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A Vancouver hockey podcast live on tape. A conversational based hockey podcast hosted by Ryan Schaap, Geeta Reddy and Arash Memarzadeh featuring the occasional former NHL'er guest talking hockey and telling stories. Sound quality: 11/10

A Vancouver hockey podcast live on tape. A conversational based hockey podcast hosted by Ryan Schaap, Geeta Reddy and Arash Memarzadeh featuring the occasional former NHL'er guest talking hockey and telling stories. Sound quality: 11/10


Vancouver, BC


A Vancouver hockey podcast live on tape. A conversational based hockey podcast hosted by Ryan Schaap, Geeta Reddy and Arash Memarzadeh featuring the occasional former NHL'er guest talking hockey and telling stories. Sound quality: 11/10




310 - Due Diligence

The 2021/22 NHL regular season is almost here and all we're talking about is a draft bust getting traded! Arash, Geeta and Ryan get together over Zoom on this Thanksgiving Monday to discuss the trade that sent Olli Juolevi to the Florida Panthers. They discuss the final straw for the former London Knight and the return the Canucks fetched. Arash Decision debuts as Arash gives Canucks fans some hope and optimism for the upcoming season and makes a bold addition to the PON Banned List...


309 - Signed, Sealed, Delivered From Michigan

Hey Hey! We're back! Geeta, Arash and Ryan gather in person for first time since June at the new literal House of Greed to discuss Quinn Hughes and Elias Pettersson's big shiny new contracts. They discuss the positives of the Canucks' offseason as well as the traditional chaos that surrounds the team each summer. They also look at Robin Lehner's very frank and honest Twitter thread outlining the problems with prescription drugs in hockey and sports. Two new segments are also introduced...


PON Returns Next Monday! (Fantasy League News too)

Hello everyone! We are hopping back into the podcast chair(s) next Monday evening! Join us each week as we cover the Vancouver Canucks and the entire National Hockey League for our EIGHTH season! The PON Fantasy Hockey League will also return!! Want to join the league? We give preferential treatment to our $5+ monthly Patreon backers. So if you're a donor, contact us to reserve your spot. Email us or hit us up on Twitter or Instagram. If you're not a Patreon backer, maybe you're sitting...


308 - It's Summer! Hop In The Pool, Man

Summer's here BABY! Arash and Ryan break down one hell of an eventful five day stretch for the Vancouver Canucks. The Buyouts, the trades, the UFA signings and all that depth! Geeta joins us from the vehicle line up at the BC Ferries terminal in Nanaimo to weigh in on the OEL trade and what to be optimistic for going forward. The fellas also discuss the big UFA signings of the day and discuss a disappointing signing in Carolina, a Montreal draft pick that never should have been and a...


A Clip From: Kraken Expansion Draft w/ Brendan Batchelor (Patreon Exclusive)

This is a clip from our Patreon bonus episode Kraken Expansion Draft w/ Brendan Batchelor where Arash and Ryan react and break down to the players selected by the Seattle Kraken In this clip, Vancouver Canucks radio play by play voice Brendan Batchelor hops on to discuss the Kraken selecting Kole Lind and the possibilities of a Braden Holtby trade. Also in the episode, the fellas discuss the ups and downs of the live production, the Carolina Panthers and answer a few...


307 - Come As You Are (exposed in the expansion draft)

We took a week off and man did we return to one hell of a lot of news! Geeta, Arash and Ryan get on Zoom this week to discuss the wild list of players exposed to Seattle in the expansion draft this week. Will Seattle pickup Carey Price? Maybe a Vladimir Tarasenko? And just how many backdoor/drawer deals are being made right now? They discuss the Vancouver Canucks' trade with Dallas for Jason Dickinson, what he can bring to the bottom six in Vancouver and what this means for re-signings and...


306 - North And South, You Can't Catch Josh Anderson

The Montreal Canadiens live to fight another day. And that day is a Wednesday. It's just Ryan and Arash this week on the show. Geeta's vacation request forms were approved and processed so she'll be back next week. The boys watch game 4 of the Stanley Cup final and reflect on a rather unremarkable and unfortunate effort from the Canadiens. They look at how deep the Tampa Bay Lightning are and what they could look like going forward. The boys answer some great listener questions, Arash...


305 - The Vancouver Heat Dome & The Montréal Cup Final Berth

You thought it was hot last week, it's even HOTTER this week in British Columbia. Geeta, Arash and Ryan get together this week for a literal Satellite Hot Stove edition of the podcast to discuss the Montreal Canadiens advancing to the Stanley Cup Final, their predictions for the series and fall out from the conference finals. (33:27) Content warning. We discuss the very serious and disgusting sexual abuse allegations regarding the Chicago Blackhawks and the impact it could have on the...


304 - Heatwave '21

It's 30 degrees in Vancouver, time to buy some black skate jerseys and talk about the great frozen game. Arash joins Ryan at his West End studio apartment to discuss the lopsided victory in the Tampa Bay Lightning / New York Islanders game 5. Both conference finals are now best of threes but all anyone wants to talk about is the questionable and confusing officiating by Chris Lee and his crew. They discuss the first batch of NHL award winners, Kirill Kaprizov's contract negotiations...


The 2010/11 Vancouver Canucks Season (Patreon Exclusive Content)

This episode was originally our June 2020 bonus episode. But since the Canucks unfortunately lost game 7 ten years ago today, we figured we would release it to the world. Want to help support the show? Pledge a coupla bucks over at www.patreon.com/pucksonnet Ryan and Paul take the deepest of dives into the storied 2010/11 Vancouver Canucks season. From the wheeling and dealing of draft picks to bring in defensive depth, to adding key free agent pieces in the summer to their crucial trade...


303 - Ian Clark: Fan Favourite

Well the Vancouver Canucks took care of business with the coaching staff and we can all exhale ... for now. Ryan, Geeta and Arash get on Zoom this week to discuss the Ian Clark being re-signed by the Canucks while newcomer Brad Shaw enters the fold and the impact he could have on the team. They also discuss the third round of the playoffs, what went wrong in Colorado and Arash and Ryan get in another argument about whether Sidney Crosby is tradable or not. Support the show on Patreon!...


A Clip From Pucks On Net: Game Changers Part 2 (Patreon Exclusive)

This is a clip from our Patreon bonus episode Pucks On Net: Game Changers Part 2, where Geeta and Ryan continue to discuss the Mighty Ducks: Game Changers series on Disney+ In this clip, Ryan and Geeta continue to greatly dislike Evan, who is a selfish snake in the grass after he practices with the Mighty Ducks. Ryan makes a Boy Meets World comparison in the process. Also in the episode, they chat about Alex's addiction to winning and the will they/won't they saga between herself and...


302 - L'équipe Du Destin?

Podcasting in the same room again!? We never thought we'd see the day! Ryan, Arash and Geeta get together in person for the first time EVER to discuss the Winnipeg Jets' 8 game reverse sweep and whether the Montreal Canadiens are either a team of destiny? Or whether it's just another 'Jaroslav Halak gets hot and takes the Habs to the 3rd round' situation. Elsewhere they discuss Zack Hyman's pending free agency, Tyler Toffoli's impact in Montreal and they answer some great listener...


301 - The Tradition Continues...

Death, taxes and the Toronto Maple Leafs being eliminated in the first round... Ryan, Geeta and Arash get together this week to discuss the Montreal comeback/Toronto collapse (3:22) The Vancouver Canucks sign Vasily Podkolzin and some offseason optimism. (24:30) We give our second round playoff predictions. (45:15) What do the Toronto Maple Leafs do next?! (59:25) Support the show on Patreon! Pledge a coupla bucks ($5+) for access to our bonus content: video podcasts, 'Arash & Ryan On...


A Clip From Arash & Ryan On The Couch (Patreon Exclusive)

This is a clip from our Patreon bonus episode Arash & Ryan On The Couch - Parasite and Worker, where Ryan and Arash get together IN PERSON to watch some Stanley Cup playoffs and chat about the great frozen game. In this clip, Arash asks Ryan if he'd be comfortable with the Vancouver Canucks trading their first round pick this year for a cost controlled younger NHL player. It's not the worst idea he's heard. Also in the episode, Ron MacLean putting his foot in his mouth, the Florida Man...


The 300th Episode of Pucks On Net

It's our 300th episode! Arash, Geeta and Ryan welcome a plethora of guests as they share some PON memories over the seven and a half years since episode #1 was recorded in September 2013. Canucks Conversations' Chris Faber, Jyrki21, PON original co-hosts Dave McPhail and Sheila Scott, PON step-dad Jeff and Ryan Hank of the PP1 Podcast all join the show to share some memories and laughs. Support the show on Patreon! Pledge a coupla bucks ($5+) for access to our bonus content: video...


299 - The Sunshine Showdown

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are here and so is some beautiful weather in British Columbia. The Vancouver Canucks continue to play mean nothing hockey too, but what else is new? Arash, Geeta and Ryan hit Zoom on a Monday night to discuss a WILD opening weekend of action in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Florida Man series aka The Sunshine Showdown is going to save the NHL and bring interest back for the playoffs. But off the top of the show they discuss the uncertainty in the Vancouver Canucks'...


298 - You Are Now Entering The Bone Zone

The Canucks are mathematically eliminated from the postseason and none of our questions regarding offseason uncertainty have been answered. Ryan, Geeta and Arash hop on Zoom this week and are excited for the upcoming Florida Man series between the Panthers and the Lightning. What can we expect out of these two incredibly skilled teams who are set to take on each other for the first time ever in the playoffs. Closer to home they discuss Jack Rathbone's eye raising first few games for the...


297 - The Never-Ending Season

The Vancouver Canucks had another difficult week on and off the ice and the weight of the situation is definitely taking it's toll. Geeta, Arash and Ryan gather around the USB mics this week to discuss far too many remaining games for the Canucks, who just continue to get more injured and burnt out with every passing day. Arash also discusses his Monday night covering the team in the building for the Botchford Project. They touch on and discuss the very serious sexual assault allegations...


296 - Running On Empty

The Canucks are tired and their schedule isn't going to do them any favours. Geeta, Ryan and Arash get together this week following a lethargic 2-1 loss to the Ottawa Senators. They're still in the playoff hunt but luck is not on their side. Geeta and Arash also make a wager in their semi-final matchup in the PON Fantasy League. Which co-host will make the other a deconstructed Americano? Arash also discusses being a final candidate in the 2021 Botchford Project. They discuss the play of...