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This is the archive of my weekly shows which aired on Tune In in Anaheim this year... listen for your enjoyment!


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This is the archive of my weekly shows which aired on Tune In in Anaheim this year... listen for your enjoyment!






Steve bello talks to Hek82 about playing his 7-String Ibanez

Bello is a teacher and guitar shredder who plays an Ibanez with 7-strings,, his albums are really cool! Check them out on iTunes today and take a look at


Ciravolo of "Beauty in Chaos" releases "Behind the Veil"

Hek82 chats with the Ciravolos founders and creators of "Beauty in Chaos" about their new release CD... the fabulous duo is incredibly talented, and this album and new videos will make you love them! Listen in now!


PORTRAIT guitarist Chris Lindell

Upcoming release Sep. 3 2021 of "At One With None", is causing excitement!


Ciravolo of Schecter guitars on his CD Finding Beauty in Chaos

Post- NAMM I enjoyed this follow up with guitarist Michael Ciravolo of Schecter guitars, now i know what's new is his album "Beauty Re-Envisioned" which is a totally cool newer and different compilation mix of what might've ended up on the cutting room floor ... and it's great, coming out this June! "Finding Beauty in Chaos" is one of the best records I've heard in the last year or so, with an incredible appearance by Tish Ciravolo, and an unbelievable song dedicated to Hurricane Katrina victims called "Un-natural Disaster"... look out for the videos they are amazing to see!


Henry Derek's new solo album is a must listen now!

Henry Derek Elis is the vocalist of Act of Defiance, and he has a great new solo album which he released on iTunes. Don't miss out on this because it's really cool!! Hek82 wants you to buy "The Devil is My Friend" for your New Year's present!


Scare LA '18, Hek82 special feature Horror Podcast!

Listen In to hear my chat w/ metal musician Skum Love, watch Hek82 react to a sudden scare from a flesh eating zombie...Appearances and Interviews also feature Psychic Medium Patti Negri, Actress Vida Ghaffari, Ent, Law Nadia Divari, and several ghosts ... Book readings include "Jack the Ripper", "Live to Tell", and original writing by author Hek82! Scare LA Hek82 Review it was totally awesome, so don't miss it next year!


Dio, AC/DC Drummer Simon Wright chats w/ Hek82 about the shows!

Hard Rock/ Metal drummer Simon talked to me about all the bands, the shows, and his career as a well- known favorite drummer. Dio Disciples drummer and Bon Scott tribute with shows coming up in the area of LA, Dio Disciples in the US to kick off the summer but also a late summer tour in AU. Great talk!


Joe Sparks, Radiskull and Devil Doll creator of web cartoon series!

So awesome to catch Joe Sparks news and chat! A favorite of mine is this cartoon, great character voice talent and musician!


Radio Hek82 episode '18, Classic Rock Coffee rocks your world

Ac/Dc and G-n-R


Eyes of the Sun's vocalist/ bassist Jeff Blanchard chats about new record release w/Hek82!

Eyes of the Sun is a new band on Metal Blade records, and Jeff Blanchard is the totally cool voice of this DOOM Metal band. Great sound, it's worth checking out as soon as the March 16th release hits iTunes everybody! Brooklyn has brought forth this music for all to enjoy, let's hope they journey all the way on tour from coast to coast and around the world.


Valentines favorites of KISS the band! Great Classic Rock music

Hek82 Radio on KTST plays KISS music for you for Valentines Day, ... a fantastic episode full of facts about music. Classic Rock Coffee chat and more!


Felipe Esparza is a cool comedian from Boyle Height, check out this guy at the NOVO in March!

Felipe Esparza's Bad Decisions Tour 2018 is coming up at LA's Novo Theatre, the dates are: March 23 and 24, with two shows on each date. The fans are demanding more already! His HBO special was really funny, you can check it out online or on Amazon, it's called "Translate This"...


Hek82 Post NAMM2018 review plus bonus chat about Bash Fest '18!

Randy Rhoads music, thanks to all the musicians who pay tribute to him each year! Led Zeppelin and Bonzo Bash was really great as always, thanks to Brian Tichy and everybody. Soundcheck live was also cool... Tune In!


Ministry's drummer Derek Abrams takes the time to chat about the upcoming album and tour! AmeriKKKant and his side band 3 Headed Snake!

Whoa, it's too cool that drummer Derek Abrams is playing for Ministry on the album release and upcoming tour, but he also get along well with bandmate Sin Quirin. So, 3 Headed Snake will also be graced with him in the drumming throne. Really a great player, it's a pleasure to watch and listen to this guy, he knows his stuff!


Rough Cutt guitarist Chris Hager chats w/Hek82 about shows upcoming and Dio!

Rough Cutt, the Glam Metal band was formed in the early 80's w/ the awesome and breathtaking vocals of Paul Shortino ... the members have stepped in and out of the picture but briefly, they have remained mostly constant members and their songs are famous. Very well enjoyed music over the years is now available on iTunes, for those of you who have their Vinyl in your collection. According to Hager, their time touring with Ronnie James Dio was very special, and so was recording in the same studio with him; actually hearing the rough cutt of his first album Holy diver, too cool! He also loves to play around LA, with upcoming shows in April 2018 that you should look out for!

American Horror Story, Actor Miguel Sagaz talks to HEK82!

Miguel Sagaz played an awesome role in the TV series season 7 of American Horror Story and the episode is called Valerie Solanas Died for your Sins: SCUMBAG it is totally astounding to see ...! This recent premier on channel FX is now online so look for it, it's lots of fun to watch this show. Miguel shares with HEK82 his experience of taping this and what it took for him to make the grade, excellent! Look for his new movie Cherry Pop, too on Netflix!


The Walking Dead TV series 8 , Actor Juan Gabriel Pareja talks with Hek82 about the re-appearance of Morales!

Morales, the character played by Juan G Pareja is back this season for a great continuation of the story series! You can watch the show online an make sure to catch up if you missed it, Morales adds a lot to the story this season. Surprised perhaps- he made a re-appearance and it was fun to chat with the actor who played the part when the story began in 2010. Cool to listen to how he got prepared for the actions scenes and made this continuation of the part enjoyable for everyone to see.


Kali Kazoo! Cool Pop Indie Rock guitarist / vocalist is producing an album of original songs, and wants you to support the album!

Hey, LA based Kali KAZOO is a cool girl with a record to produce, which will be the third one, and she wants your support for the Kickstarter campaign and so make sure you check out the website! Her cartoon style music performances as well as her drawings are too amazing for you to miss out on!


Skum Love chats w/ Hek82 about upcoming HelLA Horror Night at LA theatre!

The beginnings of this band Skum Love were farther ago than we might imagine, that must be where the music gets it's great sound. Rock that is classic in origin, an Industrial sound, it's Punk and it's Metal too. I hope that you make it to the next show, and give this a listen on iTunes!


Robert Sarzo Halloween show with Hurricane is going to be at the LA Theatre 2017!

Hek82 chats with Robert Sarzo of the band Hurricane about this upcoming show which is right on Halloween night, in a haunted house setting. It's going to be scary awesome metal, so expect that the most famous and cool ghosts will be there too. Movies will be showing, HALLOWEEN 1 and 2 by ZOMBIE, and the first Carpenter '78 movie will be screening. The metal band Scum Love will be playing in support. MS benefit so, get your tickets online with a discount code ... Check out the new Boutique of Robert's swag, it is really cool looking. Listen to me and Robert talk about chicken bones and the day of the dead and Vu Du that is of Caribbean influence ... this guy tunes into the musical vibrations of the world and is quite a showman. Tune in!