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A biweekly discussion about why conspiracy theories and alternative beliefs capture our imagination and gain popularity.

A biweekly discussion about why conspiracy theories and alternative beliefs capture our imagination and gain popularity.


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A biweekly discussion about why conspiracy theories and alternative beliefs capture our imagination and gain popularity.






War Escalation - Discussion of Ukraine Conflict w/Scott Compton

Episode 56 Since the last episode, the conflict unfolding in Ukraine has escalated. While "hot war" is confined within the borders of Ukraine, the entire world is weighing in on this issue, and the truth is that economic, cyber and political combat is world wide. Once again, this is an unfolding event and while we recorded on 3/9, and a lot of things have happened since then, this discussion is still very relevant because many of these questions have still not been answered. In order to...


False Flag Fake Out w/ Scott Compton

Episode 55 In early February 2022, in a US White House press briefing, the public was informed of "intelligence" indicating the execution of a false flag to be developed by Russia in order to instigate an invasion of Ukraine. This admission of the use and legitimacy of false flags as a tactic presents a much larger discussion than simply the Russia/Ukraine conflict. In fact, it seems the false flag announcement was itself the false flag meant to goad Russia into a corner and make invasion...


COVID Testing and Overdiagnosis

Episode 54 In January 2022, US President Biden and the White House released a media statement announcing an all-encompassing effort to produce, provide and distribute rapid COVID tests throughout the entire country, along with free and readily available access to testing facilities. The seemingly magnanimous effort, predicated on public safety and national defense, may, in reality, be a means of working around the inexplicable public aversion to vaccination mandates, but pushing the public...


Mandate Games

Episode 53 Welcome Back, Theoryologists! New year, and new topics! Also, we are taking the growing approach of value-for-value funding for the show. Please consider donating if you found value in this episode. On December 6th, 2021, the US District Court in Georgia issued a nationwide 50 state injunction against the enforcement of the vaccine mandate imposed on federal contractors. But is this really a win for the freedom minded, anti-mandate movement? Or, is this extreme overreach just a...


Awakenings and Activation with NK Kranda

Episode 52 Welcome Back, Theoryologists! New year, and new topics! Also, we are taking the growing approach of value-for-value funding for the show. Please consider donating if you found value in this episode. This time we have a special guest appearance. We are joined by the wonderful NK Kranda, experiencer researcher. NK has joined me in-studio for this episode, which proved fraught with recording issues, derailments, and lots of laughter and distractions! Regardless, this topic is a...


Bones of Tyranny - Breakdown, Civil War, and the Stand Alone Complex

Episode 51 This time, we continue our Bones of Tyranny discussion by exploring the concept of the Stand Alone Complex and why fires of civil unrest and the breakdown of public confidence is exactly where tyranny is born and martial law is enacted. Conspiracy Theoryology Show Merchandise Store - Conspiracy Theoryology Inspired Etsy Store - email -...


Bones of Tyranny - Operational Contingency and Continuity of Government

Episode 50 In 2006, the United States Congress passed the National Defense Authorization Act, which, among other things, allowed for the president to declare martial law, take command of National Guard Units without state governor consent, and use military force to address domestic disturbance, acts of terrorism, insurrection, and civil unrest. The drastic expansion of powers this handed to a President of the US did not go unnoticed, and in 2008, the Act was revised in an attempt to reign...


Flu Shots and Face Masks - Moral Panic and Social Control Theory

Episode 49 Question: Do you think there is merit to the idea that governments and societal authorities use social control theory and moral panic to shape public behavior at the expense of personal freedoms and liberties? We have previously discussed the psychology of masks and the impact on social interaction, empathy, and personal inhibition. This time the discussion focuses on the sociology of these issues, and the use of social controls to establish, implement, and normalize desired...


Masking the Truth - Face Masks, Empathy and Dis-inhibition

Episode 48 For many, the world seems to have lost its mind. For others, the world became a very threatening and scary place. Society is under attack and upheaval from both a “natural” public health emergency and social unrest born of long-simmering civil rights concerns and race relations here in the US. Ultimately theories abound as to the cause, purpose, and even understanding of this all-out assault on society. I’m sure you are wondering if we are diverging from the typical format to...


Crisis Apparitions and Connectedness

Episode 47 When life ends, tragically and suddenly, or perhaps even naturally in its due course, can those final moments provide an opportunity for a final goodbye, or a heartfelt thank you to those that mean the most to us, even if they are not with us at our last breath? Is there more connecting us to each other than we think, that may remove even death as a barrier to communication? These are the questions we will explore this episode. For those that are unfamiliar with this ghostly...


The Dogs of Lore - Dogmen, Black Dogs, Werewolves and Dog Domestication Theory

Episode 46 Dogs play a role in all aspects of human history. They are part of our history, lore, our ancient belief systems, and our families. Dogmen, black dogs and hell hounds, werewolves, skinwalkers, shapeshifters, Ancient gods.. By no means, extensive, this short list provides a glimpse at the doglike creatures with which our imaginations and experiences are replete. If you sniff around long enough, it’s easy to catch the scent of truth that canine-like creatures and cryptids permeate...


Pandemic Panic (Part 4) - Realities of the Spanish Flu

Episode 45 This time on Conspiracy Theoryology, we wrap up on discussion of the Spanish Flu, exploring the medical knowledge of the time, what we now know to be true, and some other influences and conditions that may have attributed to the most lethal viral outbreak of the 20th century, and, in light of our recent events, how it really compares to the first truly global pandemic panic of the 21st century. The Spanish flu pandemic was certainly deadly but it did not kill 50 million people....


Quarantine Quiet Time with NK and Ryan

BONUS Episode Hey there theoryologists. This time I have a bonus episode for you. Many of you are restricted to home, and the short radius of permissible travel from outside of the house, just trying to maintain as much normalcy for yourself and your families. Conversely, many of you are out there doing what you do, keeping the daily essentials of life moving along without a hitch. Whichever camp you find yourself, know that I appreciated very much the fact that through all this, you have...


Pandemic Panic (Part 3) - The Spanish Flu of 1918

Episode 44 We continue our discussion on pandemic mania, and this time we are getting to the heart of the matter. The reason for the season. The baseline by which all modern outbreaks are weighed and measured. The Spanish Flu of 1918. Let us begin first by understanding first what exactly the Spanish Influenza pandemic of 1918 was. As we go through, this, there will be plenty of facts, figures, dates, and percentages. Don’t worry about following the details. The key, just as when we...


Pandemic Panic (Part 2) - COVID19, Communication and Pandemic Uncertainty

Episode 43 Part 2 of our discussion on pandemic fears. As the current outbreak in China continues to evolve in both scale and impact, we take the time to review current status, hear some interesting news regarding the coronavirus outbreak in China, and explore the importance of communication tactics. It is time to continue our discussion on pandemic mania. While I originally planned, and promised, that we would begin exploring the history of the Spanish Flu, as is usual with our topics...


Pandemic Panic (Part 1) - Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak

Episode 42 Part 1 of our discussion on pandemic fears, where we will dig into the unfolding coronavirus outbreak and explore the basis of our fascination with pandemic threats. Okay, so the world is on fire, being burnt to a cinder by the flames of the dreaded ‘coronavirus’. The angel of death itself, shrunk to the size of an adorably large version of an RNA virus is wreaking havoc on all of mankind. This Sasquatch of the virus world which normally preys on cows, pigs, chickens, and I...



Episode 41 Synchronicity. A concise, yet allusively defined term first coined by the Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung. Simply put, synchronicity is understood to be meaningful coincidence. The concept of synchronicity has been a topic of exploration for decades since Jung introduced it, with expansive explanation in his work titled, “Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle”. In it he states “Therefore it cannot be a question of cause and effect, but of a falling together in time, a kind...


Do Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Evidence?

Episode 40 We have all heard the adage, “Extraordinary Claims require Extraordinary Evidence.” Have you asked yourself, “what does that even mean?” Chances are, when you’ve heard it, or even used it, it has been in relation to a topic that you already feel confident is all but impossible to prove anyway. But where did it come from, and why has it become the go-to gotcha phrase for calling someone’s bluff , especially in regarding to conspiracy theory and the paranormal or supernatural? Come...


Haunted Houses and Prospect-Refuge Theory

Episode 39 Haunted houses have a long and storied history. One of the earliest stories which we have originates in Ancient Rome. Pliny the Younger writing in the first century, recounts in a letter the story of the philosopher Athenodorus and his brush with a haunted house. Per the story, Athenodorus arrives in Athens and picks up a villa with a very reasonable rent, largely due to it’s haunted reputation. On his first night in the home, the philosopher is confronted by the ghost of an old...


Seeking Witchcraft (w/ guest Ashley of Seeking Witchcraft Podcast)

Episode 38 Witchcraft intrigues us and captures our imagination. The concept is steeped in history, and the practice is shrouded in magick and the mystical. Even so, many have no idea how this ancient practice has translated into the modern day. In fact, most don't even realize that it exists in modern day, and that witches are in their midst within everyday life. Witchcraft, through all it's incarnations in our pop culture, is explored through stories. Movies, television, books and other...