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Learn from healers as they talk about being confident in their healing business. We will take a deep dive and talk to all types of healers and learn what inspires them, where their confidence comes from and how they keep moving through the whirlwind of being a healer and entrepreneur—a healerpreneur (and so much more).

Learn from healers as they talk about being confident in their healing business. We will take a deep dive and talk to all types of healers and learn what inspires them, where their confidence comes from and how they keep moving through the whirlwind of being a healer and entrepreneur—a healerpreneur (and so much more).


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Learn from healers as they talk about being confident in their healing business. We will take a deep dive and talk to all types of healers and learn what inspires them, where their confidence comes from and how they keep moving through the whirlwind of being a healer and entrepreneur—a healerpreneur (and so much more).








Helping South Asian Menstruaters find Empowerment

This week, I welcome back my guest from a few episodes ago, (S2E4) Jonita D’souza to discuss how South Asians teach people that the most natural event that happens to a person is a time of impurity: menstruation. . If you are squeamish about this topic, I suggest to lean in because you know someone that menstruates no matter who you are, and since more than half the population bleeds every month for 5-8 days, understanding how old-world cultures view menstruation might give you more...


Grieving as a spiritual practice builds confidence with Neelam Nanvani

Where do you find the courage and strength to continue running your business after your spouse and business partner suddenly die? This week’s guest, Neelam Nanvani will tell you, the only out of grief, is through. It’s been challenging, to say the very least and, yet Neelam has found a deeper connection to the Divine within. She had to continue a new women's mentorship program she was teaching when her husband suddenly fell ill and then died within a week. Through her grief, she was able to...


Ex‘s, Premonitions, and Emotional Abuse--oh my!

TRIGGER WARNING: Discussion of emotional abuse. Life is funny, you just never know what you will uncover about yourself and other people. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I was giving Akashic Record readings at Starborn's Psychic Faire. I checked my email during a break in between clients and lo and behold a strange email from an even stranger phone number. Turns out, it was from an ex. I have not discussed this past relationship on the podcast because the trauma from that relationship...


What are the Akashic Records?

In this episode, I answer questions that my friends and brother wanted to know about the Akashic Records. I did the reading the day before I made the episode. The way I read my own Akashic Records is by writing it by hand or on a laptop. I don’t get information any other way. So I am reading the transcripts from the Akashic reading I gave myself the day before recording this episode. However, when I do a reading for a client, I get information right away by hearing, feeling, being shown...


Jonita Dsouza on Self-trust and Womb Healing

Remember how 2020 started--new year, new hope? For this week’s guest, Jonita D’souza, it was filled with adventure. She and her husband sold their belongings, gave up their flat in England and started their travels. Jonita sensed change was in the air, and followed that intuitive hit. Little did she know that the rona was also in the air. They got stuck in their first destination, India when the world started going into lockdown. Luckily, she was in a familiar setting with her husband, in...


LC Collins Psychic Tarot Reader and Straightforward Confidence

LC Collins said her Tarot Reader journey all started when walked into a metaphysical store for the first time when the Rider-Waite tarot deck called out to her. The love affair began. After college, she started her professional journey as a Tarot reader and has been reading ever since (over 25 years). I found her confidence solid and grounded just like her and we talk about very practical ways of developing your talents and confidence when reading the cards. We also talk about her...


Anthony Bourdain dreams, Psychic Faires and Akashic Record Readings of the departed souls

I had two interesting dreams about dead people, it’s so rare, maybe the last time was after my grandmother in Nepal passed away in 1996. I had a dream about Anthony Bourdain and my grandmother, and I received a reading from a new friend and colleague from the psychic faire at Starborn Healing and Wellness. I then noticed synchronicity with a new soup I had to make and realized that Anthony Bourdain in my dream made me and my friend a vegetable puree/soup that he used to serve over polenta....


How I Gained Confidence, Self-worth and Self-esteem

9/27/2021 I MISSED YOU! The podcast is back for SEASON 2!!!! I am starting out strong with a solocast about how inadvertently making The Confident Healer Podcast, help build my confidence as a healer in biznaaas, WAAAT? Yeah, check out the episode and I will tell you all the dirty-dirty about what it was like to live inside my head, filled with insecurities about not being good enough. Can you relate? For years, I tried to find a life preserver, and while they...


Adrienne Shamszad on Singing and Building Self-Esteem Through Confidence

Meet Adrienne Shamzad, this week’s confident healer! This was such a packed conversation about being an artist and sharing your voice with the world. This week’s guest is an amazing singer and I highly recommend you check out her live acoustic sets on her Patreon, then you will know why her music is so evocative, she has a way of taking your breath away. We got into a deep conversation about the effects of late-stage capitalism and the effects it has on your self-esteem and confidence. We...


Chi Amaefule, Professional Matchmaker on Finding True Love

This was such an amazing conversation with Chi Amaefule! I have never met a professional matchmaker before and you will love her confidence and her beautiful heart. She is shining with passion for bringing people who want true love and takes no shit if you aren’t aligned with who you say you are. I think whatever your perceptions about relationships, she will open your heart to a new paradigm, whether you are off the market or attached. Chioma Amaefule better known as Chi is the CEO and...


Leah Patterson :Passionate Living, Self-Acceptance and the Divine Feminine

This week’s guest is a powerhouse, and there is nothing that she can’t do! Leah Patterson possesses a joie de vivre that you can feel during the conversation. Everything Leah has learned, she has given it back to her community and amazing clients to empower them to create more joy, self-acceptance and abundance. She is a chemical engineer whose foray into holistic wellness and health started when she was working for the NIH studying ovarian cancer. This led her on an amazing trajectory of...


Alexi on Confidence, Self-Trust and Getting Unstuck

Here is another fun and insightful interview with my friend and my business coach I used to work with Alexi Aldine. I worked with her for 4 years to understand how to deal with my low self-worth when it came to business and putting myself out there to let people know about my work. It has been a journey (and still is!) and this is the main person that helped me love myself more and have more confidence and *have* self-worth. She is funny, compassionate, and a wonderful coach. She will be...


The dance of stress & self-love practices

Ep 25 Solocast The dance of stress and self-love practices In this week's episode, there are two different topics but the common denominator is self-care and self-love. Sometimes you think something isn't bothering you, or affecting you, but then you realize that it does affect you. Can anyone relate? Dancing is my happy place, something that's part of my self-care routine and I share about the joy it brings me. Topics discussed in this episode: -Grandfather's knee and how the news...


Empowering South Asian Womyn in the workforce

Hello!! We are back this week with an actual convo with someone else! YAAY! In today's episode, I bring back my 2nd guest that I had on the show last year, Deepa Pulipati, to talk about empowering South Asian women and strengthening their leadership skills in the workforce. Deepa brings up some interesting facts she discovered in her research about South Asian women in the US corporate world, things that reflect our South Asian upbringing in a patriarchal society. It's complicated, but she...


Intuition, Motivation and A Lost Cell Phone

Intuition, Motivation and a lost cell phone by Sharmila Mali Hello! I am back with another solocast and this week's I talk about using your intuition as motivation. Sometimes, you ask for a little help from your intuitive friends, and luckily for me, they delivered! It's important to be able to listen to your intuition and take action on it, it can be a motivating factor of encouraging you to keep moving forward. And when you ask your friends to use their intuitive talents to help find a...


Confidence in using your voice

Confidence in using your voice, a solocast by Sharmila Mali Hello friends, I am back with another solocast and this week's I dive a little deeper into my own self-confidence and the lack of self-confidence I felt most of my life when it came to career, work, and school. I was inspired by an Asian immigrant who spoke at the anti-asian hate vigil over the weekend to make this episode. And I also talk about why I am late, once again putting out this podcast, for a hint, I am leaving you an...


Sharmila Mali I am blessed

I am back from my week-long break from The Confident Healer podcast. This week’s episode is my solo cast. I have been thinking about making a solo cast about my bff’s mother since her online celebration of life I attended in early March. One of my bff’s mother passed away in the hospital after battling covid, she must have been there for a month. In the episode I used fictitious names to protect their privacy, so when you hear “Clara” that is my bff’s mom. She had quite the impact on me,...


Eva Cristina Calderon on Trust, Spirituality and Heartmath

Please welcome this week's Confident Healer, Eva Cristina Calderon! Talking to her is like being wrapped in a warm, electric blanket. If I was a cat I would always be next to her! She is both esoteric and practical. And she is the second person that I have spoken to on this podcast who has a deep, unwavering trust in the unknown. She definitely walks her talk! This is my biggest takeaway from this conversation is to keep trusting the unknown, it can be scary but the more you find ways of...


Keslie Mack, Reiki Master and Channeling Usui

So you wanna know what this episode is all about? Oracles, muses, and mediums, oh my!! This week I asked my dear friend and colleague, Keslie Mack to come back to the show because she is experiencing a non-ordinary state of consciousness otherwise known as channeling. Though it's not something she does for other people she has had medium experiences before and is now a direct channel of Mikao Usui, who brought Reiki to the world in the 20th century. For those non-Reiki folks, Mikao Usui...


Tamara Miller Davis on writing, empowerment, and publishing her first book

*****UPDATE ON BOOK RELEASE**** DESPITE THE BUZZ BY TAMARA MILLER DAVIS will be released on Amazon: PRE-SALE: MAY 9, 2021 IT WILL BE VISIBLE ON AMAZON.COM ON-SALE: MAY 23, 2021 YOU CAN PURCHASE A COPY ON AMAZON.COM ******************************************************************************* Today we have an ever-so-bright and lovely soul, my friend and fellow dancer, Tamara Miller Davis! This week's episode is a little bit of a different twist in terms of the type of healer that I...