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A podcast celebrating the varied history of Jeff Ziolkowski, his life, his friends, his faith, and his family.


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A podcast celebrating the varied history of Jeff Ziolkowski, his life, his friends, his faith, and his family.







In episode 33, the seventh of season 2, Jeff takes a look at what revival is and isn't in the Christian life and church. From the First Great Awakening in 1734 to the recent revival at Asbury College in Kentucky, Jeff discusses the roots of and need for revival in our lives and churches.


GO Sports - Part 2

In episode 6 of season 2, Jeff answers the call from one of his patrons to discuss his love for NASCAR. But first, Jeff remembers the ups and downs of the Denver Broncos' Super Bowl appearances through the years.



In the fifth episode of season two (thirty-first overall), Jeff takes time to discuss the issue of faith. We all have faith ... in something. What you place your faith in really matters. And exercising your faith to develop muscle mass and memory takes many times of saying to God: "Here I am, send me!"



In the thirtieth episode (the fourth of season two), Jeff shares about his hometown, Florence, Colorado. Jeff remembers what it was like growing up in a small house in a small town, and the fond memories that were created there. Although Florence may look different in a Google search, it was a "great little town" to grow up in.


Christmas Memories, Part 2

In the third episode of season two, Jeff turns his attention to the more spiritual aspects of his Christmas Memories. Jeff remembers the sweet times in the many churches of which he has been a part both before and since coming to faith in Jesus Christ. He will take a special look at a particular Christmas in 2010 when he and his wife found themselves alone in a hospital waiting for a child.


Christmas Memories, Part 1

In episode 28 (season 2, episode 2) Jeff shares some memories of Christmas as he was growing up. He'll share the gift of family, decorating, music, fun and being together in this look down memory lane in Florence.


GO Sports

In episode one of season two, Jeff shares his love of sports, the highs and lows of fandom, and his brushes with the famous ones in those venues.


One Year of Aural History

In the final episode of year one, Jeff shares the reason for the past year of Aural History. In this episode, Jeff shares his heart for his daughter and the hope he has for her future.


My Wife and I Are Freaks

In episode 25, Jeff explains why "My Wife and I Are Freaks." This PG-13 episode has disclaimers, but you'll have to listen to find out what two things make this couple especially freaky.


What Is Love?

In episode 24, Jeff shares about the loves of his early life. In "What Is Love?", Jeff discusses what he thought was love and what love really looks like when we are confronted with it. Jesus and God show what real love -- agape love -- looks like.


The CVC Years - Part 3

In episode 23, entitled "The CVC Years - Part 3," Jeff details one of the darkest periods of his life which coincided with the end of his tenure at Cuyahoga Valley Church. Simon and Garfunkel wrote the following words in 1965: "Hello darkness, my old friend..." Jeff lived those words in 2018.


The CVC Years Part 2

In episode 22, Jeff discusses the second installment of "The CVC Years" as he talks about how you can change the tires on a bus that is traveling down the road ... figuratively. Listen to how these adventures molded Jeff and how God refined him throughout these times.



In this twenty-first episode, Jeff takes time to discuss "Wounds." We all have had them: skinned knees, broken bones, emotional hurts, and church falling-outs. Jeff challenges us to deal with the hurts as he has had to in his life ... but to allow Jesus Christ to do the healing.


The CVC Years - Part 1

In the (insert trumpet fanfare here) 20th episode of Aural History, Jeff begins the story of his 14 years on staff at Cuyahoga Valley Church in northeast Ohio. Jeff shares one particular story of the first video he ever created for a sermon at CVC (


My Faith Journey - Part 4

In episode 19, Jeff details the transition from Nashville to Cleveland. The time spent at Cuyahoga Valley Church led to Jeff's current role at Refuge Community Church. And through it all, Jeff recognizes the steps through which God has brought him to use him where he is.



In episode 18, Jeff takes this time to discuss the difficulties, challenges, and blessings of anxiety. Jeff will challenge the statement: "God won't give us more than we can handle" in this raw look at a difficult topic.


My Faith Journey - Part 3

In episode 17, Jeff continues his telling of "My Faith Journey, Part 3" as he deals with the ups and downs of friendships and church membership while in Nashville. Jeff will explain why someone stranded on a desert island would have three buildings on top of the hill.


Two Fathers In My Life

In episode sixteen, Jeff bookends the previous episode about the two Moms in his life with the stories of the "Two Fathers In My Life." Jeff remembers his earthly Father Alex and the example that he was for his family. And then Jeff relates the story of his heavenly Father God and the perfect Father that He is.


My Faith Journey - Part 2

In episode 15, Jeff continues the story of "My Faith Journey" with part two and tells about the first few years of his walk with Christ and the amazing things that God accomplished. From Psalm 150 to Impulse '85 to Steve Green Ministries, Jeff shares his heart for remaining faithful in the "quiet times."


My Faith Journey - Part 1

In episode 14, Jeff begins to detail "My Faith Journey, Part 1" that began when he was a child in the Catholic church and continues today. Join Jeff for stories of his upbringing, his walk away from God, his encounter with God and how it continues to shape his life.