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Be Famous at Home. Thrive on Your Stage.




Cultivating an Environment of Spiritual Growth

Life moves quickly. Such that the blistering pace can prevent us from being truly present with our family, with God, with ourselves. The pace can feel unrelenting. Even as soon as our family lands on a summer rhythm, summer comes to an end and it's time for kids to go back to school. The beauty though is that growth happens in seasons. In this episode, Josh and Christi talk about how to evaluate your rhythms in your current season to serve your circumstances well. They also talk about: The...


The Leader’s Heart with Matt Redman

Leadership is often lonely, fast-paced, and unrelenting. Our emotional and spiritual well-being often hangs in the balance of leading at work and showing up at home. In this episode, Josh sits down with his friend Matt Redman, two-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter, worship leader, and author to talk about how they prioritize their own emotional growth as they lead their families. The two of them talk about The Leader's Heart Cohort, what it means to be famous at home, and...


Anger, Your Family, and Forgiveness

All of our emotions, including anger, are a God-given gift. They allow us to learn what is healthy and unhealthy, where we have been wronged, or whether or not we need to set boundaries. The way we react to our anger has the power to either damage our relationships or help us make the most of them. In this episode, Josh and Christi discuss anger, your family, and forgiveness. Josh and Christi talk about: How to maintain teachability and curiosity in the midst of angerAction steps to take...


What Do I Do with My Child’s Anger?

With the upcoming release date for Josh and Christi's new children's book, What Do I Do with Anger? , they walk you through the book and the various ways to help your children manage their anger. In this episode, they talk about: The importance of telling your kids that it's okay to be angryThe trickle down effect that happens when we as parents carry shame about our own angerThe best ways to help your kids name the feeling behind their angerHow to bring your child's nervous system back to...


Cultivating Purpose in Your Kids

Welcome to a brand new season of the Famous at Home podcast! Josh and Christi are back in full swing and officially making their YouTube debut for this upcoming podcast season. Do you watch podcasts on YouTube? Be sure to subscribe to their channel. In this episode, they provide a bit of a life update (see show notes for links), what they've been doing as a family this summer, and even more importantly, the lessons they're learning (this episode). They also give a sneak peak into what's...


265. Helping Kids Understand the Stories of God with Amy Parker and Mike Nawrocki

If you have kids and you've tried reading the Bible to them, you might know where this is going. Getting our kids to not just read the Bible, but to actually enjoy God's story and message is not easy. Trying to instill the message of a Bible story in their hearts whilst tucking them into bed can reap the exact opposite outcome of our intentions. Overtired kids + frustrated parent = not what we intended. Let this episode encourage you: you are not alone. In this episode, Josh and Christi talk...


263. Cultivating an Intentional Lifestyle with Ashley and Dino Petrone

We live in a culture that will design your life for you if you don't choose the way you're going to live. But many of us don't even know where to begin. Fortunately, that's where Ashley and Dino Petrone, interior designers, authors, and bloggers, come in. In this episode, Josh and Christi interview Ashley and Dino about their new book Designed to Last and talk about ways families today can live an intentional lifestyle that draws them closer together. Josh and Christi talk to Ashley and Dino...


262. Minimalism and Your Family with Joshua Becker

This episode has not only inspired our family, but it’s put us into action more than we could have ever imagined! We are simplifying our lives and it feels so good. We feel more settled, free, and focused. But why is it that it took donating and getting rid of “stuff” to do that? In this episode, Josh and Christi have an inspiring conversation with Joshua Becker, author and minimalist, about his new book Things That Matter. They talk about Joshua’s story and why it is that the more...


FAH #16: Your Family Mission

Having a mission is what guides us. Without mission, we wander. In the finale episode of our journey through the Famous at Home book, we discuss chapter 16: The Power of Showing Up: Your Family Mission. In this episode, Josh and Christi talk about how creating a family mission gives your kids a purpose greater than themselves. Show Notes: Order the Famous at Home book! Join the waitlist for Leader's Heart!


FAH #15: Set Family Values

We all live by a set of values. And how we spend our time exposes those values. The question we all must ask ourselves as we lead our families is this: Do our lives reflect what we say we value or want to value? In this episode, Josh and Christi talk about Decision #7: Set Family Values. They talk about the correlation between setting values as a family and what it looks like to live our values. Show Notes: Order the Famous at Home book! Join the waitlist for Leader's Heart! Download free...


FAH #14: Establish Family Rhythms

We all live by rhythms. Some healthy. Some unhealthy. For most of us, we live day-by-day without even thinking about whether our rhythms are life-giving for our family. Setting new rhythms certainly takes some effort. But the long term memories and peace of mind are worth the work in the short term. In this episode, Josh and Christi talk about Decision #6: Establish Family Rhythms. They share examples of rhythms that have worked for their family, and encourage you to find what fits for...


FAH #13: How 20 Minutes a Day Can Fuel Your Child’s Soul

One of the best gifts we can give our kids is entering into their world. One of the easiest, most practical ways of doing this is uninterrupted, command free time. In this episode, Josh and Christi walk us through Decision #5: How 20 Minutes a day Can Fuel Your Child's Soul. They talk about 4 ways we can effectively enter our kids' worlds. Show Notes: Order the Famous at Home book! Join the waitlist for Leader's Heart!


FAH #12: How 15 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Marriage

When fighting for your spouse's heart, allowing space for emotional vocabulary is everything. Having a 15 minute intentional conversation each day helps you connect with your spouse's true self, not their imposter. In this episode, Josh and Christi discuss Decision #4: How 15 Minutes a Day Can Change Your Marriage. Show Notes: Order the Famous at Home book! Join the waitlist for Leader's Heart!


FAH #11: Talk About Emotions

When it comes to cultivating a healthy home, emotional safety is everything. In this episode, Josh and Christi describe why talking about emotions and building an emotional vocabulary matters. In covering Decision #3: Talk About Emotions, they discuss how to help kids regulate their emotions with a feelings chart and the importance of processing your unrecognized feelings so that your loved ones can feel safe in overwhelming moments. Show Notes: Order the Famous at Home book! Join the...


FAH #10: How to Cultivate a Life-Giving Environment

Would you say the atmosphere of your home is life-giving? Every home has an atmosphere, and we influence our atmosphere every day by how we think, act, and treat those we love. That's what decision #2 is all about: Changing Your Atmosphere: How to Cultivate a Life-Giving Environment. In decision #2, Josh and Christi help you asses the atmosphere of your home, and make shifts. The question you're left with is: What one new rhythm or shift will change the atmosphere of your home? Show Notes:...


FAH #9: How to Show Up as the Best Version of You

We made it to the seven decisions to becoming famous at home! In this episode, Josh and Christi begin discussing part 3 of their new book Famous at Home. Let's be honest, we don't show up well for our spouse and kids when we're not doing well. That's why getting unstuck begins with us. Beginning with decision #1: Changing Your Mindset: How to Show Up as the Best Version of You, Josh and Christi help you define your biggest challenge, put a goal in place, and start a new rhythm for showing up...


FAH #8: Who Are You Becoming for Your Kids?

You can pretty much sum up all of parenting research into one primary conclusion: Our kids become who we are. That's why we don't like using the word "parenting" to describe our task of raising kids to become great adults. Instead, we like to use the word becoming. In this episode, Josh and Christi talk about chapter 8 in their new book, Famous at Home. They discuss the importance of giving yourself permission to focus on your own story, so that you can gracefully step into your child's...


FAH #7: What Are You Fighting For in Your Marriage?

We all have opponents in our marriage that fight against marital intimacy. These can be both good (kids, a move) and bad (job loss, financial difficulty) things. The problem is when we fail to name the opponent, we too often make our spouse out to be the opponent. In this episode, Josh and Christi break down chapter 7 in their new book, Famous at Home. They talk about the power in having an "us against the world" attitude with your spouse, and discuss 4 action steps to move up the marriage...


FAH #6: Are You Willing to Make a Change?

Our "willingness" to change is such a catch 22. On one hand, we say we're willing to start working out, but when it comes down to it, we usually end up in the same behavior patterns that kept us from working out to begin with. It's why we rarely ever hold to New Year's resolutions. Unfortunately, this same principle holds true in relationships. We might say we're willing to make a change. We may even know what we need to do to make the change. But fame doesn't chase those who stop at knowing...


FAH #5: How is Your Identity Guiding Your Family?

All of us long for significance. Where we find our significance plays a role in how truly present we are with our loved ones. We don't show up well at home when we confuse our identity with things like work, accomplishments, who we hang out with, or what others have said about us. In this episode, Josh and Christi discuss Chapter 5 in their new book, Famous at Home. They talk about the power in knowing who you are, who your family is, and having a supernatural perspective. The question we're...