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The Friendzy is here to change the conversation around age so that you can celebrate all your years rather than lie about them!

The Friendzy is here to change the conversation around age so that you can celebrate all your years rather than lie about them!


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The Friendzy is here to change the conversation around age so that you can celebrate all your years rather than lie about them!




Unwrapping Our Favorite Moments

Melissa & Jenn wrap up Season 2 by highlighting their favorite moments of the podcast so far! Plus, they discuss what they want to hold onto heading into 2022 and what is thrown out the window on the way. See for privacy information.


Culture Changers with Allison Hare

Tired of the same old, same old? It's time to change the status quo! Melissa & Jenn talk with Allison Hare, an entrepreneur and Host of the podcast, Culture Changers. She talks about her conversations with trailblazers who are flipping convention, as well as her own vulnerable journey to motherhood. See for privacy information.


Creating a Different Kind of Thanksgiving

Are you part of a large family or friend gathering for Thanksgiving, or trying to find a new tradition for the holiday? Melissa is a single mom of one, and looking for ideas on how she can make her son's Thanksgiving meaningful when a big feast is not appropriate for just two. See for privacy information.


Connective Leadership with Karen J. Hardwick

There is a Great Resignation going on in our workforce, largely due to employee burnout and lack of flexibility. We asked leadership consultant Karen J. Hardwick to join us to talk about this phenomenon and how leaders can better understand, connect with and retain their employees. See for privacy information.


Go Big or Go Home for the Holidays!

We're sure the debate is beginning in your home, how many Christmas gifts do we get for our family members, especially the little ones? Jenn and her husband are at odds with that question and she and Melissa discuss both sides of the argument. Plus, each reminisces about family members who are no longer with us this holiday. See for privacy information.


Breaking the Concrete Ceiling

When you think of construction sites, rarely do you think of a woman leading the pack of guys in hard hats. But Nancy Keenan is different. She talks with Melissa & Jenn about her experience as an OBIE Award winning builder and licensed real estate agent, and how she balances that with caring for a child through a rare eating disorder. See for privacy information.


A Case of Stolen Identity

It's never fun to receive a bill for something you didn't buy! That happened to Melissa, as someone in Austin, Texas hacked into one of her accounts and enjoyed the city on her dime. Plus, we'll give our advice about a sibling's responsibility with aging parents. See for privacy information.


Postpartum Fitness with Desiree Nathanson

If you had your children later in life, you were likely warned about postpartum depression. But what about postpartum fitness? Our guest is Desiree Nathanson, who specializes in helping women get back in shape and avoid pelvic floor dysfunction following pregnancy. See for privacy information.


Should Sleepovers Be Banned?

Melissa & Jenn's kids are now old enough to participate in sleepovers at the homes of friends....or are they? We discuss the pros and cons of sleepovers, and why they should be banned all together! Plus, what is moxibustion? Jenn explains how she tried it with her first pregnancy and what the results were. See for privacy information.


Find You, Be Happy

Why is happiness such a struggle? Psychotherapist, podcast host and best selling author Michaela Renee shares some insight into what her clients are concerned with as they get older, and how you can truly be happy when you find out who you really are. See for privacy information.


Our Crazy Cat Lady

Exactly what defines a Crazy Cat Lady? We dive into that discussion to see if Melissa qualifies, as Jenn asks her some questions about being a cat owner. Plus, our advice about long-distance friendships in our new Dear Friendzy segment. See for privacy information.


Let's Talk About Sex

It was fun to talk or sing about it in our youth but why are we reluctant now to address any issues surrounding sex? Dr. Holly Richmond is one of North America’s leading sex therapists, serving women, men, couples and gender-diverse individuals for relationship and sexuality issues. She helps us open up the conversation about sex and women over 40, and how we can reconnect both with ourselves and our partners at this stage of life. See for privacy information.


Room Mom Mania

Both Melissa & Jenn are both room mothers this year for their elementary school kids! Get a peek into what that is like and the different responsibilities with COVID. Plus, they get nostalgic about dessert and ... what is on Melissa's face? See for privacy information.


How to Have a Kid and a Life

We stole the title of Ericka Sóuter's new book for the title of this podcast, and what a joy she is! A renowned journalist seen by millions on Good Morning America, Erika shares her research and personal experience that answers the question, How can I be a good mother and still thrive in my own identity? See for privacy information.


Conscious Aging

You've heard of "aging gracefully," but we want you to be intentional about how your life looks over 40! We are joined by India Leigh who is a Spirit intuitive, reader, clairvoyant, and coach. India guides us through a discussion about conscious aging and how to fully embrace your own divine inner guidance on a daily basis. See for privacy information.


The Functional Medicine Approach

What is functional medicine and why is it important to aging well? Dr. Kristin Oja founded STAT Wellness, which stands for Strength To Achieve Total Wellness, to help transform medicine by uncovering the root cause of chronic illness and disease. Plus, Melissa & Jenn share what's on their fridges that makes them smile and might do the same for you. See for privacy information.


Learning About Gender Identity

It's a topic that you've seen in headlines or at the center of social-media debates, but how much do we really understand? What do the terms transgender, non-binary, cisgender or gender expression actually mean? You'll meet Gabrielle Claiborne, who is an author, keynote and TedX Speaker, and co-founder of Transformation Journeys Worldwide which is an inclusion training and consulting firm with a transgender focus. See for privacy information.


A Modern Mid-Life Crisis Redefined

We are going to dig deep about the dreaded "middle age." Melissa & Jenn share what struggles have come up for them and how we all can we redefine this time in our lives. Plus, Melissa answers The Friendzy 5! See for privacy information.


Colleen Oakley, Bestselling Author & Mom of Four

We learn about the uniqueness of multi-race families with our friend, Colleen Oakley. Not only a best selling author, she's raising four (yes, FOUR) children at the same time. We will talk about motherhood and work/life balance, as well as which of her books has been optioned for a movie! See for privacy information.


Let's Talk Ho, Ho, Hormones with Kim Schaper!

Kim Schaper is a holistic wellness coach and a certified personal trainer. She does all the things - therapist, nutrition advisor, hormonal expert and exercise guru. Because of her unique expertise in hormones, we dive deep to learn more about them and how they are affecting our personalties, our mental health and our overall well being. See for privacy information.