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We are We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. We provide everything you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. Your transformation is our passion. We change lives. Visit us at:

We are We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. We provide everything you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. Your transformation is our passion. We change lives. Visit us at:


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We are We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. We provide everything you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. Your transformation is our passion. We change lives. Visit us at:




Episode 100 - Jon Goodman

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Episode 99 - Austin Naylor: ''I Never Knew How Much Fitness Related to Being Positive.''

An up-and-coming motocross racer from a motocross family, Austin Naylor had his sights set on the pro circuit until a horrific motorcycle crash changed everything. With shattered feet that left him bedridden for five straight months, a dejected Naylor started slipping back into bad habits of drinking and smoking to cope with his new reality. Believing he could never do the things he wanted to again, it wasn't until he barely recognized himself in a photo that Naylor realized how truly...


Episode 98 - Chad Belding: The Voice of Fitness in the World of Duck Hunting

Coming from an athletic upbringing playing college baseball, Chad Belding got serious about hunting after the sudden death of his father in 2006. After teaming up with trainer Matt Pendola, Belding learned to approach hunting with the same mentality as any elite sport. Using chaos training, systemic breathing exercises, visualization techniques, and the tenacity of a dedicated athlete, Belding mastered the skills needed to excel on the hunt and avoid the kind of injuries and physical...


Episode 97 - LaDawn Latawiec: ''Find Something That You're Passionate About and Strive for It.''

Growing up, LaDawn Latawiec stayed active enough to hide her weight. Rather than try to be one of the "skinny girls," her niche became being that one friend who could eat everything on the table. As an adult, Latawiec turned to closet binging, locking herself in her room and eating everything in sight—until one insensitive joke made her realize her unhealthy habits were not so secret anymore. Motivated to transform her lifestyle as much as her body, Latawiec learned how relying on food for...


Episode 96 - Greg Roskopf: The Key to Unlocking Success is Being Out of Pain

As an experienced strength coach with a master's degree in exercise physiology and three decades of experience working with top athletes, Greg Roskopf knows what it takes to train better and feel less pain. As a pioneer of muscle activation technique, or MAT, Roskopf understands tolerance levels and overtraining and how chronic inflammation alters communication between your nervous system and your muscles. He now trains trainers and therapists across the country to apply his techniques and...


Episode 95 - Kaleb Redden: Doc Thor talks TV, ''Titan Games,'' and meeting The Rock

For someone who doesn't watch a lot of TV, Kaged Muscle athlete and doctor of osteopathic medicine Kaleb Redden—aka Doc Thor—is going to be spending quite a bit of time on it. That's because this Hemsworth doppelganger is a contender on NBC's upcoming "Titan Games," a series where everyday heroes and professional athletes battle it out in epic physical challenges to find out who will reign supreme. The show is hosted by none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and as excited as we are to...


Episode 94 - Scott Herman on Pushing Limits, Nuclei Overload, and Why We Hate Having to Rest

YouTube fitness star and MetaBurn90 creator Scott Herman joined us to discuss the official workout style of lockdown and how to avoid home-workout fails. Trading his barbells for bedsheets, Herman has challenged himself and his followers to dig deep for that hard-to-find home-workout motivation. Discover how Herman gets creative to help inspire his followers and why some of those non-muscle-building exercises might actually be the secret to unlocking hidden gains. ► MetaBurn90:...


Episode 93 - Kris Gethin Found a New Form of Intensity Training from Home

CEO of Kaged Muscle and longtime athlete and contributor Kris Gethin shares his insights on how hardcore gym rats handle lockdown. Listen as he discusses intensity, mindfulness, motivation, and what it's like to train when your back is against a wall—or in his case, a tire. Learn which machines top-level bodybuilders just can't live without, and discover this pro's secrets to controlling your environment when it feels like your environment is controlling you. ► Kris Gethin's...


Ep.92: Paul Carter on Hitting Proper Muscle Groups, Sunshine & Creating Adaptive Responses to Stress

Muscle-building expert Paul Carter knows the key to muscle growth and maintenance is adapting to stress, even the stresses of COVID-19. The creator of the "Jacked in 3" and "Jacked at Home" training plans, and the brains behind keeping your gains during lockdown, Carter wants clients, readers, and followers to hit their goals without sweating the details. Listen as he discusses the pitfalls of overthinking your at-home workouts, why it's OK to have a down day, how getting outdoors is the key...


Episode 91 - Vince Ozalp: From Elite Athletes to Average Joes, Transformation Happens Every Day

Australian trainer Vince Ozalp had an idea to bring out the elite fitness of every client. During his 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, Ozalp has developed transformative programs for "The Biggest Loser" contestants and 250K Challenge winners and changed the lives of many. Knowing full well we must all crawl before we can walk and run, Ozalp's training style builds strength and confidence at both ends of the fitness spectrum and every point in between. Believing that time is...


Ep. 90 - No Stopping Now: How Kym Nonstop Deals with Quarantine, Cycling Indoors & Her Own Advice

Home Body creator and YouTube fitness sensation Kym Perfetto, aka Kym Nonstop, is no stranger to working out from home—but never like this. Like most of her fans and followers, she appreciates that social distancing means a lot of us have lost our fitness goals with the cancellation of all the races and competitions. But that's not stopping her, and she doesn't want it to stop you either. Learn why setting up an at-home workout plan is the smart thing to do right now and how to bulletproof...


Episode 89 - Hannah Eden: Staying in Control When Everything Feels Out of Control

In fitness, overload forces adaptation, and as fitness model and Body Pump owner Hannah Eden knows, adding that extra stress can actually be beneficial. As the creator of FYR—short for Find Your Reason—Eden knows it's hard to wake up and work out every day unless you have a reason to do it, especially in a time of social distancing. Yet now more than ever, Eden sees the opportunity to expose our weaknesses within ourselves and work through them to something better. Learn how Eden keeps...


Episode 88 - Troy Adashun: "I Kind of Failed My Way to Success."

The progenitor of SuperHuman You and co-creator of Alpha Lion, Troy Adashun has been cursed with an appetite for greatness his entire life. His pursuit of big dreams and bigger ambitions led him to attend the same athletic academy as future NFL stars and NBA hopefuls, helped him develop a successful online fitness channel in the early days of YouTube, and gained him the unwavering confidence that comes with "try, try again" persistence. Listen as he discusses his balloon training method,...


Episode 87 - Glenn Lovelace: How Being a Little Selfish Can Save Your Life

Full-time student and full-time husband and father Glenn Lovelace put everything and everyone ahead of his own health. As the weight piled on and he and his family faced one obstacle after another, Lovelace found himself questioning whether or not he could continue on at all. It was at this lowest point that he realized that having people rely on him meant he had to first take care of himself. Returning to the gym meant putting his health and fitness first and embracing what made him feel...


Episode 86 - From the ER to PRs: How Aussie Powerlifting Sensation Paige Mills Found Her Calling

The life of an ER nurse can be pretty hectic, but challenging and fast-paced was never an issue for Paige Mills. When she's not riding her Harley, she can be found training herself and others on the finer points of powerlifting and core strength in her custom-built shipping-container gym—appropriately named 40Ft Strong. With only a handful of powerlifting meets under her belt, Mills has catapulted into Australia's top tier of female lifters, amassing recognition in her homeland and around...


Episode 85 - Robyn Koolen: How Simple Little Changes Led to a Major Transformation

Robyn Koolen grew up with the same subliminal messaging a lot of little girls receive, that little girls should be small and petite, and she didn't feel like she was either. By the time she was in college, Koolen was lost in a cycle of partying, drinking, and eating. Having failed with crash diets and no longer wanting to be the "bigger girl," Koolen decided to make a real change. With simple baby steps, Koolen was able to start making progress and finally feel confident in the gym. Five...


Episode 84 - Kristi Brewer: "No One Has It Easy."

Everyone is fighting some battle or struggling with something, be it mentally, physically, emotionally, or financially, but native Idahoan and Team USA Weightlifter Kristi Brewer knows the key to finding balance in life is the simpler, the better. Proving it's never too late to find success in something new, Brewer has become a powerhouse for her sport and a true role model for facing any challenge with patience and determination. Learn how this mother of two bounced back from a 10-year...


Episode 83 - David Morin: ''Every Day is an Opportunity to Take a Deep Breath. Go for it.''

A pulmonary embolism in 2015 put fitness model David Morin into a coma after nearly drowning in his own fluid. When he awoke, he was introduced to the revitalizing power of deep breathing. Since then, Morin has passionately pursued all avenues of breathing techniques for better growth, better recovery, and better health. He encourages everyone to become a Ph"me" by studying how their body responds to each nutritional tweak or programmatic shift. Learn why mastering your desires can unlock...


Episode 82 - One Step at a Time: Possible Pat's 300-Pound Transformation

Pat Brocco, aka "Possible Pat," recounts his incredible transformation story as he went from just over 600 pounds to under 275. His first step toward weight loss was literally just that—a step. Every morning, Brocco walked the mile and a half to and from the store for his breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unable to participate in most forms of exercise due to his size, Brocco had made the decision that if he wanted food, he would have to walk to get it. Learn how Brocco kept himself motivated as...


Episode 81 - Ashley Horner: ''I Want to Help Every Female Find Beauty in Their Strength.''

As a former Spokesmodel winner, Ashley Horner has been a fixture of the fitness industry for nearly a decade. The former WBFF pro left physique competition behind and used her experience living on a military base to develop specialized training programs in her own unique and fierce style. These days, Horner uses her platform to help others, from performing 12 hours of burpees and running the perimeter of Haiti to swimming 200 miles in a pool or biking from Virginia Beach to...