast as we dive into the world of building confidence and developing exit strategies with the incredible Kareen Walsh. You don't want to miss this empowering conversation! Please remember to subscribe, leave a review, and share this episode with the women in your life. My website is: For the price of a Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte and Cake Pop you can pick up my new "Transform Your Life - True Confidence for Women" ebook - Click Here. Together, let's embrace confidence and create a life of purpose and fulfillment. Stay tuned for more empowering episodes on the She Talks Confidence podcast!


From Self Doubt to Powerful Leader | Unleashing Potential Sooner Rather Than Later

In today's episode, I have the pleasure of welcoming back Gia Lacqua, a coach and author, as we map out the path from Self-Doubt to becoming a Powerful Leader. Watch Youtube Video Podcast here Gia shares insights and research on the systemic challenges girls face from an early age, leading to a loss of confidence and self-limiting beliefs. From doubting their potential at age five and the pressure to be a "good girl," these factors can have long-lasting effects on girls' lives and careers. We discuss the power of early empowerment, the impact of cultural aspects and parenting styles, and how we can support girls and other women in reclaiming their authenticity and voice. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to create a future of confident female leaders. Stay tuned for another insightful and empowering conversation on the She Talks Confidence Podcast. Remember, Gia's personal coaching and book info can be found at My new website is up...check it out at Timestamp [00:00:00] Start [00:01:59] Startling statistic: Girls doubt their potential at 5. [00:06:01] Changing traditional conditioning, reclaiming authenticity, empowering women. [00:07:38] Allowing appropriate risks, intentional decisions, empowering opportunities. [00:11:52] Kids need to be taught they have choices. [00:17:14] Encouraging independent thinking and handling peer pressure. [00:20:39] Creating strong core foundation vital for future impact. [00:24:15] Success is embracing imperfections and thoughts. [00:25:13] Comedy is harder than drama. Empowering accomplishment.


Turning Crisis Into Strength | Toni's Story of Courage and Unshakable Confidence

Talk about turning crisis into strength! This week, special guest Toni Rogers returns to the show with an intense and harrowing experience to share about a past Christmas gift, her ADHD, gardening and being assaulted at gunpoint. In this episode, she takes us through the events leading up to that moment and how she handled it with strength and determination. Discover how Toni's past experiences have shaped her confidence and learn valuable lessons about overcoming adversity. Stay tuned for an empowering conversation that will leave you inspired and ready to tap into your own inner strength. You can find Toni's book, "Down the Rabbit Hole" online Here. If you want to dive more into my show or what I have to offer, head over to or email me at Time stamp [00:00:00] Start [00:02:29] Unexpected encounter, stun gun saves the day. [00:08:13] Small person empowered by self-defense classes. [00:12:01] Ignore negativity, trust your inner strength. [00:13:08] Women often struggle with confidence due to confusion between different types of confidence: contextual confidence and true inner confidence. Contextual confidence relates to being skilled at something or being able to speak in front of others. Inner true confidence, on the other hand, is about accepting oneself and doing the best one can. These two types of confidence often get mixed up, leading to feelings of insecurity. To overcome this, it is important to take action, empower oneself, and not be a victim. Taking the next step and being proactive is crucial in building confidence. [00:17:32] Encouragement, support, safety, self-defense, confidence, fear. [00:19:55] Tony, thanks for the show memories. Appreciate it.


Overcoming Insecurities and Building Confidence

Welcome to the She Talks Confidence Podcast hosted by Tony Dufresne, PhD! Youtube Video Link: Click Here In this empowering episode titled "Overcoming Insecurities and Building Confidence", Certified Coach and Podcast Host, Shanenn Bryant (, sheds light on the struggles women face in building confidence and offers valuable insights and practical tools to overcome insecurities. Shanenn opens up about her challenging childhood, growing up with an alcoholic father and witnessing her mother's continuous struggle for identity, security and success. These experiences led her to develop insecurities and negative thought patterns that impacted her relationships. Through therapy and personal growth, Shanenn discovered the power of reframing her thoughts and being present in the moment. She introduces the acronym "NOW" as a tool to stay grounded and embrace the present. Throughout the episode, Shanenn emphasizes the importance of self-reflection, observing one's surroundings, and practicing gratitude to counter negative thoughts. She also shares techniques like box breathing and stepping away from moments of crisis as part of her self-regulation recipe for gaining confidence. In addition to discussing insecurities and confidence, Shanenn dives into the topic of jealousy and its impact on relationships. She explores how societal patterns and upbringing can contribute to these emotions, and shares her journey of overcoming jealousy and helping others do the same. If you're looking for inspiration to embrace your true self and cultivate unwavering confidence, this episode is a must-watch! Don't forget to subscribe to the She Talks Confidence Podcast or go to for more empowering conversations with powerful women guests. Together, let's conquer insecurities and build a future filled with confidence and self-compassion. Timestamp [00:00:00] Start [00:02:45] Ask coach to stop negative thoughts, be present. [00:05:55] Triggering thoughts, past experiences affect decision-making. Perfectionism hinders women's progress, tools available. [00:07:37] Grounding thoughts, observe, gratitude - focus on present. [00:13:00] Jealousy overcame until I found community. [00:15:34] Divorced parents, estranged dad, rebuilding relationship. [00:20:37] Tools for regrounding yourself and gaining confidence. [00:23:19] Interruptions help avoid disaster, says Shannon Bryant.


The Courage - Confidence Connection

In this episode, esteemed Personal Change Expert, Deborah Southgate talks about the importance of the connection between Courage and Confidence. YouTube video link: Click Here Deborah shares her transformative journey from hitting absolute rock bottom to finding success and happiness through the power of project management and self-care. Discover how Deborah reframed her past experiences, implemented risk management strategies in her personal life, and embarked on her own project of self-improvement. She shares the pivotal role that confidence, courage, and clear goals played in her transformation. Learn valuable tips on building confidence through small wins, prioritizing certain tasks and having the courage to take that first step. But it doesn't end there! Deborah unveils her unique "Project You" process, which blends principles of project management with personal development. Hear how she applied this methodology to overcome resistance, manage relationships, and successfully set up her own business. Whether you're seeking guidance on pursuing your passions, managing stress, or kickstarting your own project, this episode is packed with invaluable advice and inspiration. Join us as we embark on Deborah's incredible journey towards courage, confidence, empowerment, and fulfillment. You can get a hold of Deborah at or on social media as thedeborahsouthgate. My new website is up: Have a look You can contact me at


Becoming Financially Confident | How to Transform Your Money Mindset

In today's episode, financial coach Jill Emanuel shares her inspiring story of overcoming money struggles and the solution to becoming financially confident. Youtube video link: click here Jill shares her remarkable experience, from initially feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about her finances to ultimately paying off a staggering $85,000 of debt within 18 months. Throughout this episode, we explore the importance of a healthy money mindset, financial literacy, particularly for women who often bear the responsibility of managing money for either just themselves or their households. Becoming financially confident is helped tremendously by financial coaches, who focus on helping individuals make strategic decisions to tackle their current financial challenges. Through her journey, Jill discovered the transformative power of financial education and now wants to empower others with the same knowledge and skills. Jill is now the Director of Coaching and Programming at Fiscal Fitness Phoenix ( She and her team create a real impact on families and finances around the world. Check out my new website at So, grab your headphones and get ready to gain confidence in your financial journey. It's time to dive into this episode of the She Talks Confidence Podcast! Timestamp [00:00:00] Start. [00:01:16] Financial coach helps with money management. [00:05:12] College, high earning, credit card debt, job loss. [00:10:37] Rage, frustration, financial struggle, bankruptcy, life falling apart. [00:15:54] System teaches clear financial management, life-transforming results. [00:19:56] Couples and individuals have different money mindsets. [00:23:06] Summary: Fiscal Fitness offers free money training plans and a YouTube channel with helpful tips and strategies.


Confidence and Mental Health; The Powerful Connection

In today's episode, physician and Ted Talk presenter, Dr. Shahana Alibhai shares her thoughts on the connection between Confidence and Mental Health. Youtube Video Link: Shahana opens up about her own struggles with postpartum and OCD. She candidly shares the scheduling challenges and exhaustion that come with parenting, and offers tricks and tips she discovered along her own journey of overcoming these personal obstacles. Reframing thoughts and experiences is a key aspect of building confidence and improving mental health, according to Dr. Alibhai. She explains that many of her patients, particularly women, struggle with this skill, highlighting the need for teaching introspection and pattern interrupting. While she believes anyone can learn to do this on their own, she acknowledges the benefits of seeking professional help. Dr. Alibhai introduces the concept of self-compassion - the ability to acknowledge one's situation and have agency to live life on one's own terms. However, she acknowledges that being in a suffocating or constraining relationship can make it challenging to have self-compassion. Seeking help for mental health issues is crucial, and Dr. Alibhai emphasizes the importance of breaking the stigma and normalizing these conversations. Dr. Alabai challenges the overuse of terms like "self-love" and "self-care" that may contribute to burnout, suggesting a deeper exploration of these concepts. If you would like to contact Shahana, you can reach her at And, last but not least, my new website and contact info is LIVE:


The Power of Uncomfortable Conversations

In this episode, lawyer and author, Renee Bauer, talks about the power of uncomfortable conversations in creating a sense of True Confidence. Youtube video link: Through her own two divorces, at the same time being a successful divorce attorney, Renee discovered the essence of confidence lies in confronting difficult conversations and facing challenges head-on. Other topics discussed include: Renee's book: She Who Wins - Ditch Your Inner Good Girl, Overcome Uncertainty and Win at Life. Go to for more info and giveaways! For much of her adulthood, Divorce Attorney, Renée Bauer found herself lost in doing things the way she thought they ought to be done. Everything she ran up against played tug-o-war with her good girl ways. And after two failed marriages she grappled with shame, feelings of worthlessness, and doubt. Renée realized that being a “good girl” would keep her stuck at the status quo. And that was a life sentence she refused to accept. She wanted more. Through stories that will make you laugh out loud, cry, and want to get a little disruptive, She Who Wins teaches you three proven, simple steps to vanquish uncertainty, bypass the excuses holding you back, and execute on your bravery so you can have the life you really want. You can get a hold of me at Timestamp [00:00:00] Start. [00:00:55] Renee's journey from good girl to liberation. [00:04:33] Resentment builds without honest, uncomfortable conversations. [00:08:04] Podcast helped her find her true voice. [00:11:31] Faking confidence, pushing through challenges, finding power. [00:14:04] Successful, healthy marriage through open communication. [00:20:25] Overcome uncertainty, win at life, ditch girl-next-door. [00:22:47] Taking action is crucial for success.


A Journey of Change and Growth

In this episode, I have a fascinating conversation with Dr. Alice Penn as she shares her journey of change and growth, leaving behind a successful medical career to follow her chosen path. Youtube video link: Get ready to be inspired as I explore Dr. Alice's journey of self-discovery and the transformative power of rewiring our brains. In this episode, you'll hear: - Dr. Alice's background and what led her to pursue a medical career - The reasons behind her decision to leave medicine and pursue a different path - An in-depth discussion on neuroplasticity and how our brains can change, even if you are in your 30's, 40's and beyond - The importance of focus, attention, challenge, and repetition in bringing about personal growth - Insights on the role of sleep in the process of change and improvement Tune in to gain valuable insights and practical tips on finding your true calling, embracing change, and cultivating confidence. Let's dive into the inspiring story of Dr. Alice Penn on the She Talks Confidence Podcast! For coaching inquiries, Dr. Alice can be reached at For any questions you have for me: Timestamp [00:00:00] Start. [00:00:28] Podcast guest discusses personal shift in career. [00:04:10] Perfectionism driven by fear and addiction. [00:09:16] Low self-esteem, stage persona, realizing hidden talents, seeking others' perspectives, renewed confidence, pursuing new opportunities. [00:12:55] Neuroplasticity: The brain's ability to change. [00:18:35] Start small, build habits for success. [00:21:24] Identity and visualization shape confidence for change. [00:25:05] Gratitude expressed for help and communication exchange. Alice Penn MD, is an expert international coach and keynote speaker. Formerly a sought after and dynamic medical physician to high level, c-suite executives, she successfully grew her private medical practice by artfully combining her compassionate bedside manner with her laser-like problem solving abilities.


Finding Purpose Through Personal Growth

In this episode Women's Empowerment Coach Lisa Mitten discusses the process of finding purpose through personal growth and forgiveness. Lisa shares her personal experiences of self-doubt, negative self-talk, and the transformative power of forgiving oneself. Join us as we explore the importance of changing beliefs and thoughts, overcoming ego barriers, and finding fulfillment in supporting others on their own journey. Key points discussed in this episode: Lisa Mitten is a Personal Development coach helping individuals shake off their self-doubt and insecurities to confidently move forward in life. With Lisa’s mentoring and training you will discover your self-worth, develop a positive self-image, and start to lead a life you love. Lisa is a graduate of Bob Proctor’s Thinking Into Results (mindset) training and HeartCore Leadership (Emotional Intelligence) training. Lisa is also part of the coaching team with the Institute of Global Leadership, London. Lisa’s special Tool Box method to shake off self doubt and insecurities to Confidently move forward in life. You can contact Lisa at: You can contact me at: