exclusive house music podcast

exclusive house music podcast


Philadelphia, PA


exclusive house music podcast




Danijel Kevic - organic deep underground sounds with elements of chicago and detroit house.

Hi everyone,I am Danijel Kevic and I am from Bosina and Herzegovina. I play like a DJ eleven years. I producing too and I got release on label like Kolour Recording and Tit Zero. I prefer in music organic sound, underground deep with elements of Chicago and Detroit House. [Podcast Tracklisting] 01. Luvless-In my arms... The post deep house lounge podcast #104 – [Danijel Kevic] appeared first on .


IANN - his classic set construction and track selection has quickly made him a fan favorite

Iann started out with humble beginnings, working at nightclubs in New York at a young age. Growing up with a lot of DJ’s he always had a deep passion and respect for DJing and electronic music. After taking a break from the scene he moved to Philadelphia in 2013 and his love of house music... The post deep house lounge podcast #103 – [IANN] appeared first on .


Nah Mean? - say less records label boss. say less records is quickly transforming it into one of the most premiere house and techno labels in the Philadelphia

Nah Mean? is a Philadelphia based music producer/DJ/dance music enthusiast focusing primarily on house, techno, and bass music production. The energy he carries for music can be observed through his mixes, tracks, and his record label – Say Less Records. This label boss started Say Less as a passion project, on his own, and is... The post deep house lounge podcast #102 – [Nah Mean?] appeared first on .


Sugar D - pushing the boundaries from the underground subculture into your home

In the late 1980s-1990’s, the word “rave” was adopted to describe the subculture that grew out of the acid house movement. Also around that same time that Dave later to be known as DJ SugarD hit the underground house music scene. Immediately hooked on the music, the vibe, the groove and culture of House music.... The post deep house lounge podcast #101 – [Sugar D] appeared first on .


Ben Arsenal - a feel good mixture of eclectic tech and soulful house from around the globe

Driven with a passion for vibrant and eclectic sounds, Arsenal’s drum centered style draws from cross-cultural ethnic music, blurring the lines between electronic and organic sounds. Currently, he produces the Worldtown SoundSystem- an eight piece live house music band, and runs Elevate Sound- a recording studio and youth digital music production education program. His musical... The post deep house lounge podcast #100 – [Ben Arsenal] appeared first on .


Justin Schumacher - selecting cutting edge grooves and cerebral thumping soundscapes

With over 50 release credits under his belt, Justin Schumacher has cultivated his art since coming up in the 90s NYC hip hop and rave scenes. From humble beginnings working at New York’s prestigious Satellite Records, to playing the Sunday School stage at Electric Zoo, to releasing with Carlo Lio and Pig & Dan’s labels:... The post deep house lounge podcast #099 – [Justin Schumacher] appeared first on .


Niklas - this mix encapsulates the classic and modern sounds of disco, house and techno

A Midwest maestro turned West Coast wunderkind, Niklas is a dedicated vinyl junkie and a 20 year veteran of the Midwest, East Coast, and Northern California dance scenes, having DJed all over the San Francisco Bay Area for the past decade. Disco, House and Techno are the genres that continue to inspire him, particularly those... The post deep house lounge podcast #098 – [Niklas] appeared first on .


George JJ Flores - visions to collaborate and bring unity through House music

George JJ Flores began singing live vocals over Nic Alvarado’s ( deejay sets in 2000, after Nic heard him sing at a local family event. Over time, he began releasing House music via Growing up in the Los Angeles Underground and Deep House Scene, George was groomed into a True House Head. Recently, he... The post deep house lounge podcast #097 – [George JJ Flores] appeared first on .


Vova Julev - 22 year old dj with the deepest grooves in tel aviv israel

Vova Julev is a 22 year old from Tel Aviv, Israel. You would never guess his age if you were to only hear his music. A soul old enough to push the deepest vibes out into outer space. His exclusive mix for deep house lounge is not only fantastic but its required that you give... The post deep house lounge podcast #096 – [Vova Julev] appeared first on .


Notize - young dj producer from the northern region of denmark

Notize is a 21-year-old producer from the Northern region of Denmark. At the age of 5, his 10 year older brother introduced him to the world of electronic music. With a background in minimal house and techno, his older brother embossed him in quite another direction than his friends in kindergarten. His first encounter with... The post deep house lounge podcast #095 – [Notize] appeared first on .


Patrick White - sounds of deep acid house from the past with thumping funky tech house of the present

For over 20 years, Patrick White has consistently shown his respect and versatile adaptability to his House Music loving crowds by delivering powerfully creative DJ performances, mixing the sounds of deep, acid house from the past with thumping, funky, tech house of the present, and tantalizing and teasing your audio sensory absorption levels with penetrating... The post deep house lounge podcast #094 – [Patrick White] appeared first on .


Adam East - curator of eclectic funk filled grooves

Adam East [Grooves in the Garden, Rhythm & Snooze] Adam is a DJ living in the suburbs of Philadelphia, who’s passion for music is apparent through his relentless enthusiasm, and continual quest for new music. Growing up in a home filled with classics such as; The Blackbyrds, The Crusaders, and The Ohio Players definitely had... The post deep house lounge podcast #093 – [Adam East] appeared first on .


Blueshift - exposing listeners to the freshest in deep and energetic house

With a distinctly British sound that belies his Philadelphian heritage, Blueshift delivers a set that draws from his appreciation of a wide variety of dance music. Using his finely-tuned ear for future hits, recent years have found him exposing listeners to the freshest in deep and energetic house. From Deadmau5, to Dusky, to Disclosure, Blueshift... The post deep house lounge podcast #092 – [Blueshift] appeared first on .

Justin Paul - dj record producer and the co-founder of underground sol & playloop music

Justin Paul is an internationally acclaimed DJ, Record Producer, and the co-founder of Underground Sol & Playloop Music. His success is attested to more than his DJ performances and producing; it is for his contribution to the global music scene, and helping to empower The Philadelphia Experiment (PEX) artist collective around the world. Justin Paul... The post deep house lounge podcast #091 – [Justin Paul] appeared first on .

Diego Valle - exploring the connective threads between deep house tech house and techno

Diego Valle has evolved as an artist without ever losing the initial rush of passion that initially pushed him into the electronic music world. Over the years, he’s developed a sound that is unique and influential by exploring the connective threads between deep house, tech house and techno. In the last few years Diego has... The post deep house lounge podcast #090 – [Diego Valle] appeared first on .

Phil Gore - dark edgy grooves with lush progressive soundscapes

Philadelphia-born, South Florida raised Phil Gore was provided the perfect opportunity to explore and experience diverse styles of music ranging from Hip Hop, House, Drum & Bass and Techno to Miami Bass and Breakbeat. Having a distinct love for percussion and the accompanying sounds layered over top provide musical inspiration for Phil and drive him... The post deep house lounge podcast #089 – [Phil Gore] appeared first on .

Mobelizer - always expect great vibes from this german born dj

Born and raised in Germany, the Mobelizer, AKA Sean Em, started his musical journey when he was 6, when he was given a guitar by his parents, all the while listening to Electronic Dance Music on the radio , until he moved to the United States in 2004. He first became interested in the electronic... The post deep house lounge podcast #088 – [Mobelizer] appeared first on .

LiL Dave - electronic escapades through house broken beat brazilia acid jazz funk and uk-inspired soul and rare groove

The man known as lil’dave is a Philadelphia-based audio tastemaker who has made a name for himself by exposing people to soulful music in all it’s forms. Although his roots are in hip-hop, he is most widely known for his electronic escapades through house, broken beat, brazilia, acid jazz, funk and UK-inspired soul and rare... The post deep house lounge podcast #087 – [LIL Dave] appeared first on .

Vincent Kwok - making beautiful music for beautiful people

Raised in Perth, Australia and breaking through as a top house music/electronica producer and DJ in San Francisco, Vincent Kwok is truly a musical citizen of the world. Establishing his behind the boards cred with massively popular remixes for everyone from underground artists Arnold Jarvis, Morrisson, Latrice Bennett and Lisa Shaw to top R&B stars... The post deep house lounge podcast #086 – [Vincent Kwok] appeared first on .

Heights - music surrounds us is arranged with an unfathomable mathematical intelligence

“It’s all music, every last sound that surrounds us is arranged with an unfathomable mathematical intelligence”. Statements such as this, and his love of proper, organic nutrition, point to a few causal factors of his heady yet grounded mixing and production style. His shift from detroit techno oriented sounds to a more dub laden regiment... The post deep house lounge podcast #085 – [Heights] appeared first on .