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Ice Level has ended, but the Andrew Berkshire Podcast is just beginning. Join me for exclusive interviews about hockey, and a variety of other topics.

Ice Level has ended, but the Andrew Berkshire Podcast is just beginning. Join me for exclusive interviews about hockey, and a variety of other topics.


Montreal, Canada


Ice Level has ended, but the Andrew Berkshire Podcast is just beginning. Join me for exclusive interviews about hockey, and a variety of other topics.




Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Sony has been struggling to make a great Spider-Man movie that truly understood the character for years now, but they may have finally managed to do it by shifting the focus from Peter Parker to Miles Morales. Arune and I dig in on Into the Spider-Verse.



Was Sony's first attempt at creating a Spider-Man universe without Spider-Man actually successful? Venom made over 800 million dollars at the box office, but wasn't loved by critics. Were the critics or fans right on this one?


Spider-Man Homecoming

Arune is back on the podcast to talk about the latest live action solo Spider-Man film, treading on familiar yet all new ground after Captain America: Civil War brought Spidey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Arune and I are closing out the Sony-controlled Spider-Man movies with the most poorly received of all of them, and because of the build up of expecting it to be horrible, we had some surprising reactions.


The Amazing Spider-Man

Arune and I get back together after a hiatus caused by me being ridiculous sick, and we're getting through the filmography of Spider-Man on to the second franchise; the Amazing Spider-Man.


Spider-Man 3

This week on the podcast Arune and I keep going on our run through the film history of Spider-Man with the end of Sam Raimi’s time at the helm; Spider-Man 3. Pretty much everyone hates this movie, it’s real bad, but why is it bad? Arune and I both changed our opinions on that. Have a listen. Become a patron:


Spider-Man 2

This week on the podcast Arune and I are continuing our foray into the world of Spider-Man cinema with what many believe to be the best entry so far; Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2 from 2004. How well does a 14-year-old superhero movie hold up by today’s standards? We get into it!



This week on the podcast Arune and I are going back in time, taking a close look at the movie that arguably made superhero and comic properties box office gems; Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man. But before we got into that, we talked about the absurd situation between Max Pacioretty and the Montreal Canadiens.


Jay Zito and the XXX Industry

This week on the podcast I had Jay Zito on, who is a producer and director in the adult entertainment industry. He shed some light on what goes on behind the scenes, and told me how he became a Leafs fan while growing up in Montreal.


Man of Steel

If you know Arune, you know he loves Superman, but he doesn’t love Man of Steel. Why is that? It probably comes down to the fundamental flaw that continues to plague the DCEU, as we go through the movie and break down what we do and don’t like.


Fate of the Furious

Arune and I circle back and finish off our series on the Fast and Furious franchise by tearing into what we agreed was the worst entry in the franchise; Fate of the Furious. Listen in as we attempt to break down what went wrong here and why it could be a harbinger of the end of a good thing if the creators don't learn from their mistakes.


Black Panther

Skype tried to keep us down, disconnecting us five times during the course of recording this podcast, but we muscled through and Arune and I finally broken down the 2018 sensation that was Black Panther.



The OGs of EOTP get together for nearly two hours of meandering hockey talk, drawing parallels between DeMar DeRozan and P.K. Subban, and looking at what the Habs have coming to them in the next few years. It's Andrew Berkshire, and it's Marc Dumont, and you're gonna have fun listening.


Wonder Woman

Finally... the podcast... HAS COME BACK... to your podcast apps! After months and months off as I was adjusting to this whole having a child thing, I'm back to making the podcast with a new energy. Arune is back with me and we're starting off where we left off, we're breaking down Wonder Woman.


Iron Man 2 & 3

After a several month delay due to the birth of my son combined with taking on extra writing work this year, the podcast is finally back as Arune Singh joins me to finish off the Iron Man franchise in a double episode. Originally we had planned on doing individual episodes for each Iron Man film, but when we recorded Iron Man 2 and the audio got wrecked the first time, we figured it might be easier to combine them. These are two of the weakest movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but...


Iron Man and Race/Gender Swapping in Comics

Today on the podcast Arune Singh joins me again to begin our trek through the Iron Man franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. How well does a superhero movie from 2008 hold up in 2017? Where did they go right and wrong? How did Marvel turn a B-level hero into the launchpad of the biggest film franchise in history not named Star Wars? The themes of the movie also led us into a talk about race and how representation in comics is a constant struggle, and why it's important.


Conor McKenna and Game of Thrones Season 7

Today on the podcast Conor McKenna came over to talk about the latest season of Game of Thrones, delving into the differences between the show and the books, the changes we've seen in the show's evolution, and what to expect going forward.


Arpon Basu The Athletic MTL

I had the absolute pleasure of having Arpon Basu on the podcast to talk about his new venture to bring The Athletic, the prominent subscription sports journalism service, to Montreal this September, and we got into a wide range of topics. From what kind of content The Athletic MTL will be, to the challenges it faces in defining itself in both languages, to how the Montreal Canadiens have changed and what to expect next season, to the tragedy in Charlottesville that has shown how serious the...


Furious 6 & 7

Arune and I are finally back to finish off the Fast and Furious franchise (at least for now) as we tackle the final two movies from the Paul Walker era. Strap in and enjoy the podcast.


Fast Five

This week on the podcast Arune Singh and I are continuing our trip through the Fast and Furious franchise with Fast Five, arguably the peak of the series. The Rock joins the cast as every movie brings it's best characters into a team up heist film that leaves no ridiculous stunt undone. Buckle in and listen as we talk about what we like and don't like about this movie.