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Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by iHeartRadio.


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Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by iHeartRadio.



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Eponymous Foods – Autumn Apple Edition

The eponymous Bramley and McIntosh apples are both lucky accidents, and both of them have stories which stretch from the early 19th century into present day. Research: Encyclopedia BritannicaPalgrave Commun3See for privacy information.


Joseph Grimaldi, the First Modern Clown

Joseph Grimaldi was one of England’s most famous Regency-era entertainers. Sometimes he’s described as the first modern clown, because he established a lot of the hallmarks of clowning that still exist today. Research: See for privacy information.


SYMHC Classics: Frieda Belinfante

This 2019 episode covers Frieda Belinfante who broke gender barriers in becoming a conductor. She was also a member of the Dutch resistance, who risked her life during WWII in defiance of the German occupation of the Netherlands. See for privacy information.


Behind the Scenes Minis: Marketing and Activism

Holly shares how Stewart appealed to women customers in his ads. Tracy shares some inconsistencies in the spelling of Isabel González's name in the official record. See for privacy information.


Isabel González and Gonzales v. Williams

Gonzales v. Williams is one of the Insular Cases, and because it was about the citizenship status of Isabel González of Puerto Rico, it stands out from the many other Insular Cases that focus on goods and tariffs. Research: See for privacy information.


Alexander Turney Stewart

Alexander Turney Stewart is known as the creator of the department store. He make a fortune in business, but the most interesting parts of his life story come at the end – including after he died. Research: See for privacy information.


SYMHC Classics: Henry Every

This 2018 episode covers Henry Every, who carried out what's been described as the most profitable and brutal pirate raid in history. It became a massive international incident. See for privacy information.


Behind the Scenes Minis: Fascinating Dean

Tracy talks about how she was particularly fascinated by Dean Mahomed's entrepreneurial efforts. She and Holly also marvel at the many career pivots Mahomed made. See for privacy information.


Dean Mahomed, Restaurateur and Shampooing Surgeon

After Dean Mahomed sailed to Cork in January of 1784, he continued to work for Godfrey Evan Baker. But after Baker's death, Mahomed became an entrepreneur. Research: See for privacy information.


Dean Mahomed and the Bengal Army

Dean Mahomed was in northeastern India in 1759, and he had a life of unique experiences, starting with becoming part of the entourage of Anglo-Irish soldier Godfrey Evan Baker. Research: See for privacy information.


SYMHC Classics: Mary, Queen of Scots

This 2018 episode focuses on the adult life of Mary, Queen of Scots – especially the conspiracy that ultimately led to her execution in 1587. See for privacy information.


Behind the Scenes Minis: Mysteries of the Morgan Abduction

Holly and Tracy discuss the appeal of secret societies and the unity that people sometimes find in vilifying an outcast. See for privacy information.


The Abduction of William Morgan, Part 2

When William Morgan's manuscript "Illustrations of Masonry" was finally published, it was really kind of boring. So why were people so eager to suppress it, and what truly happened to him after his abduction? Research: See for privacy information.


The Abduction of William Morgan, Part 1

In 1826, William Morgan, who lived in Batavia, New York, advertised that he was writing a book that would expose the secrets of the Freemasons. And then he vanished. Research: See for privacy information.


SYMHC Classics: Benjamin Lay

This 2019 episode covers Benjamin Lay, a Quaker and a radical abolitionist who lived in the period between when the Religious Society of Friends began and when it started formally banning slave ownership among its members. See for privacy information.


Behind the Scenes Minis: Licoricia and Glitter Sunscreen

Tracy discusses her love of medieval history, and how much Licoricia's story surprised her. She and Holly then both discuss the importance of proper sunscreen application. See for privacy information.


History of Sunscreen

People around the globe have protected their skin using a variety of substances throughout history. In the 19th and 20th centuries, deeper understanding of sunlight and the way it affects skin led to more protective sunscreen formulations. Research: See for privacy information.


Licoricia of Winchester

Licoricia of Winchester was a Jewish woman who was a major financier in medieval England. There were Jewish settlements in England for only a brief window during the Middle Ages, marked with anti-Semitic violence and hostility. Research: See for privacy information.


SYMHC Classics: Leicester Hemingway

This 2020 episode about Leicester Hemingway reveals a life very much lived in the shadow of his famous brother. But after Ernest Hemingway’s death, Leicester made some bold and surprising moves. See for privacy information.


Behind the Scenes Minis: Negligence and the Good Witch

Tracy talks about how Muriel Rukeyser being the entry point for the Hawk's Tunnel Disaster episode. Holly talks about Billie Burke's writing about her husband, Flo Ziegfeld, Jr., and unfair comparisons to other performers. See for privacy information.